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Buhari’s presidency not a threat to me, says Fayose


There was a palpable tension in Ado Ekiti yesterday as some leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led some members to block all the major roads leading to the State House of Assembly Complex.

The PDP stalwarts apparently reacting to the rumour making round the state that the 19 All Progressive Congress (APC) lawmakers that had already served impeachment notice on Governor Ayo Fayose were to hold a session yesterday.

And not to be cut unawares the PDP leaders led by the Deputy Governor, Dr Kolapo Olusola , former Speaker, House of Assembly, Hon Tunji Odeyemi, Special Assistant to the Governor on Information, Mr Lanre Ogunsuyi, his colleague in the Public Communications, Lere Olayinka led hundred of party supporters to block all major roads leading to the Assembly complex.

They got to the Secretariat as early as 8am and discussed issues bordering on the impeachment issue that had generated so much anxiety and the coming April House of Assembly election.

Nine Hilux Vans belonging to the Police and the Department of State Security Service , carrying heavily armed personnel were stationed at the two entrances of the Assembly Complex.

They danced to the music being supplied in front of the old Assembly complex where they were restricted by security agencies.

Some of them sat quietly under the canopies erected in front of the old Assembly complex, which was just two poles away from the new complex.

Briefing newsmen on why they converged at the Assembly, Ogunsuyi said the Omirin-led lawmakers erred in law by claiming that they had sent a notice of impeachment to the Governor, saying it was a complete misfire for Omirin to be claiming speakership while also challenging his impeachment in the Court of Law.

“We don’t want any unwholesome issue because the task of developing Ekiti is an onerous task that needed to be pursued with vigour. The Governor doesn’t want any distraction and that is why he has been pursuing peace at all times.

Meanwhile, the APC lawmakers have advised Fayose to stop stoking violence over his impeachment notice.

Reacting to the protest of PDP members in the premises of the House of Assembly by suspected PDP thugs on Monday, the lawmakers said resorting to violence against Ekiti people was compounding his problems.

In a statement by Special Adviser on Media to Speaker ‎Adewale Omirin, Wole Olujobi, the lawmakers said violence would not solve the burden of constitutional breaches that the governor had placed on himself.

They frowned at the invasion of the Assembly by suspected PDP thugs, wondering why a governor that had questions to answer on legal matters would get himself involved in other illegal matters such as the invasion of the Assembly by thugs to cause public disorder.

Also, speaking on the plan to impeach him, Fayose yesterday advised the APC lawmakers to stop chasing shadow.

He told them that latching on the victory of Buhari to thwart the will of people in Ekiti will not work because Buhari will obey the rule of law.

Fayose who spoke , while appearing on a monthly programme tagged ‘Mr Governor’s Explains’ on State-based media , urged his supporters not to be
rattled by the impeachment fever , saying he would defeat the APC this time round.

He said the impeachment threat flying around in the State does not rattle him in any way, saying the plot against him is against the people of the State, who put him in the present position.

The Governor said what the APC wanted was to take over the State and plunge the State into crisis the way they did after he left in 2006.

Waxing philosophical and quoting copiously from the Holy Bible, Fayose
said the plan to impeach him won’t be successful the way it happened during his first term.

“What actually infuriated the APC is that during the June 21 election, I gave them 16-0. Again, during the presidential election, I gave them 16-0 again. They know that I will give them 26-0 in the next Saturday election.

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  • Ibrahim

    Fayose is a threat to his own small community who deprived by the 16 years of PDP misrule are tempted by the lure of rice and sphagetti

  • lastborn4mom

    Only time will tell if President Elect, GMB is a threat or not.

  • Ginger

    But Fayose is a threat to the people of Ekiti.

    • Kunleria

      IN WHAT WAY?

      • Ginger

        Beat up Ekiti judges, robbed billions in poultry farm scam, masterminded the Ekiti 2014 election 2014….need we say more sufferings the people of Ekiti under Fayose?

  • Ginger

    Warning Graphic Photos

    APC members in Rivers State attacked over the weekend by armed men at PDP candidate Wike’s ward, with one man having his head almost cut into two. While others were attacked today at Ogbakiri.. very gory please advised.

    • OKO

      Very difficult to see these images. Majority of these kooks end up going home without a dime and you wonder what their aim is.

  • GMB

    let s wait and see if you will survive as governor before May 29…….


    apc come with violence they must surely reap violence ,a word is enough for a wise


    It is true Fayose, Buhari’s presidency not a threat to you. But you are a threat to your self. What a pity?

  • Kalu Henry Orji

    An assumed elected governor talking & behaving like a motor park thug at Orile motor park.really sad.

  • oliseneku okpo


    • Ginger

      APC is the military!

  • Olomitutu

    We people of ekiti fayose is our will a governor who know is people and
    his people know him, fayemi governor us in ekiti and non of ordinary
    ekiti man gain from his government, all the ekiti project was awarded to
    people from lagos, he use 3.5 billion naira to build his governor house
    while ekiti universities have no library he left ekiti account with
    zero naira and put ekiti state into debt that will last till 2020 and
    left the state with 3 month unpaid workers salary, tinubu catch him as
    mugu by using ekiti treasury for buhari election sponsor, and no the
    truth citizen of ekiti who is wiser than them is there and they want to
    remove him by all means, student of ekiti driver of ekiti teacher of
    ekiti all the civil servant of ekiti is waiting for them to come they
    will know that ekiti people know their will, bet me 1000 of buhari can
    not remove the will of ekiti and i believe he must know the truth about
    people will, if buhari act funny about ekiti the downfall of his
    government can start from there

    • Ginger

      Lets beat the judges

  • Olomitutu

    do you think that same Jonathan know more than fayose,
    Jonathan is a good leader but never deserve the leadership bcos of his
    weakness, do you know how Jonathan cause setback to many individual and
    to PDP generally, let me tell you this, the apc are so scare to have to
    people like fayose that is why they want to remove him by all means,
    because believe me or not fayose will restore PDP back to the leading
    party that is why they were after him,
    Note: i will bring this to you
    notice, Jonathan lost the presidential seat long time ago since last
    year when the apc are charging PDP governor to court to instore their
    candidate, apc use court and bribery to in-store apc governor to the
    south west state that is when goodluck lost the election, but to your
    notice the only governor that gave them the tough time is same fayose
    and i believe he will last for the 4 years as a governor bcos we ekiti
    people are ready to stand for our mandate

  • Olomitutu

    i dont think you are from ekiti, bcos if you are ekiti you should say
    the truth about ekiti, go to all over ekiti people are waiting to
    defend their mandate student, civil servant etc every body are waiting
    to stand for fayose, bcos we dont want to go back to the hand of greedy
    people of apc, look do you have something to say about this, fayemi left
    ekiti treasury with zero naira, put the state to debt that last till
    2020 and left the state with 3 month unpaid salary, after all foyose
    left the state last with 11 billion naira balance impeachment governor
    then , but he have the feeling of ekiti people he did not put the state
    into debt and still left the ekiti account with 11 billion naira, but as
    of today ekiti is in under debt that last till 2020, so if really you
    are from ekiti you better wake up and fight for your future by safe your
    state from apc evil plan

    • Ginger

      And Fayose’s N1.3Billion he robbed from Ekiti people is still in the High Court. Wait till Buhari is installed and how the courts will starts dishing out heavy jail terms.

  • Olomitutu

    you the supporter of apc you should learn your lesson with their evil plan, bcos fayose never associate with them and he is a disturbance to them bcos he know their evil plan, they are try to make nigeria democracy belong to their group and if you did not belong to their group you are nothing, so please open your eye and think about your 2moro and your future and your children future, I will tell you the problem of fayose since early year 2000 when he arrive in ekiti, to mobilize the ekiti people and show them what is democracy, fayose refused to associate himself with people thinking that they are the owner of ekiti then bcos if he does they wont allow him to grow, fayose follow the common people of ekiti and that manifest in his life when he took the group to primary election and defeat SK Babalola, since then this group have been against his progress and for a club called E11, This so call E11 need to perish bcos they are this problem of ekiti up till date

    • Ginger

      wake up dear. Your suya is burning!

  • Don Harris

    The bible the governor reportedly quoted”copiously”says”Whatever a man soweth he shall reap”.Fayose sowed impunity,with Federal backing,impeaching 19 lawmakers with 5 lawmakers,beating up a judge of the high court using thugs,etc.,so he shall reap impunity,too.People hardly remember that nothing is forever,everything,including power,is just for a while.There is always the “golden rule”,which applies to all without exception.