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Cleric urges Nigerians to be patient with Buhari


Buhari 2016-Budget-Presentation+++-The Chairman, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide, (CSMC), Dr Samuel Abidoye, on Saturday urged Nigerians to be patient with President Muhammadu Buhari in his anti-corruption war.

Abidoye made the call at the inauguration and dedication of an ultra-modern cathedral of the church in Ilorin.

According to the cleric, the president has done well with the slow and steady wins the race approach he has employed since coming into office.

“Nigerians need to be patient with the president with the way he is handling the affairs of the country.

“The president has something to offer Nigerians, especially by stopping corruption which has hindered the progress of the country.

“See how much has been taken away by the corrupt people, when some people are taking billions some do not have anything to eat.

“Some of what the president did when he first left us are still there, so let us be patient with him and see what he can come out with,’’ he said.

He particularly condemned the frittering away of money meant for arms to combat terrorism in the North-East.

“Some people have taken money as their God, from the youth to the oldest ones in the country.

“This is very bad, we have too many unemployed youths and some people are sharing money that is meant for the development of the country.

“The arms deal money taken by some people is unfortunate, what is meant to buy arms to fight terrorism is taken away, that is very sad.

“Soldiers are sent to the war front without proper equipment. It is sad,’’ Abidoye said.

The CSMC spiritual head described President Buhari as a disciplinarian, who should be emulated by other politicians.

He decried the trend where religious leaders, who were supposed to be leading by example, loved money more than God.

On peaceful co-existence, Abidoye called on Nigerians to allow religion to unite them rather than divide them.

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1 Comment
  • Prince Awele Odor

    The elders of my village say: When a snake was pregnant, it was clear that it will give birth to something long. They also say. you know the evening from the morning.

    The signs are discouraging and WORRISOME.

    Why should Buhari remove fuel subsidy, increase VAT charges and expand or extend its application, and devalue the naira FURTHER instead of taking the value of the naira back to its value thirty years ago?.

    Governance is NOT only about chasing and recovering stolen money because that money should and, indeed, MUST do and buy something after it has been recovered. But the way Buhari is implementing IMF and WB model, ideas and recommendations—–the three EVILS of removal of subsidy, increase of VAT in size and application, and devaluation of the naira—-no matter how much he recovers, it will do and buy NOTHING.