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Dokubo-Asari leads street march for Jonathan, Ogboru in Warri



Asari Dokubo

• Accuses President of neglecting N’Delta for North, others

LEADER of Niger Delta People Salvation Force (NDPSF), Alhaji Mijahid Dokubo-Asari, has led hundreds of youths who are members of his movement through major streets in Warri and environs in Delta, urging support for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan.

After several hours of street to street campaigning, Dokubo-Asari moved to the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, Delta State, where he was joined by the governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Great Ogboru, and thousands of supporters.

The NDPSF leader said Jonathan ignored the people of the Niger Delta and the South East in favour of Northern and Southwest business and political chieftains but now the President is looking up to the neglected people to rescue his re-election bid while those who benefited heavily from his government have all abandoned him. He said it was a big lesson which he hoped Jonathan would learn when he wins the election next Saturday.

He said it was a big surprise that Chief Ogboru who saw the vision of national equity many years ago, which they (militants) were now fighting for in Nigeria, was not accorded the respect he deserved in Delta State.

He wondered why Ogboru who is hailed in every corner of Nigeria and Africa is still fighting to be governor of Delta State when the position should have been given to him as a mark of honour.

He remarked: “The greatest thing that happened in Nigeria, greater than Saro Wiwa, greater than Isaac Adaka Boro was done by Great Ogboru. If Ogboru, Gideon Okah, Mukoro and others had succeeded, there wouldn’t have been Boko Haram today.”

Dokubo-Asari charged Deltans to ensure that the veteran politician was voted in as governor next month, saying that those ruling have not done even a fraction of what Ogboru had done in Nigeria.

He said he was not in Warri to campaign but to thank the people for supporting Jonathan despite he not doing much for them.

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  • Sal Yarima

    Don’t you just love politics? Anybody can open his mouse and say completely false statements and still people listen to them. Its like the American Comedian Chris Rock………..Lol

    • sunday

      @ sunny0099 you are a fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why not count other side of his doing? all you care about is to count the wrong side of his administration. tell me which of the past president achieve what this young man achieved? was it his doing that all these issues came up? which country is not fighting terrorist as it stands?

      if you dont have any thing to talk about SHUT UP YOUR STINKING DIRTY MOUTH

      • sunday


      • Bello Barriga

        Be ready “fag sunny0099” will play with your balls now whenever he needed to. Lol. Sai Baba, Sai Buhari

  • Veritylives

    Asari has been the conscience of Niger Delta in all ways. But for you and others, Niger Deltans would have been a forgotten people. Thank you, Asari and God bless you always

    • Sal Yarima

      Actually Ken Saro Wiwa is the conscience of Niger Delta…………..I have family from Port Harcourt………….Asari is just a noisemaker and troublemaker………….he is helping himself.

      • Ope

        true talk.

      • Helmeto

        @Sal Yarima. VERY MUCH IN AGREEMENT.

    • omojesus

      This man Asari has lost his relvance, he should be advised to

      • OKO

        Relevance? he never had one.

      • Helmeto

        Buhari believed Asari terrorists are still relevant…… as either a Kirikiri permanent resident or a dead body down by Buhari secret hit squad.

    • Ajayi Ogunbiyi

      He is working for himself. Saro Wiwa who started the struggle intelligently pursued the emancipation of Niger Delta to the knowledge of the whole world without threatening the peace of Nigeria, it’s unfortunate that the man and rest Ogoni eight paid the supreme sacrifice. But if I were to compare between the two I will give Saro Wiwa the due respect as against Asari Dokubo that makes noise only to be settled with the government contract.

    • Dayo Akogun

      You must be a teenager! Let me educate you, boy:

      First on the list is Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro (September 10, 1938 – May 9, 1968), fondly called “Boro”, was a celebrated Niger Delta nationalist and Nigerian Civil war hero. He was one of the pioneers of minority rights activist in Nigeria.

      Second is Kenule “Ken” Beeson Saro Wiwa (10 October 1941 – 10 November 1995) was a Nigerian writer, television producer, environmental activist. Saro-Wiwa was a member of the Ogoni people, an ethnic minority in Nigeria. Initially as spokesperson, and then as president, of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP),

      The remaining were mere thugs and businessmen not activist.

      • Veritylives

        For a Nigerian to call another ‘boy’ without knowing the age of the person is presumptuous and reminds one of colonial British rulers’ patronising and sarcastic airs who referred to their father’s age mate as ‘boy’. What you parroted above is not even a measure of primary school education to enlighten his peer. Worse, your intro and conclusion which are your only personal statements convey your true worth. Read between the lines, sir. I’m over 62 years old and lived in the times of Boro and Wiwa as a leader in my own right. Asari is a patriot.

        • Dayo Akogun

          62 year old who lived in the times of Isaac Boro yet could not recognise Boro’s picture on
          Asari’s t-shirt (in the above picture). What a pity? ‘Elders’ should not be lying oooooo…

          • AIKEN

            Dayo Akogun you could have made your points without talking down anyone. We are all entitled to our views and mutual respect should apply. You have your “valid” points but on “teenager” & “boy”, it’s a NO! NO!! NO!!!

          • Dayo Akogun

            Thank you, Aiken. Accepted, I hereby apologise to Veritylives and consequently withdraw my words “teenager” & “boy”.

    • Helmeto

      Asari with his millions in federally-funded “pipeline security contracts? Lets see what Buhari will give him and his terrorists.

  • Sunny0099

    1. The Chibok Girls
    3. Police pension fund
    4. Missing $20Billion
    5. $9million Arms deal Embarrassment in SA
    6. EKITIGATE Election fraud
    7. Immigration job SCAM (He is just meeting the victims and dolling out money )
    8.DEPLETING External Reserves.
    9. Devaluation of Naira to N250 to a $
    10. Oil theft Increase
    11. REWARDING THIEVES with NATIONAL honours and appointments
    14. Skyrocketed ELECTRICITY Bills
    17. National Assembly INVASION by Police
    19. Stella Oduah Aviation Scam (THE BULLET PROOF CARS…)
    20. Kerosene subsidy
    21. Last minute fighting of Insurgency
    22. Sentencing soldiers to death for asking for weapons to fight
    23. Directly supporting and paying 10million USD as salary to terorist Asari and Terrorist Tompolo amongst others
    Palling around with boko haram chieftains in Niger and Dafty’s
    inability to capture, extract information and bring to justice a singe
    captured boko haram fighter up till today
    25. Mrs Dafty’s personal terrorist bombing campaigns in Rivers state (Stoning the opposition)
    Dafty’s work for the benefits of enemies of Nigeria – Handpicking
    Abacha’s son as PDP candidate for Kano, stoppng FaniKayode,treasury
    looting case and appointing him in his campaign, supporter of Anenih,
    IBB, and other treasury looters who should be in jail
    27. Conversion
    of MOPOL to Meiguard of the rich while the poor wallow in abject
    insecurity; and using regular police, eg. Mbu, as political thugs!
    Postponing elections by refusing to provide security when in fact,
    elections will last for only one day, and the entire armed forces and
    police in Nigeria could have been deployed to secure just that 10hrs of
    the election day.
    29. Sending troops to look for Sambisa forest in Tinubu’s Ikoyi house
    30. Giving AIT 10billion to air false and negative videos on APC.
    33. FAILURE TO PUBLICLY DECLARE his ASSETS saying “I don’t give a damn”
    36. EMBARASSING PHONE CALL to the Moroccan KING…
    37. Babysitting Boko Haram until it became the global threat it now is with ISIS.
    38. USING the Boko Haram fight as an alibi to further his political ambition.
    39. pardoning of Alams.
    40. Refusing to fight BH until 6 weeks ago.
    41. Refusing to visit NE and military post until 2 months ago

    42.President Jonathan met the National Debt at $26bn, today it is $70bn..
    Jonathan met Excess Crude account at $20bn today is $2bn.
    Jonathan met unemployment rate at 11.8%, today it is 24%.

    43. Jonathan met
    debt servicing at 10%, today debt servicing today is 20%.
    Jonathan met the Naira/Dollar rate at N119. The Naira/Dollar rate today
    is N225– N230.

    44. Jonathan met the poverty level 54%, today poverty level is about 71%.
    Jonathan met recurrent expenditure at 62%, today recurrent expenditure
    is 86%.

    45. Jonathan met the GDP Growth at 11%, today GDP Growth is about
    Jonathan met petrol price N65, today petrol price is N87 following its
    recent reduction from N97.46. Today the stock market that was thriving before Jonathan came is down by
    N3.4trillion in 12 months.
    The prognosis for four more years under the same management looks
    nothing but dire

    46. Frittered Away N1 Trillion Of Tax Payers’ Money On Hate Campaign Trying To Defeat Idea Of Change
    47. Deploying SOLDIERS for ELECTION despite COURT ORDER to the CONTRARY
    48. MONETIZING the Electoral process by buying and using money to bribe TRADITIONAL RULERS

    • Makavelli

      If you like you can count from here to heaven, GEJ will still win. It is a thing of destiny not by power. Be prepared to cry along APC and Buhari tomorrow. GEJ till 2019

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        What were you smoking?

      • ugwu lucid

        How far ur Gej till 2019.

      • Helmeto

        Buhari is now the eleted president of Nigeria. Goodbye Goodluck, goodbye PDP.

  • EduMainMan1/Stuttsgat

    Let us chase away the hawk first then later chide the chick from straying away from the mother hen
    GEJ had accorded the parasitic Foolanis much space in his government yet the ingrates are not satisfied

  • onyearmy

    The worst short-changed tribe being the southeast, yet in our usual magnanimity, we are supporting him just as we supported Obj when his kinsmen rejected him outright. It it also on record that the north used south-south politicians in the past to scuttle presidential ambition of some prominent Igbos in the past……notable amongst whom is Alex Ekwueme.


    great ogboru is the best candidate that have never governed delta state.He deserves it 1000% and over due.Don’t worry ogboru you will surely be governor when biafra is restore soon.

  • Ibrahim

    Asari we surely hang like Ken Saro Wiwa soon

    • wisdom

      Ibrahim u speak and wish others dead. I think u need to know that everything u say or do is a seed. Be careful.

      • Helmeto

        Asari wish to bomb Niger Delta… Buhari will pay him a visit soon.

        • Engr C.M U

          Please let us know that Buhari is not a ghost or magician. These Niger delta militants held the nation from later part of President Obasanjo to Yar’Adua from millions of barrels/day to less than 600000 barrels/days production and was ready to reduce it to less than a gallon/day until Yar’Adua offered the amnesty implemented by GEJ. Nigerians are still better off with the agreed peace there and the over 2.6million barrels/day we now produce and sell, even when you deduct the stipends Nigerians pay the ex-millitants. I pray that they sustain the peace because we cannot survive the situation if they decide to make the country ungovernable by disrupting oil production. a typical destruction of one station will take months to restore and we are the ones to suffer it , even if you catch the perpetrator later. The FG and all the states except two or 3 depend mainly on oil revenue to survive. Some states are owing salary arrears even with the present regular allocation that the FG gives all the states and LGA’s. President Yar’Adua was very wise ladies and gentlemen. That the Governors of those areas utilised or did not utilise the increased derivation funds to placate the areas is another matter but at least we have the peace and are utilising our God giving wealth domiciled there.

          • Yoko Zuna

            That’s why Asari terrorists built massive palaces in Cotonou. Hope Buhari will wipe out the terrorists MEND MASSOB Boko Haram soon. South Korea, Japan with NO oil survives much better than Niger Delta. Kano, Kaduna and Sokoto are richer than any states in SS/SE.

    • Helmeto

      I bring the rope…and gasoline.

      • bayu

        I bring the matches or liter

        • Ginger

          Also bring one used tyre …no, make it two.

  • Veritylives

    Have you ever attempted to be a noise or trouble maker at the level Asari has to know the consequences? Never! Life is based on “What is in it for me?” or self interest. Some Northerners and Yoruba comments herein validate my opinion. You propose a dead hero to a living hero for Niger Deltan? Asari has put his life in acute danger always. Can you or I? NO! May we receive what we pray for others especially those who want others hanged. Amen.

    • Prince

      What he has done to be relevant is by kidnapping oil workers and asking for ransom. He can only do that in the creeks of Niger Delta. It is all for his his selfish interest. You can do what he is doing if you want to be a gang banger.

  • Veritylives

    Can you try kidnapping to be relevant or collect ransom and not be dead within minutes? Will your Local Government Ward Leader negotiate with you. The Federal Government of President Yar Ardua negotiated with Asari and others to have peace. You and I can not be “gang bangers” but secret commentators in social media and when the cards are down you will run before me, Omojesus/Ope (Yoruba) and Yerima (Northerner). I know it not believe it. All three of you did not experience the Nigerian civil war. Did you? Have you ever touched an SLR not to mention AK47? No!

    • Helmeto

      I buy you akara in the creek… with a Claymore mine or a DSR-1 aim at you?

  • Dayo Akogun

    Wrong priority! He should have mobilized them to get their PVCs first, then continue the street campaign.

    • Helmeto

      He should leave Nigeria before Buhari personally give Asari his PVC – Permanently Vanquished Criminal!

  • Helmeto

    Very true – “Jonathan ignored the people of the Niger Delta and the South East”. But GEJ bribed Asari and his terrorists millions of dollars in “pipeline security” contracts which he enjoys at pleasure, but his boys in NDPSF are still in poverty.

  • Veritylives

    Boro’s picture on Asari’s shirt is only an emblem of continuity of ideas and ideals which fortifies Asari being a true Niger Delta hero and does not need emphasis in my comment to lie about my age. Asari’s exemplary courage, ideas and actions in line with Niger Delta’s future of Boro, Wiwa, E. K. Clark etc are the essentials in this discuss. Best wishes to you all.

    • Dayo Akogun

      Veritylives, I am sorry about my earlier comments on your post on Asari. I hereby withdraw every word termed offensive or derogatory.

      • Veritylives

        Apology accepted. I didn’t take offence in the first place because you had a right to your views like myself. God bless you and yours always.

        • Dayo Akogun

          thank you and God bless you too.

  • burning spear

    FORMER Federal Commissioner for Information and South South leader, Chief Edwin Clark yesterday condemned in very strong terms, the presentation of Certificate of Commendation by the President of the United States of America, President Barrack Obama to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega.

    Speaking to Journalists yesterday in Abuja, Chief Clark stressed that the presentation of a ‘Certificate of Commendation’ to Jega over the conduct of the Presidential and National Assembly elections March 28th, 2015 with the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly polls yet to be conducted was too hasty,

    Clark who urged the US to leave Nigeria alone, said that Nigeria remains an independent country capable of doing its things, its own way and not according to the dictates of the western world, adding, ” I was surprised that Barack Obama gave Professor Attahiru Jega an award when the elections are still on . Obama should be tactful in handling the affairs of Africa. US should leave us alone, Nigeria is an Independent country. They tried it Egypt, they should not try anything in Nigeria-WHAT A SHAME


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  • Mayflower5

    Asari Dokubo is a current citizen of Republic of Benin, an ex-Nigerian, living in luxury in Cotonou from the billions in pipeline security contracts from Yaradua and Jonathan like Tompolo, Bassey, Boyloaf, Priest Omodjuvwu while these terrorists bomb, destroy kill, murder, maim and injure Nigerians. With impunity. Thank you Nigeria for voting Buhari.




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