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Don Lampoons Critics Of Buhari’s Frequent Travels


President Buhari

President Buhari

AN Enugu-based constitutional lawyer, Prof. Race Achara had lampooned those criticising the frequent travels of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that they are not more patriotic than the President over issues concerning the country.

Achara said yesterday that it was wrong to criticise the president over the trips, as he had not embarked on any for “pleasure or other personal needs despite his age.”

He said: “My view first of all is to ask if he has ever travelled for his pleasure? He is a 72-year-old man but he chose to help the country. The first three travels were over the Boko Haram insurgency and he was successful as he was able to get other country’s interest in the fight. He also succeeded in getting a Nigerian commander to be in charge of the troops.

“He travelled to France and later the USA to rekindle our image. He has restored confidence back to our country. I don’t know why people are agitated over what he is doing. He went to Iran for an oil and gas meeting. He has gone to Malta over Commonwealth of Nations meeting and he is the head of the country. I am not comfortable with people trying to undermine him.

“We cannot keep on circumventing the President. People are saying he should send in representatives forgetting that there is a difference between his presence and that of representative as well as the image of this country, which is on the low side. We cannot keep on circumventing the president even when he chose not to go for pleasure.

He continued: “There is a sound of note to it if he goes himself and if we continue that way, no progress will be made. If all these things he had gone for is a waste of estacode, then we can bring up complaints. I don’t think the man enjoys flying but he is putting his life on the line to salvage the country and I want to believe that he is doing it for the good of the country. I praise him for what he is doing for this country.”

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  • amador kester

    He has to weigh the pros and cons objectively. Lampooning without technical analysis of the socioeconomic and diplomatic implications of these trips is a dysfunctional exercise in futility

  • Toby

    This lawyer has failed to make sense.

    • Ralf


  • Ade O

    My thoughts exactly. I think the President deserves more support than he is getting.

    • esio

      He begged and applied to do this job. No politician should be praised for any reason. Doing your bit as a law abiding citizen is all you need. Accountability, is highly desired from the President.

      No doubt it is a daunting task, but very rewarding. No body should seek for my support except at the polls. My reward for any politician’s hard work, is my vote, based on the output. Questions must be asked. Undelivered and delayed Services must be discussed.

      Seeking for Mr President’s support is self serving and uncalled for. He should do the work he contested for and was elected for. He will be appropriately appraised based on his output.

      Unfortunately, and fortunately his Presidency is time limited: 2019 or 2023. The game is on. He is carrying more responsibilities on himself. He should be ready to be accountable to Nigerians.

      He cannot hide under party politics perpetually.

  • Ralf

    Ndi awusa muru,trying to defend their own… Junk…On one of those trips to NY weeks ago,Illiterate bigot Buhari called for independence of d Palestinians n Saharawi. … Wht an irony. …Foolish Mr Achara Awusa!… Hail Biafra! , Hail Ndigbo..The land of the rising sun n Gods own pple. …