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APC’s change agenda cosmetic, says ASUU

By Iyabo Lawal, Ibadan
03 November 2016   |   3:39 am
The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) yesterday described the change mantra of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as mere cosmetic.
 Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi

Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) yesterday described the change mantra of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as mere cosmetic.

It therefore called on Nigerians to be ready for a real revolutionary change.

ASUU national president, Professor Biodun Ogunyem, at a public lecture and distinguished service award organised by the University of Ibadan (UI) chapter said the present administration seemed not to have any template on how to govern Nigeria.

Rather, Ogunyemi said the present crop of leaders have only come to play cards with the development of the country.

The ASUU chief at the lecture entitled, “Good governance: A surgical strike against economic recession,” said there must be a revolution for the real change that Nigerians desire.

He added: “Nigeria is our pride. In the diversity lies our strength and in unity lies the basis of our struggle. ASUU is not pleased with what is happening today for at least three reasons. In the first place, as a union of intellectuals, we cannot stay aloof, We cannot watch helplessly while the ruling class continues in its act of displacement of the country.

“What has happened in this country in the last 10 years or so should be enough to transform this country if not to another Japan, but at least maybe to another Malaysia or Singapore. But unlike Malaysia or Singapore, what was sold to us is Washington consensus. I am sure my colleagues will talk more about it.

“And that was what produced Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP). What we’re having now is SAP in another form. Somebody came up and said I will not devalue the naira, what is happening to the naira today? Free fall. Somebody said I will not increase the price of petroleum, what is happening now? The price is almost doubled! And it is not impossible that in another few months, if we don’t put our acts together, I insisted, in another couple of months, we will just wake up and see that the price of pump price will be swayed.

“Is this the kind of change you asked for? A change without transformation, is this the change you asked for?

“Nigerians asked for change, Nigerians did not ask for second enslavement. Did we? That is why we must be interested in what is happening in Nigeria.

“We must sow the seed of that change, the correct change. The change they are talking about is cosmetic. We are talking about revolutionary change. Are we prepared for that? We need to guard our loins. ASUU as a union is committed to doing that.”

The guest lecturer, Dr. Biodun Adedipe, said the nation needs a structural overhaul of the economy and must be ready to do things differently.

The Chairman of the occasion, Professor Omotoye Olorode, called on Nigerian leaders to exercise state power to achieve good governance.

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