Wednesday, 22nd March 2023
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Current trends in corporate governance: Leadership perspectives – Dipo Adeda- Osinloye

By Guardian Nigeria
02 March 2023   |   1:41 am
While speaking with Dipo Adeda-Osinloye, a leading management expert, about his recently launched book: Current Trends in Corporate Governance:

While speaking with Dipo Adeda-Osinloye, a leading management expert, about his recently launched book: Current Trends in Corporate Governance: Leadership Perspectives, he explained the need for effective Corporate Governance in organisations which has become an urgency, stating that without Corporate Governance, businesses will fail and when businesses fail, the economy takes a massive hit in turn.

In his book, he maintained that the
primary motivation behind his writing is to help organisations, researchers and even economies to see the importance of effective Corporate Governance and commit to its effective implementation. He further explained that his book therefore outlines the need for the effective practice of Corporate Governance in relation to current global developments with a solution-driven and practical approach.

He continued, stating that the failure of different organisations is a result of the ineffective or non-existent practice of Corporate Governance. He also said that this is a result of the lack of a clear understanding of what Corporate Governance means, and how it works. He posited that many organisations focus on operations because they believe Corporate Governance will cost a lot as it relates to the control of the company through a system and decisions of the board. He noted that this is particularly found in start-up companies and SMEs, many of which do not bother with Corporate Governance practices at all. He elaborated that this book demystifies Corporate Governance and presents practical, yet basic ways by which different organisations at different levels can take advantage of Corporate Governance structures.

He further explained that the effective application of Corporate Governance is not without its challenges in different parts of the world but believes that the challenges associated with Corporate Governance call for solutions and peculiar application of the solutions in different jurisdictions and different levels of businesses and has ensured that his book addresses these.

Adeda-Osinloye explained that as a thought leader on this subject, he has come to a conclusion that Corporate Governance is the immunity against failure for any business and we, therefore, must constantly be up to date with the laws, codes, trends and innovations there-in.

He explained that his book has gone through different updates to meet up current standard and realities. He cited that in 2016, when he first published this book, virtual board meetings was not a common find in organisations and businesses, especially in Nigeria.

It has however become imperative to look at the effectiveness of Corporate Governance mechanisms in the light of rapidly changing technology and even contingent situations such as a pandemic. Adeda-Osinloye stated that his book therefore has been updated in 2019 and 2022 respectively. He stated that you can visit the Amazon publishing website in order to buy this book and others that he authored in 2022 titled, Uncommon Strategies for the 21st Century Business and Led to Lead; Moving From Self-Discovery to Self-Mastery In A Rapidly Changing World.