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CHAMP equips career professionals, entrepreneurs with nuggets on winning big

By Guardian Nigeria
25 January 2023   |   6:28 am
In its unflinching drive to carve a roadmap for individuals and corporate organisations to win big in 2023, a pool of game changers has equipped career professionals and entrepreneurs with prerequisite tools and innovative nuggets.

In its unflinching drive to carve a roadmap for individuals and corporate organisations to win big in 2023, a pool of game changers has equipped career professionals and entrepreneurs with prerequisite tools and innovative nuggets.

This was at the debut of the “Rock Your 2023 Like A Champion” (RY2023LAC) mentorship programme held in the Victoria Island area of Lagos state and powered by CHAMP, a full-scale professional services firm trusted by high-performing business leaders.

The session started with a thunderous audience chant of the Champions Creed, led by the founder of CHAMP and Keynote Speaker Dr Abiola Salami. Afterwards, the Forbes Coaching Council commenced his presentation by sharing the requirements for delivering high-quality results with participants.

He explained: “You have to be a high-quality person to deliver a high-quality result. A high-quality person must cultivate high-quality behaviours and high-quality relationships, engage in high-quality conversations and must possess high-quality executive presence as well as high-quality emotional intelligence.”

The world-class Performance Strategist also highlighted the seven people most important to one’s success. Among them are “Our peers, our bosses, our subordinates, our prospects, our customers, our friends, and our families”.

Salami, who doubled as the host, also outlined one of the golden rules of The Champ Tribe to attain the zenith, “Treat people well even when they treat you less”.

He gave extensive insights into the importance of cultivating a healthy relationship with bosses, the strategies for cultivating a healthy relationship with bosses and five ways leaders can inspire high performance on their teams.

While listing the recipes for success, Salami raised the alarm on the implications of procrastination and other distractions and he gave strategic insights on how to overcome procrastination and manage distractions. According to him, not adhering to these strategic insights could hamper anyone from attaining success.

In helping participants distill their goals effortlessly, they were made to pen down their goals for 2023, the habits they wish to shed and what they wish to start doing. They would be further engaged in a 5-month mentorship program tagged Made4More Accelerator 2023.

Meanwhile, five panellists inundated the audience with their experiences in climbing the ladder of success.

Among them are seasoned security expert and CVO of Digital Encode, Dr Obadare Peter Adewale; CEO of TDL International and ESG Consultant for World Bank, Dr Bankole Allibay; Executive Chairman of Stratevium Nigeria Ltd, Dr Prisca Ndu; CEO of TAA International, Dr Akin Akinpelu; and member of the House of Representative for Afijio LGA in Oyo State, Hon. Seyi Adisa.

For Allibay, there is a need to look inwards. “Build your own individual story. Focus on your strength. Look for people who understand the value you carry. You need to understand the market. Financial discipline, you need to understand every value you make”.

Following swiftly on his heels, Obadare, the most credentialed and multi-award-winning cybersecurity professional in Africa, enlightened participants on being specific when earmarking their goals. “You must be specific with your goals. You need to pursue it,” he emphasised. “In pursuing, you have to be intentional; nothing will happen except you take action.”

Sharing some principles with the audience in the rectangular room setting, Adisa expounded that life is in seasons. No season, he noted, is permanent. “Make the most of whatever season you find yourself in. Discover your gift. Develop it. Deploy yourself.”

Whereas for Ndu, there is a need to put your best foot forward and stand out. “In whatever you do, ensure you’re the best. Don’t follow the crowd; be yourself. Dream big. Stand bold. Careful who you share your dreams with.”

To wind up the session, Akinpelu succinctly harped on the power of association and relationship. “In life, you will walk past people who will scale your life. Don’t have a myopic view. And also learn to deposit into people’s emotional bank accounts.”

With the Lagos and Abuja editions of the mentorship programme successfully wrapped up, all roads lead to Dallas, Houston and Washington DC in the US on January 28 and February 4 this year respectively for the next edition of the Rock Your 2023 Like A Champion.

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