Sunday, 4th December 2022
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Complete guidance and support to study abroad on scholarship

Europe is known for its globally top-ranked universities. Millions of students across the globe try their candidature....

Europe is known for its globally top-ranked universities. Millions of students across the globe try their candidature to get a world-class education from these universities. However, the idea of studying abroad is mixed with excitement and confusion; due to lack of knowledge available on how to get into the university and program of one’s an app that helps in getting admission in 2500 universities and 25000 recognized courses across Europe is the answer to this chaos.

Complete information of EU universities and programs and scholarships is the brainchild of Kim Di Centa and Algirdas Sabaliauskas. While Kim has previously worked with Facebook as Technical Program Manager Algirdas is co-founder of the Baltic Institute of technology. The idea was to help develop a single point of contact for both universities/institutions and the aspirants looking for education in the EU. Kim and Algirdas both have studied abroad. They have a complete idea of how daunting it is to find a good university and program of choice to study abroad. It may take months of research to collect the information, as there are more than 25000 universities and 16000+ courses provided by these universities. Drill provides comprehensive information on graduation and masters’ degree program, kind of scholarships, and eligibility criteria.

Easy to navigate and find cheap universities and courses
Cost is another factor that worries students coming to the EU from other countries, as there is a general perception that studying in the EU could be extremely heavy on one’s pocket as EU currency values are several times higher than most of the countries. However, there is a lack of awareness that there are courses/institutions available at as low as 900 Euros/ year to study in the EU. Studying in Europe could be much cheaper than expected provided one knows there are institutions

Single application for hundreds of EU universities and courses

Drill not only helps in providing complete and most updated knowledge about the EU Universities, various programs, and complete fee structure but also helps in filling up the application by providing a single application form for more than 2500 universities and 25k course programs. With the help of Drill education abroad not only becomes cheap but hassle-free too. The drill works on algorithms that extract the most recent information about fees and all the bachelor’s and masters’ degree programs of universities from their official portals.

The app scans student data and matches it with the programs that meet the entry requirements. This not only helpssave time spent on finding the course and filling up the application but also cuts the entry-level cost of filling of hundreds of forms and also prevents the disappointment of getting rejected in many of them.

Helping Universities and Institutions
The app also helps universities and institutions by eliminating redundant data of thousands of applications that are bit meant for them, only the data of those aspirants reached university websites which have higher chances of getting selected.

Drill app is of immense help to the students who want to study abroad specifically in the EU. It has developed itself as a unique platform that caters to students wanting to study in one of the 20 countries of Europe. It also helps in creating awareness about the programs that are usually little known to the applicants.

Drill is useful for all those applicants who want to study in the EU and are looking for complete support from the point of filling up application to deciding the Visa Type during and post-completion, of course, tuition fee, stay in dormitories, etc. It handles everything on students’ behalf so that studying abroad looks as easy as a piece of cake.