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Boniface Ogunti: From rags in Liberia to riches in America


Boniface Ogunti

Boniface Ogunti is definitely at the top of his game which is far from his humble beginnings. While being born in Liberia, at the age of 7, Boniface and his family moved to the United State with the hopes of starting a new life.

As a young teenager he experienced culture shock when he started school he didn’t know how to speak English and his school friends made fun of him. Boniface lived with his grandmother in his childhood years.

Boniface started his first and only 9-5 job at 16 as a party hero at a bowling alley, entered college, and dropped out when he took a formal mentorship with Dennis Verrett in learning how to create a business and become an entrepreneur.

Boniface failed at 7 ventures before he finally experienced success. Boniface admits that if he could change anything about his past he would not have started all of those foolish business endeavors that ultimately ended in failure. He blames desperation for the doomed business ventures that drained his resources, wasted his time, and hijacked his focus.

In 2015, Boniface took a deep dive into the internet-marketing industry and accrued substantial profits from his internet & technology businesses. By age 21, he became a self-made millionaire. Now growing to an 8-figure entrepreneur.

Today, Boniface is the founder of the Advanced Client Acquisition™ Certification Program – a global movement of men and women from over 127 countries who help entrepreneur master the art of advertising. Together, he and his students have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales across dozens of industries.

Outside of his Advanced Client Acquisition™ community, Boniface is seen by many as a thought-leader in the personal development / business world. His YouTube channel is growing to become one of the top channels in the business category with hundreds of videos. He has a large following with over 2.5 million + fans across his social media fan pages – growing by thousands every day.

Boniface Ogunti is now an African business magnate and global educator best known for being the founder and chairman of – the world’s #1 Advertising Agency which helps companies with online advertising.

Beyond, Mr. Ogunti has led several global movements to redefine modern education where Mr. Ogunti has taught men and women from over 130 countries to develop advertising skills.

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