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Buhari took over Aso Villa like a combatant, says Gowon


Niger Republic President Issifou Mahamadou (left); his Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby; Nigerian First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari; President Muhammadu Buhari; former Head of State, Gen Yakubu Gowon and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo at the presentation of the book, President Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria at the International Conference Centre Abuja …yesterday. PHOTO: PHILIP OJISUA

Niger Republic President Issifou Mahamadou (left); his Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby; Nigerian First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari; President Muhammadu Buhari; former Head of State, Gen Yakubu Gowon and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo at the presentation of the book, President Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria at the International Conference Centre Abuja …yesterday. PHOTO: PHILIP OJISUA

• Eminent Nigerians eulogise president at book launch
• Campbell urges more U.S. interest in Nigeria

Eminent Nigerians including former Heads of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday extolled the virtues of President Muhammadu Buhari whom they described as a dogged fighter for good governance.

The occasion was the public presentation of a book titled Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria by Prof. John Paden, an American author with special interest in developments in Nigeria, including its economic and political affairs.

Gowon, who was the chairman of the occasion told the gathering that President Buhari deserved commendation and criticism by Nigerians. He described him as a fighter and a man of destiny working to get things right with the economy despite the huge challenges being faced by the country. “As a combat politician, he fought to take over the Presidential Villa despite being told he would never see it.”

Obasanjo who said the book, an authorised biography, was a confirmation of the true person of Buhari whom he knew, described it as a must read for those who are interested in catching a full glimpse of Nigeria of yesterday and its leaders piloting the affairs of the country today. He said though the book confirmed what he knew about Buhari, it did not represent a definitive assessment of the president.

In his review of the book, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, waved off critics of Buhari’s governance style, declaring that the president is on an assignment against time, to undo the wrongs of nearly two decades of bad governance in the country.

Tinubu, who was among the four reviewers of the book, recalled how Buhari emerged as the APC’s candidate, and maintained that Buhari is on an assignment to set Nigeria on a better path.

The APC leader noted that Buhari’s professional career as a military man, his personal life and prior experiences in government prepared him for his current assignment. Tinubu said Buhari lived his life on assignments that always intersected with vital moments in the nation’s history.

He told the gathering that when the president ventured into politics and contested for the presidency, culminating in his 2015 election victory, he was still on an assignment, showing that there was no other way for this nation to go but that of democracy, no matter how difficult the path may be.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell who also reviewed the book said that America should be more interested in the politics of Nigeria.

“America has not shown enough interest in investing in Nigeria,” he noted.

Another reviewer, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, a former Nigerian Representative at the United Nations, urged Buhari to show leadership and carry all Nigerians along in piloting the affairs of the country. He specifically advised Buhari to practise politics of inclusion, warning that development without unity would be tough. Gambari noted that Buhari faced a challenge of bringing immediate change to the thousands of his supporters who voted for him during the elections.

Minister of Science and Technology‎, Chief Ogbonaya Onu, who also reviewed the book said that despite the fact that the judiciary let him down three times when the courts rejected his petitions to upturn elections in which his opponents were declared winner, he did not lose faith in the judiciary.

Author of the book, Paden, in his remarks, explained that “the biography seeks to answer the question of who Buhari is and the frantic efforts he is making with a view to addressing Nigeria’s challenges.”

Paden who said that the biography was work in progress, explained that it was tailored towards introducing Buhari to the international community, while addressing the challenges of leadership which include ensuring national unity, security, fighting corruption and protecting the independence of the judiciary especially during tensions.

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar who was absent from the occasion explained that he could not make it to the book presentation because of the late arrival of the invitation to the event.

Atiku’s Media Adviser, Mazi Paul Ibe, in a statement made available to State House correspondents, said that “for inexplicable reason, the former vice president only received his invitation today (Monday) after the event had started.”

He explained that the invitation was delivered to the Atiku Centre on October 1, forty hours before the event, and only after the former Vice President had travelled to Gombe to honour the invitation for the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the creation of creation of Gombe State.

“The former vice president returned to Abuja on Sunday night, 2nd October. The invitation letter signed 30th September, 2016, the last working day of the week was handed over to Atiku Abubakar today (Monday), after the programme had commenced.

“As a former vice president well-schooled in the demands of protocol, it would have been inappropriate of the Turakin Adamawa to storm into the event while Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-chief was already seated with other dignitaries, including visiting heads of government to the occasion,” he said.

Presidents of Benin, Chad, and Niger Republic were present at the book presentation, while their counterparts in Cameroun and Guinea Bissau were represented. Also present were Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, state governors, former Vice President Nemadi Sambo, and APC National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun.

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  • vincentumenyiora

    READ THIS FOLKS WITHOUT QUALMS – regardless of the euphoria spawned please! If you read my first comment before the book launch, you’ll see where I said that critics in Nigeria may pick holes in the publication. Behold Prof. I. Gambari raised an issue about ‘footnotes’ although the author had highlighted ‘reason’ for the deliberate omissions, which is understandable! OBJ in his own observations felt if he were consulted earlier before the compilation of the book, to add something in sections of the book nevertheless, it is a job well done presented from an ‘alien’, folks! We thank Prof. John Paden for the publication!

    Asiwaju B. Tinubu should be reminded that if INEC’s Chairman and the Judiciary had performed the necessary bye-elections for all those who defected and crossed carpet obviously the results of 2015 election would have been a different ‘kettle of fish’ in the strict sense of political engineering! It was much about conspiracies and intrigues everybody saw it in Nigeria’s politics dating from far back as the 50s – it was reminiscence of A.G. party’s tactics brought to life! Britain had bye-elections for all those intent to leave their original parties for the new ones before their main election in the same 2015 by that exercise, both the politicians and the electorates become sensitized as to where they stand with the candidates character and performance against what you did through hoodwinks and cajolery! It is not surprising the problems you have currently in the Houses about budgets and the recriminations against the Senate President – somebody should know all these about Nigeria’s politics to advise you people correctly!

    Importantly if you don’t do something about the provision for cross carpet or defection, which is open-ended now, you may have much bigger problems on your hands by 2019!

    To advice that their is a lot in Nigeria’s politicking based on spasmodic diductions – everyone itching to get his/ her own cut of the ‘cakes’ or fungers on the ‘National pie’ and you forget what you need to be done for the people or for the Constitution to work properly – the cross carpte and defection section is still not atended to – ot is still left open-ended and success for APC or not for APC come 2019 will depend on the achievement between now and by 2018!

    In all the furore what Nigerians do not know is this: I recommended Buhari to take the place of Musa Yar’Adua as early as in that argument about who is to replace him – Vanguard should confirm this and it is contained in my correspondence dated 4th June with the Presidency if they can be forthright! If he (Buhari) did as I suggested it, working with Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala also as the Finance Minister, Nigeria would probably have been much better placed economically today, corruption-wise and planning, folks! So, in this revelation you can see why I said they should leave their administrative doors wid e open so that those with good solutions can attend to them and not agar admitting their firends and party stalwarts who may (do) not know much about how to solve the problems confronting the people and their leaders in Nigeria!

    Just to say in my first reaction listening to the launch address and the response of the book reviewers I want to say that until I have had time to read through the book, so far the book appears to have acted as a credible exposé for an academic discussion for Nigerians! I want to say though that the review we had from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu should not be what he presented and to remind him that the intention of the forum is for the launch of the book and not for party political lecture but to portray Buhari as a man of integrity and destiny for a Nigerian National re-building! I have no problem with the review of Prof. Ibrahim Gambari tells you much about the things and capacity of what academic can do on persons and also from OBJ’s humorous presentation – these are the kinds I talked about need to be encouraged to return to the politics of Nigeria!

    Like I said, I am yet to read the full account in the book; I need to say that incidentally my specific area and is represented in the book, is the quest to bring to an end the corruption trait about NIGERIA AND IN AFRICA HENCE IN ALL THE PUBLICATIONS I HAD IN PAST YEARS BEEN HARPING- IN THE FACT THAT THE (UNO) HAS COPY AND HAS URGED ME TO RE-SUBMIT IT FOR ACCEPTANCE! I AM SAYING THEREFORE, as Prof. John N. Paden has saId In the area of fighting corruption and Prof. Gambari talked about continuity – i. e. after Buhari, who next or how do Nigerians move the crusade forward or further! By which means he of the opinion that something needs to be done to take (extend) the campaign to the States and LG levels as my solution entails really!

    Regarding the joke or the short story told by OBJ about gold presentation to him by Buhari on the return of his representing Nigeria in one of the World fora – to say that Bill Clinton had the same kind of experience when he went to represent America whilst he was Governor of his State! When he got back to U.S. he handed the artifact over to the government for preservation as a National artifacts so, we don’t know what happened to the gold handed to OBJ by Buhari! The show from Joe Garba was a personal oft to him so they are not related/ similar in comparison!

    This is where my publication appears to be in tandem with what the author has provided before us in Nigeria and you can find my publication on the website; title “A Home grown DEMOCRATIC approach for ….!” As both Professors have averred in the launching about the need for good leadership in all spheres of our endeavors in Nigeria political and otherwise, I am particularly thankful for the kind of publication which as a matter of fact, has come in no better time than now!

    To remind you about my own vital, in fact, invaluable contribution which is in the ‘Option A-4 and all the adjunct to it which include the finger/ name reader machines and the result obtained sheet by candidates you are using for the elections in Nigeria, because it is co-related to the event – urging for good and approved leadership qualities for Nigeria, yet sadly or unfortunately am not celebrated!

    But as I said already, I should not be blamed when my own publications are revealed as you see them on the website – to add that everything on it is correct and authentic! HOW I WISH THEY CAN STUDY MY KIND OF SOLUTION FOR CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA – unique and bound to be effective as Prof. I. Gambari wishes it for Nigeria indeed!

  • Basil Ogbanufe

    Politics, politics, politics…….

  • Uzoh63


  • Princess Adaeze
  • vic

    gowan praising buhari is like a frog praising water. gowan, are you speaking this from your london flat????? bloody chips of the same rotten corrupt block.

  • Abidilagungun

    Madam don write book; oga sef don write him own…meanwhile na First Term ooo. By the end of Second Term Oga-Madam go be professors of biography. Akikaaa. Abeg, make una write book on Recession

    • Facebook User

      Was the book written by Buhari or was it Paden?

  • infinity2020

    When i look at all these god forsaken leaders they look like fraudsters to me. For 56 years they took off their military uniforms and take their turns to loot Nigeria. Some few civilians leaders among them joined them in the massive looting. They corrupted the system from head to toe. There is nothing to show for 56 years but one by one death the inevitable end will help Nigeria remove all the CABALS one by one

  • amador kester

    Yes, but the old general should have dynamically hit the ground running immediately he took over in 2015 but it is probable that age played a fast one


    The faces we see here are the faces of corruption, nepotism and injustice in Nigeria. These are the men that have been holding Nigeria hostage for many decades. A lot of them have innocent human blood in their hands. Nigeria will never be well until death snatches them away. Even in official recession, the worthless naira, and untold hardship to the common man in Nigeria, these clique chose to praise and extol Buhari. There is God oooo!!!!

  • Objectivity View

    How much has it cost taxpayers to have an American flatter the president and how does the book make the president do his job well? Bunch of wastrels!

  • Chidozie Stanley Nwabia

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  • kalu9909

    Burhari took over a year ago and a book has been written about him. It stands to mean that by the time Buhari would finish his tenure in 2019, about 4 books will be inducted in his name. When Buhari was not a sitting president, nobody remembered to write his biography, but now that he is economically viable, many are falling over each other to author a book on Buhria. It is said that “success has many friends and failure has none”. But to be honest, there is nothing about Buhari that would inspire me or people of sound mind if the truth must be told about him (Buhari). The story about Buhari, if told as it happened, cannot inspire anybody. The life history of Goodluck Jonathan is more inspiring than that of Buhari. A man without shoes, from grass to grace is more inspiring than a man who has been reaping through fowl means, which Buhari represents..

  • AriseNigeria

    “Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, a former Nigerian Representative at the United Nations, urged Buhari to show leadership and carry all Nigerians along in piloting the affairs of the country. He specifically advised Buhari to practise politics of inclusion, warning that development without unity would be tough”

    The difference between a man that has brain and the crooks like Gowon, Thief-nubu, and Obanjo the ugly old ape. Buhari is a failure and his government of darkness will not last. god does not bless a bitter, evil and wicked heart of a ruler like Buhari

    • Adeniran Olumuyiwa

      PMB is the president for today; what is your advise for a better Nigeria is what is expected of any right-thinking individual and not the reverse. Name calling is not expected and that’s y we should be mindful of our comments at all times.

      • AriseNigeria

        A “Better Nigeria” is not achievable and definitely cannot be achieved by the attitude of the likes like you who keep mute when atrocities are committed against others, just because you or your people are not the victims. A better Nigeria, means regional government as practiced before 1967 and Resource Control, OR, peaceful separation as individual countries. Nigeria in my judgement after 56 years of experiment and experience has shown by the conducts of Yorubas and Hausas, that former Eastern Nigeria is better of standing on their own than merging with insincere and parasites like Yorubas and Hausas. So, there can be no better Nigeria when religious and ethnic bigots like Buhari and Tinubu are in-charge of Nigeria. Many of us has come to hate Nigeria with passion and do not want anything to do with Nigeria.

      • Jaja Majaja

        Nobody hates Nigeria …what we hate is the system as designed by the elites in this book launch of which Buhari is part of .Its been almost 150 years since the invention of electricity , yet your country Nigeria is still in the Dark, buying diesel and petrol to run Generators.
        Name calling is even too lenient , these people should be dragged naked on the streets and hanged in public till they die ….Simple.

  • Mr. A

    Yesterday man ruling Nigeria of today. That’s what OBJ implied.

    • AriseNigeria

      Nigeria is nothing but Egypt where the Gowon, Buhari, Obasanjo, Tinubu, has become the modern wicked Pharoah oppressing the people of God, whose judgment and demise is inevitable, and the wonder why Nigeria is under the BIG CURSE OF GOD-DEATH & CALAMITY.

  • AriseNigeria

    Professor Gambari is the only man with a living conscious who made a sensible statement. The other low IQ criminals deserved to be treated like Saddam Hussien (Hanging in the Gallow).

    • Full blooded Nigerian

      Nigeria is work in progress

      • AriseNigeria

        if Nigeria is a 56 years old man, you call that work in progress. Consider this fact: The Nigeria life expectancy according the World Health Organization report, based on the report below. Nigeria is actually DEAD by now, at the age of 56

        Male: 53.4

        Female: 55.6

        Total World Rank
        According to the latest WHO data published in 2015 life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 53.4, female 55.6 and total life expectancy is 54.5 which gives Nigeria a World Life Expectancy ranking of 171.

  • Mosaina

    The writing and launching of a book at this time on Buhari is ill-timed. How do you write a book on a president who has not completed his first term? Is this an assessment of his past or his present achievements? Aside from facing off with Boko Haram, and partially the issue of corruption, what else can we point to as Buhari’s achievement so far? Governance is said to be a social contract. Nigerians fulfilled their part of the contract by electing Buhari as president, but Buhari has not fulfilled his part of the contract. Right now, most Nigerians are hungry, no electricity and other amenities to make life meaningful, workers’ salaries not paid, educational institutions are being starved of funds. The aforementioned needs and more make a government more meaningful to the common people. A government can be said to have fulfilled its part of the social contract when the people feel the positive impact of such government. When this happens, the writing of a book on the head of such government can be meaningful, not at the time the nation is in recession, and the future of the country is really bleak to say the least.

    One would have loved to see Buhari make more progress in terms of making life more meaningful for the generality of the people, not for the few privileged ones, most of who were gathered at the book launching to eulogize him, merely out of courtesy and not reality. Let Buhari search his mind to see if he really deserves all the commendation showered on him when most Nigerians are suffering. Has he fulfilled his part of the social contract he signed with the people who voted for him to be president? Time will tell.

    • Full blooded Nigerian

      It is work in progress

  • vic