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Buhari chides youths over illegal migration to Europe


President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

Restates commitment to provision of employment through agriculture

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerian youths to immediately stop their migration to European countries through the Mediterranean Sea.

Buhari said this at the 32rd Annual Meeting of the Sahel and West Africa organised by the Food Crisis Prevention Network in Abuja yesterday.

The president, who was represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, said it was unfair to European countries.

Buhari however, said the revitalisation of agriculture was a solution to the migration issue and expressed his readiness to support farmers to boost local production in the country.

According to the president, “We are at pains when we see our youths across West and North Eastern Africa cross the desert, get to Libya and cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in dangerous conditions. We consider it as something that must stop.

He said government was not unmindful of unemployment, hence the need to ensure that the agriculture sector was revitalised to provide jobs as soon as possible.

“We have decided that we will no longer rely on rainfall, we will create dams, water reservoirs and insist on harvesting food at least three times in a year,” the president assured.

On food crisis, he described the threat as real, saying urgent steps were necessary to address the challenge.

According to him, there are 800 million hectares of agricultural lands across the world yet to be cultivated and Africa owns half of them. He thus appealed to Sahel and West African agricultural stakeholders to devise ideas that would guarantee better management in cattle breeding through artificial insemination.

Buhari, however, said his administration was aggressively tackling humanitarian crisis of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) by attending to issues of food and nutrition, especially for women and children in the North East.

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  • Ezekiel Okeke

    We are pained when we see our youths across West and North Eastern Africa in a desperate attempt to cross Mediterranean Sea to Europe. We consider is a something that must be stop as fast as possible because it is unfair to Europe. The person this statement is credited to is one of the fools that is drawing African continent and People backward- UNFAIR to a people who destroyed flourished societies African forefathers built, unfair to a people who are streaming into Africa without difficulty and all-over Africa without difficulty and picking abundant money even via fraudulent channels. Africa made immigration simple to them without difficulty despite their mess on African soil etc. but they made immigration impossible to Africans and destabilizing African countries, blockade African economic developments, advancements, blockade African market etc.- points I emphasized in my book THE AFRICAN VICTORY, e-book version available on, and such animal used the word UNFAIR to Europe that make immigration to Africans impossible which forced Africans to use such deadly route etc. and have cost uncountable lives of Africans etc.- the person in question must be insane. 21st century Africa will not succumb to Europe mess.

  • Mystic mallam

    How come it is mostly under Buhari’s regime that Nigeria experiences a spike in the attempts of “ANDREW” to escape to other lands?

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    Our leaders are very very good in noise making without settling down to think? Where on earth do this blah blah create working opportunity for the teeming youths and they donot want to have the jobs. Human beings are made to rotten with no future.

  • infinity2020

    How do we stop Nigerians from running away from land of their birth? PMB you are living the number one task that must be done undone. Have you ever thought of setting a goal of providing just 25,000 mgw electricity before the end of your first term? Dont you think that alone can end the recession? You must examine the type of advise you are getting because your political enemy within your party will be setting you up for a big failure. You may find time to read and sample the opinions of people on the internet because that is the mega global blackboard where you read about what people feel and think about your government We are tired of all these we shall do this we promised to do that. PMB, you should not abandoned Fashola to single handedly solve the power problem. He needs the big Federal government behind him to clear the way. If its possible to clear the way for a restart its not too late for that. You can turn around and fix the energy sector and write your name in gold or do nothing and leave the office in disgrace.

  • Steve Edigbe

    “….He thus appealed to Sahel and West African agricultural stakeholders to
    devise ideas that would guarantee better management in cattle breeding
    through artificial insemination.
    The point is this Niger man has nothing for any one than to rear and breed cattle. All his mind every moment is how the cattle will survive, they are talking of general agriculture, he single out his profession. No wonder, he care less about the citizen.