Saturday, 1st October 2022
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Censors board clamps down on pornographic film hawkers

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has burnt pornographic films valued at millions of Naira. The burning exercise, which held at the Benin Centre office of the film classification...

The Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas with the students of Igbinedion Educational Centre, Benin City, during a Media Literacy Programme

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has burnt pornographic films valued at millions of Naira. The burning exercise, which held at the Benin Centre office of the film classification agency in Edo State, was performed by the Executive Director, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, and witnessed by key stakeholders in the state.

Speaking at the event, Adedayo stated the agency would continue its clampdown on activities of hawkers of pornographic materials.

The executive director also noted, “the board would continue to engage the stakeholders and enlighten them on the dangers of dealing on such materials to the society.

Already, he said, the NFVCB has set up a special squad charged with the responsibility of tackling the menace of pornography on youths. The executive director informed stakeholders the agency is doing everything possible to ensure there is an enabling environment for them to carry on their legitimate businesses.

While commending the executive director for turning the agency around, the Managing Director, Prolens Movies, Mr. Peddy Okao, said he should not relent until the hawking of pornographic films is eradicated, or at worst, reduced to the barest minimum.

He said Edo filmmakers were working on a plan that would remove uncensored, unclassified and pornographic materials from the market.

The censors board helmsman, since assuming office about a year ago, has exhibited zero tolerance to uncensored, unclassified and pornographic materials.

Adedayo said the days when the psyche of Nigerian youths were assaulted with unwholesome materials were gone, noting that the board, through its media literacy programme in schools, wants to inculcate in youths, at the early stages, responsible film viewing. “We want youths to have capacity to distance themselves from unhealthy media content without the supervision of their parents or minders,”Adedayo declared.

The executive director had earlier taken the literacy programme to the prestigious Igbinedion Educational Centre, where he interacted with students on the activities of the board and how to navigate the complex world of the media.

He charged the students to be mindful of the classification symbols of the films they watch, by observing the classification ratings on the jacket of the film or on top corner of the television screen.

Adedayo reminded the students that the aim is not to restrict them, but to build their cultural values at a tender age. He likened the board to the students, as the Police force of the film industry, while they have become ambassadors of good value to the society.

Adedayo also cautioned the students on hate speech, advising them to desist from it. According to him, they should learn to listen to another person’s views. He challenged the students, as ambassadors, to advise their parents not to buy pirated movies and multiple video discs.

Managing Director of Kada Cinemas Entertainment Centre, Mr. Trevor Pillay, in his paper, Knowing What To Watch, Say No To Uncensored Movies, stated that Kada Cinemas always adhere strictly to age classifications. He urged parents and the public to be mindful of the films their children watch.

Adedayo commended the management of the Kada group for identifying with the programmes of NFVCB. He challenged all the stakeholders to key into the numerous programmes of the Board to move the sector to the next level.