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Boko Haram militants kill 30 Nigerian herdsmen in north massacre


HerdsmenAt least 30 ethnic Fulani herdsman were killed by Boko Haram militants in northern Nigerian last weekend when they raided the village of Alau in Borno state.

“One of the herdsmen escaped and confirmed to us that he is the only survivor,” Amadu Kusuri, the northeast coordinator of the Fulani Miyetti Allah Association, said Thursday. The Islamist insurgents also kidnapped women and children and stole livestock in the attack on April 24 , Babangida Ali, the brother of one of those killed in Alau, said by phone.

While Nigeria says it’s making progress in the battle against Boko Haram, which has waged a violent seven-year campaign to impose its version of Islamic law on Africa’s most populous nation, the group continues to carry out massacres in remote areas and suicide bombings in towns and cities.

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  • Lere

    One of the benefits of ‘technical defeat’

  • ndanusa

    Classical ruse! No pictures. Since 24th info just coming out. The sec gen of miyettiallah said days ago they are the victims. Henceforth you will see fulani herdsmen being painted as the victims. By the way I thought boko haram had been decapitated & demobilised?

  • Banta

    Yeye dey smell big time

  • Samuel Oni-Alfred

    You the herdsmen can be contained! It’s unfortunate that it is boko-Haram that is checking the activities of these terrorists,I have said elsewhere that Nigerians must rise in self defense against the excesses of this group and the security agencies should rise up to the occasion,this is just an internal aggression for crying out loud!

  • Dolamu Dolamu

    This is a news item from Bloomberg and one is inclined to
    take it with a pinch of salt. The latest we heard of Fulani Herdsmen was the
    killings and destruction of properties in Enugu State last Monday or so. That
    has raised a lot of dust because any reprisal from the indigenes of the
    latest area affected may have dire
    consequences given the incidents that led to the civil war, not to forget the
    current agitations by some elements in the South East who want to remind all of
    us about Biafra.

    Agatu in Benue State was the last affected area by these
    so-called Fulani Herdsmen atrocities. Now the Northern Governors are claiming
    that the Fulani Herdsmen incidents were either being blown out of proportion or
    that the culprits are not Fulani Herdsmen but hooligans. Why are we living in
    denial? Why are we trying to defend the indefensible? Are we saying that somebody like Chief Olu
    Falae who, according to reports, has been attached twice lying? Have we
    forgotten so soon that the people of Plateau State have been living with this
    problem for decades, beyond the Hausa/Fulani and Berom political problems of
    that area? Has this same Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers conflict not happened in
    some parts of Oyo and Oshun States some years ago when some leaders of the North
    rose to defense of the Fulani’s rights to raise their cows anywhere in the

    Even if these culprits are not Fulani Herdsmen but hoodlums
    does that mean those are the receiving end, in any part of the country, be it
    Taraba, Zamfara or Enugu State, should not have the security agencies to come
    to their aid? If as we are being told 16,000 Fulani Herdsmen have lost their
    lives from these conflicts with Farmers since 1999, why is it now that those
    who are defending them speaking out? If these people speaking for them value
    their lives as they want us to believe, why have they waited until now before
    speaking out, since 1999?

    Our leaders should stop treating us as if we all cannot
    think, reason and see through their attempts to pull the wool over our eyes.
    “All lives matter, Nigerian lives too, irrespective of which ethnic group
    or part of the Country”. More importantly, our leaders should stop playing
    stupid politics with every issue and be true to themselves instead of trying to
    be clever by half. By the grace of God Nigeria will survive the Boko Haram
    insurgency, but we must not solve one problem only to create another one.

  • Weeping Nigerian

    Lol! Don’t believe this trash. Bubu and FG are trynna distract us from campaigning against the murderous Fulani savage herdsmen cuz they all fulanis/hausas and got interest in cattle rearing industry.

  • westernrollings

    That’s turnaround for you.what are they still doing in the bush if they have nothing with BH.

  • Conlet Oliver Olumba

    If this will turn into a full battle between the two terrorist sides that will be a welcomed development.

    Let them maintain this mode.

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    The Almighty Jehovah assured his children ”….I will turn your enemies against themselves”