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Adegboruwa Flays Buhari Over Inaugural Speech


Buhari taking oath of office on Friday with his wife Aisha standing behind him

Buhari taking oath of office on Friday with his wife Aisha standing behind him

Human rights lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa yesterday criticized the inaugural speech delivered by the President, Muhammadu Buhari, describing it as illusory.

The Lagos based activist said the speech is vague and appeared like that of a novice power.

He said: “It is gratifying that General Buhari has vowed to tackle the rot in the power sector, even though he did not give any direction on how to do that. By and large, it is my view that the President has not addressed the real issues affecting our lives in Nigeria.

“It would seem that the President is still on the soap box, whereby promises and promises and intentions, are the order. He is the President of Nigeria now and my expectation was that since March 28, 2015, when he won the election, when he received the certificate of return from INEC, when he got assurances from Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, that his election would not be contested, General Buhari would have outlined his main policy direction. But alas, that has not happened today”.

According to him, the President did not say anything on his foreign policy directive, on issues relating to global warming and climate change, the violence in the Middle East and the general global economic downturn.

“Also, the President was silent on the mode of tackling corruption, which indeed has been the main thrust of his electioneering campaigns; he was silent on the collapsing aviation sector, he kept mute on the unpaid salaries of millions of workers across the land, the huge debts that the Jonathan administration has bequeathed to him and indeed the main means of generating revenue, to run his government, apart from oil.

“General Buhari gave no hint on the mode of reform of the judicial system and the administration of justice generally, the expected policy statement on NNPC did not come, and even the Boko Haram insurgency, to which the President devoted most of his speech, ended up in a policy disaster, of cause after effect; in that the President will only know the cause, origin and perspectives of the criminal organisation, only after he has succeeded in killing them all”.

He expressed the view that in all, the inaugural speech became another campaign promise, a general rendition of statements of intention, without action. “It was too vague and illusory, like a speech being delivered by a novice in power.

This is the President who has ruled this country as a Head of State, through a coup detat in 1983, and one that has sought to rule this nation since 2003, so he had all the time in the world, to have mapped out his cause of action and strategies. This is surely not the speech expected from our GMB, he submitted.

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  • Eletiofe

    Ebun, you can help him include those issues that you think have been skipped by the president. No doubt you are looking for relevance and a very cheap one for that matter.

  • Faruuq

    Mr. kNOw oll ,that stage is not for a wise president to expose his plans to the theives some people wish to cover!

    • Collynz

      come to think of it, is it everything that His speech will highlight?

  • Godfrey Osugh Jr.

    Adegboruwa’s views maybe good, but, if all those details were to be incorporated in the Inaugural. Speech, it could have been too voluminous and lengthy to handle at that occasion. The best the new President can do now is to release a a policy statement on the issues or better still address the nation. These challenges are too numerous to be all covered by the Inaugural Speech.

  • Segun BABAYEMI

    The critiques Ebun Olu Adegoruwa now reeled on the heel of President Mahamadu Buhari should not be taken as an unfair say and a hostile welcome for the one who had ruled before, and yet despirately desired to come back. First, It is rife and save to think that Buhari had seen his omissions and had repositioned his governance wits and skills to correct many things and give us a better society. This, I personally believe are his intended goals. My caution however, is the fact that he could be made a “pipe” which the pipers may have other tunes as intentions at variance with the Katsina born courageous general.

    May the propelling courage that made this ageing but virile general persistent not find a debilitating definition from the politicians who gave him the horse he rode to the maximum seat. If he must succeed, then we must all prepare for some shaking, disappointment, ‘betrayal’, name calling, sacrifices and lots more.

  • nnanta

    I’m beginning to see some intelligent pieces of late and this is one of them. Nigerians, campaigns are over ! The real ‘koko’ is that something is not the way it should be.
    We need a real compass at this point. Campaigns are over !

  • nnanta

    Please we do a new president and not a ‘president-elect’. You must give policy direction in your inaugural speech. Campaigns are over !

    • Idris Ademola

      “on issues relating to global warming and climate change, the violence in the Middle East and the general global economic downturn” – Policy direction? What is the gumption in that? This ‘critique’ is like a round square and a four-sided circle.

  • It is natural some people will complain on anything and everything just for speaking sake, how do you expect the President to be giving detail on inaugural speech, how many hours will that take and how many guest will still be on their sit by the time he finish.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Big Sam,
    As this charge & Bail Lawyer used to be called in Obafemi Awolowo University then in those days…. I still wonder the qualities of the kinda Lawyers the Nigerian Law school churns out year in year out…. I wonder how this dude made it at all through to the Law school, Education is finished in Nigeria…. Well if you settle your lecturers in Nigerian Universities, you can have the B+.
    Ex- president Jonathan is a product of our almighty giant of Africa – Nigerian University system, as everything is corrupt in Nigeria….This dude isn`t supposed to have been called to bar at all to begin with.. but !!!!!! welcome to rotten Nigeria !

    • heavy

      I dint get notting apart from this insults and ranting ,is it enough?we need more than this .

    • Femi

      These are the type of people that drove GEJ out of power with their fake advise and know-all posture. Buhari was voted to address issues as they affect us. And did he touch those issues in his inaugural speech? I bet he did, and satisfactorily too! Adegboruwa should stay glued to CNN and Al Jazeera for other news, if he wants to know about world policies.

  • Izeobor

    Ebun, you are speaking to the wrong crowd – ignoramuses and praise singers. You cannot find something where it does not exist. What do you expect from a cheerleader First School Leaving Certificate and a MIA WASCE certificate, though he has an overseer VP. Be expecting NOSTRADAMUS instead!

  • Layi Niyi

    You are absolutely empty upstairs, you are just seeking for relevance.