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Moving on this time for me, meant going back to London. Even though my friends were having none of it, my mind was sort of made up. We had met up for our weekly cocktails and I decided to break the news to them.

“You cannot just pack up your things and leave because of Tunji’s ego!” Tosin exclaimed for what felt like the hundredth time. I rolled my eyes and pretended to be focused on my laptop. She soon realised I was ignoring her and turned her attention to Onyeka instead. “Is she really leaving’? Tosin asked her.

Onyeka sighed. “Stop putting her under pressure. If her mind is made up let her be!” Onyeka said. “You know she is making a mistake right? You know if she packs up and leaves then it’s a wrap. Tunji will marry that girl”! Tosin retorted.


“And is that the end of the world? Come off it Tosin. The girl has tried her best. Look, take it from me marriage is not a joke. It requires a lot of patience and forgiveness. They have been together nine years, she made a mistake that lasted all of nine weeks and he is not willing to move past it. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Love is stronger than pride”. Onyeka said. “Puhleeez! Those are lyrics from the same woman who said “your love is king”! Look Adesewa, I know I am a hopeless romantic and sometimes I am naïve and reckless but I think you are giving up too easily and frankly I am disappointed’. Tosin stated in a stern warning tone.

That felt like the final straw! “Disappointed? Really? When I came to you guys with the confusion in my head, you missy were the one that said sow your wild oats but don’t cheat and don’t fall in love. Now you are disappointed. Gimme a break”. I said.

“Hold up! Tosin encouraged you to sneak around with Chigozie”? Onyeka asked in shock. “Oh is this now my fault? Is she a child? I only told her that because I felt it would help her realise how priceless what she had with Tunji was! I did not force her to take the advice”. Tosin exclaimed jumping to her own defence.

“Are you even listening to yourselves? You counsellor Tosin, when last did you have a relationship that lasted longer than one season of The Fixer? And you Miss Wild Oats, why would you take relationship advise from Tosin of all people”? Onyeka said.

“Don’t insult me o! Just don’t insult me. So it’s now my fault right? No problem. Let me leave you two before I cause you more problems”. With that Tosin grabbed her handbag and stormed out.

“This Tosin sef…..”Onyeka was saying but I cut her off midsentence. “Onyeka, please don’t start. You are always judging everyone’s actions. It is impossible for me to have an honest conversation with you without feeling like I am heading to hell in a hand basket. I was losing my mind and Tosin was just trying to be a friend! I am not a child and contrary to what you and my parents think, I have a mind of my own!’

“Wow. Then I wish you and your mind a safe flight to London”. Onyeka spat back and with that she also jumped to her feet and walked out, leaving me with the bill and a confused expression on my face.

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