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Buhari returns to work on Monday


Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari addresses members of his cabinet upon his arrival at the presidency in Abuja, on March 10, 2017. President Muhammadu Buhari arrived back in Nigeria on Friday after nearly two months in London receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. / AFP PHOTO / SUNDAY AGHAEZE

President Muhammadu Buhari is set to return to work on Monday, his media aide said on Friday.

“PMB will Monday transmit letter to National Assembly on his return to the country,” said Femi Adesina, special adviser to Buhari on media and publicity. “That makes his return to work formal, and constitutional.”

Buhari returned to Nigeria on Friday after medical leave but said he will leave his deputy in charge for the time being and not immediately resume power.

He said Vice President Yemi Osinbajo “will continue” in the role of acting president “and I will continue to rest”. No timeline was given for how long Osinbajo would be in charge.

But his digital communication aide, Tolu Ogunlesi, said the media took the president’s words out of context.

“PMB joked that he deliberately came back on a Friday so @ProfOsinbajo can continue working and he (PMB) can have a few more days to rest,” Ogunlesi tweeted on Friday.

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  • Iskacountryman

    he wants to die on active duty…what a dodo…

  • Chukwu

    Is Nigeria now a rest room?

  • vic


  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Mr. President. I am glad that you are back and we truly thank God that he has delivered you out of the jaws of death. This period of being away would have done a lot for you in allowing you to not only focus your mind on your illness and the factors that would have determined that things could have been different for you and your predecessors, if we had a half decent health care in our country. This period, I hope has allowed you appreciate the ephemeral nature of everything in this world; be it power, influence, position, money, and even life itself.

    This period of rest would have jarringly brought home to you the sad state of our nation; morally, spiritually and physically and how your approach in governance in the past has been less than equitable, robust and sound. Most importantly, it would have allowed you to weigh and discern the guiding interest of those confidants around you. It would have exposed your mind towards those whose interest in you is only determined by what they can garner from being associated with you. It is time to review your Agenda for the country, scrutinize your cabinet, search for competent Nigerians wherever they are from, disabuse your mind of all parochial and sectional dictates that has made you act the way you have been doing hitherto.

    Aisha is your wife, she means well for you. She was with you during all your past struggles, and moreover, she appears articulate and intelligent and at this moment you are the Number 1 citizen that everyone wants to have a whisper in your ears, no one should be closer to you than her. Religious irredentist may say otherwise, your present new found friends may urge you to keep her locked in the kitchen. To me, and many discerning Nigerians, that will be a disaster not only for you but for the nation as well. Your new found political associates are really “new found”. I can assure you that if you leave power today, they will rejig their allegiance and seek new pastures. Leave raw emotion and sentiment out of operating this country and bringing it out of the doldrums!

    In October 2016, Aisha said “They are doing that because they felt they laboured for the party and deserved to be compensated,” She continued “People who do not have voters card are those who are given appointments and enjoying the government.” You may not admit it, she is 100% right. APC has failed the Nation. The economy is going through rough times because, out of no fault of yours, PDP frittered away our fund and they are now in people’s pockets. GET IT. Whatever it takes, get it as soon as you can. What this means is that you should empower ALL the necessary agencies and institutions relevant for such a pursuit, they should apply themselves even more vigorously towards attaining that goal. You look for sand where there is sand. Our Nations money is in people’s pockets. It does not belong there! If successful, that will be the greatest legacy your government can bequeath to the nation.

    Nigeria will be better for it if only we can recover 30% of what OBJ, YarAdua and the most recent PDP comedian and their associates have salted away. That is the best you can do in the next few years left of this dispensation.

    God Bless you and may you live long to see your grandchildren enjoy the fruits of your toil and sacrifice for this nation in this hour of its need for visionary and purposeful leadership henceforth. Amen.

  • Ozioma Ezeogu

    I hope you are sure that you can cope. It has not been smooth sailing for a younger person like the Vice President in the past 21 or more days since you were away in the UK. Please take your time Mr President. Don’t rush it just yet, I beg of you. Your health is more important to us than anything else you may be inclined to do for Nigeria now.

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  • Kosi Fumnaya
  • Kosi Fumnaya

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