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Buhari Links Terrorism In Africa To Ghadaffi’s Fall


President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

• Canvasses Special Committee To Stem Tide
• Says 12, 000 Killed, Displaced In Nigeria

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has blamed the spread of terrorism in Africa and other parts of the world on the collapse of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya, pointing out that weapons of all categories took flights in different directions including other parts of Africa, especially in the Sahel.

Buhari, therefore, called for greater international support for Nigeria and other countries affected by terrorism, even as he expressed his administration’s appreciation to the Commonwealth, Britain, the Group of Seven, (G-7) Industrialized Nations, France and the United States for the assistance being received.

Suggesting a way out of the situation, the president spoke of the need to establish a Commonwealth Committee to oversee the execution of greater assistance and support to Nigeria and other member-countries adversely affected by terrorism.

He demanded that the proposed committee, when established, should visit member-countries of the Commonwealth where terrorist organisations have footholds with a view to evolving practical strategies for more meaningful assistance to the affected countries.

Speaking on behalf of the Commonwealth leaders at a banquet hosted by the Head of Commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth II of England for Heads of States and Governments participating in the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, (CHOGM) in Malta, Buhari hoped the committee would have been established before the next meeting of the organisation.

He noted that “with the improvement of global communications, terrorism has no borders now; what happened recently in France had a profound effect on all of us, but very few countries realise that Nigeria has suffered terrorist casualties of over 10,000 killed in the last six years.”
“Right now, we have over two million internally displaced persons, most of whom are women and children, and most of the children are orphans,” the President told the Queen and Commonwealth Heads of State and Government.

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  • Lorenz obison

    This man you need to zip up your mouth, it has been running wide lately, mainly on issues that is not of priority and less important. Start implementing your campaign promises, time is not your friend and the populace are gradually losing hope on your CHANGE government. The chibok girls are yet to arrive, boko haram are killing more now at full speed, electricity is worse, no jobs, hardship everywhere, no sign of change.

    • Femi

      The fact that Nigeria is experiencing an economic downturn does not mean that its President should be silent on international issues that concern its security. A poor economy does not create a non state. As for the change program, are you aware that the current budget is that of the outgoing government and that a supplementary budget has not yet been approved. You cannot execute what is essentially a bottom up welfarist program on a budget designed for a top – down program. I believe it is a democratic right to criticize the government but such criticism should as far as is possible be grounded in fact. Judge this government 12 months after the passing of its own budget or in its mid term and your opinion will be far more accurate. On some of the points you raise; BH are holding one LGA as per last reports. Between Jan – Mar last year they were engaged in musical chairs with the NA – this is no longer the case , the NA can now liberate and hold territory. Electricity is certainly not worse and hardship being “everywhere” is a better development than than it being limited to the masses while some people live large. There are things this government can do better and swifter but your criticism is premature and in some cases unwarranted.

      • Ade O

        Views well expressed like yours makes communication through this platform very much better and I agree with much of you wrote. In the midst of corruption fighting back through media propaganda and onslaught towards PMB, people are allowing themselves get sympathetic to corrupt individuals who now pay and use widely read platforms to raise fear, distract and distabilise the nation. Yes, we all ve right to share our views but we must also be wise to the likes of Naija Trumps whosee only aim to capitalise on peoples worries.

  • Nazerine

    Buhari is a failure.

  • amador kester

    Yes mr president was correct to an extent. And AU could not promptly strategize to stem the insecurity albatross emanating from the torricelian vacuum in libya until too late. The south africans have so much appropriated and used the AU as a household product for so many years that presently the union is almost depraved,dysfunctional,disoriented and merely verbose in bureaucratic sentimentalities