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Analyst flays govt over arrest, punishment of Funke Akindele


A public affairs analyst, Bola Bolawole, yesterday described the action of the government against Actress Funke Akindele as a pretence to make the world think the Nigerian system is working.

Bolarinwa, who stated that it was the double-standard that the government is known for that made Akindele did what she did to flaunt government’s order, said that members of the National Assembly who came in and refused to be tested or go on self-isolation and other top government officials who travelled abroad and brought COVID-19 to the country should also have been dealt with.

He said: “To start with, Funke Akindele was too naive. She might have thought that she was having fun. That fun was carried too far. For another, she might just be keying into the impunity that has become the rule here rather than the exception. Once you are an important person, you can do anything and get away with it, including even blue murder.


“We have seen big men and women get away with impunity, committing worse offences than the trifle committed by this lady. Again, she might have thought that her name, fame, money, contacts and connections would bail her out; unfortunately, she misread and misjudged the mood of the moment.

“More so, since she already apologised, since some other agencies she belonged to have imposed other punishments on her and the public rebuke she also got as a public figure were even enough.

“If she was scolded, cautioned and asked to go and sin no more by the court, I would have considered it still okay.

“Punishments are meant to correct, reform and bring back to the path of rectitude. That had been achieved even without her getting to court.”

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