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Buhari will investigate supply of military weapons



Military weapons

The Presidency says President Muhammadu will launch a thorough investigation into the awards of contracts for the supply of military weapons in the recent past.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said this  yesterday while fielding questions on the Channels Television programme, Politics Today.

He was responding to a question on whether President Buhari would look into the military budgets. 

The president is interested in every penny that leaves the Nigeria's treasury. As you are aware, records are being checked right now, not only in the oil sector, but also in the various departments of government. 

So, Mr President is really interested in what has happened to the equipment that have supposedly been bought and supplied, some of which might be there on the ground and might not be. Only a thorough audit will actually reveal this. The disclosure has been made about substandard in the Nigeria's fight against Boko Haram", Shehu said. 

Appraising the efforts so far made by Buhari's government to contain the insurgency, he said: "President Muhammadu Buhari wants to urgently end Boko Haram. In fact, some semblance of normalcy is being restored. Right now, there is no territory in the control of Boko Haram. The insurgents have been degraded. They are in disarray without a central command and coordination"

On the feasibility of local production of military equipment as directed by Buhari on Friday, the presidential aide stated, "This government is guided by major principles and I will imagine that environment will be created for investment in the defence industry".

military weapons

On the measures put in place by the present administration to equip the armed forces, Shehu said, "Mr President is not going to send troops to the war without ensuring that they are properly equipped and without sensuring that they are properly taken care of. Just on Friday, at the National Defence College, Mr President was committing himself to the fact that our military will be well taken care of in terms of their welfare, in terms of their equipment and in terms of the motivation they need to confront these insurgents. 

We're already beginning to see the fruits of this because as we speak right now, Boko Haram is in disarray. And what we are witnessing now; that is, occasional bombings and suicide attacks, characterise only one thing globally. And that is that, the dying days of the insurgency. It's just a matter of time, we'll get there".


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  • Joseph

    Which is more important? To probe how we got arms to crush Boko haram? Or, to probe those behind Boko haram?

    • duwdu


      Either one will lead to the other, so there should be no qualms about the intentions, strategy and resolve of this President/government in this regard.

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  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Nigeria got arms to deal with BokoHaram from ‘Black market’ under emergency conditions. The Country achieved victory then, now we are losing the grounds to Boko Haram where gained before and this big fool is talking of inventory instead of admitting failings.

    • Eagle Eye

      Hahahaha, you’re absolutely a neophyte. State precisely the areas that the present administration has failed; don’t just make clueless generations.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        You made zero contribution so am still better than you

        • Eagle Eye

          It took Jonathan five years to be in an emergency situation to acquire substandard arms 6 months to his departure and you’re here talking about success. Alex Badeh stated categorically last week in an interview after his retirement that the last time the Military was equipped with any piece of hardware was in 2006. You should then ask your uninformed self what kind of abracadabra gains was achieved with trillions of naira budgeted for the Military in the past 5 years without seeing the equipment? Truth is you don’t worth a reply but I’m just replying to educate you.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            Trillions of Naira from where to fight who? People that swore to make Nigeria ungovernable. People that threw bombs to worshippers in Churches. I put it to you that it is an aberration to have put oil money from Niger Delta to save those Northern demons. Silly to act indeed

          • Eagle Eye

            In essence you’re justifying looting all the trillions of Naira budgeted under the guise that equipment would be bought for the Army. I see, you’re only here to spurt out your parochial tribalistic demeanor.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            I can’t justify looting but condemning spending on people that contribute nothing but shares from revenue and turn around to make Nigeria ungovernable. If every part of Nigeria generates her own revenue and contribute to Federal reserves their 50% as it happens in other sane Nations, we won’t have this scenario. If indeed there was budget under such an emergency condition, it was wrong because the North doesn’t deserve that. If there wasn’t any such budget as you alleged, then the former president was absolutely right to have responded the way he did even I don’t agree with it such a magnanimity.

  • Bello Barriga

    What about the phrase – FG to investigate, FG to probe, FG to mobilize, and FG to do this or that? Why Buhari to do this, Buhari to do that, Buhari says, Buhari shouts, and Buhari ——- all over the evening news? It is sounding ridiculous. Please note.

  • kkomdo . Joinyon


    The proposed Nuclear Power ‎Plants for Nigeria proposed to be sited in Kogi and Akwa Ibom States are the greatest disfavour and unthinkable timed bomb that that a sensitive and a responsive government such as the present government in the country can dole out to its citizenry. The story and the woes of nuclear power as a source of energy generation remind one of the common saying that a wise person can not consciously put his hand into a burning fire. Yes large quantity of electricity supply is needed in Nigeria. Yes there are a few advantages of generating electricity from nuclear power plants. It is also an undeniable fact that the disadvantages of generating electricity from NPPs outweigh the few acclaimed advantages. The pertinent question is, has the proponents of this venture weighed the devastating and disastrous consequences of sourcing the country’s electricity generation from nuclear power plants bearing in mind the current trend of shutting down or discontinuing further construction of planned NPPs in almost all the developed and developing countries of the world that used NPPs for electricity generation. Furthermore Nigerians need to know when the necessary procedural steps approved by International Atomic Energy Agency were taken in Nigeria including the technical impact assessment on such a heavy industry and the necessary legislative processes for such projects. Another question that bogs the minds of Nigerians is with regards to the scientific and technological competences of the Nigerian nation in this respect. What about the Nigerian attitudinal disposition towards super sensitive and highly regulated systems be it scientific or ordinary day to day handling and management of government industrial or commercial ventures. NEMA has been shown to lack the capacity to handle common flood or fire disaster cases in Nigeria on quite a number of instances as at present and so there is no basis to envisage that it may be in a position to handle the attendant known incidents of and potential accidents and catastrophic disaster cases associated with NPPs. My final question is has Nigeria exhausted the use of other available and cheap sources of power generation in the country? And if not why the fancy and rationale for the proposed BOT NPPs when Nigeria is highly endowed with great fossils reserves. Has somebody thought of the effect of having such a project with the ongoing Boko Haram terrorism in the country

    Specifically, Akwa Ibom State or any LGA within the State does not meet the international standards in terms of the size, ‎population density and the contiguous nature of how the dense population live together so interwoven and intertwined. The last thing yet to be said here is the consideration of safety, the protection for the good health of the people and that of their environment. Already Nigeria has not yet found solutions to oil spillages, gas flaring, enironmental degradation and distruction leading to loss of original fishing waters and impoverished farmland as a result of oil and gas extraction in the Niger Delta. How come that additional woes and devastation are proposed in the name of NPP for this part of the country. My advice is that whoever is behind flying the kyte of this Greek gift of NPP for Akwa Ibom State should take it to his State and give us a refinery as the largest producer of petroleum and as there has not been any Federal presence for more than 40 years now . I commend the community leaders from Itu LGA of the State for coming together and with one voice reject the siting of the proposed NPP within the bounds of their LGA for obvious reasons. A stich in time serves nine

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    Posted by: “Barr. Harrison Ataide”