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Don tasks Kogi government on indigenes in diaspora

By Editor
11 November 2016   |   2:56 am
Renowned Professor of Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Chris Onalo has tasked the Yahaya Bello led government of Kogi State to channel efforts toward “bringing home” indigenes of the state....
Chris Onalo

Chris Onalo

Renowned Professor of Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Chris Onalo has tasked the Yahaya Bello led government of Kogi State to channel efforts toward “bringing home” indigenes of the state in diaspora to assist in the development of the State.
He said this yesterday in a statement made available to The Guardian where he also expressed confidence in the capability of the state’s economic team, stressing that they are well positioned to take the state to an “unprecedented level.”
Onalo, who is a founding board member of the Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF) in the United Kingdom, added that looking at the blueprint the current administration in the state, the best time to invest their “is now.”

Nigerian Professor of Credit Management who is acknowledged strongly for mobilizing equity investments emphasized that the current government which came to power under an “uncertain circumstance” following the peculiar scenario of his emergence is seen to be seriously on course.

Using his personal experience his described how “dilapidated” the state was prior to the emergence of Bello, “I had cause to pass through Lokoja to visit my 125 years old mother in my village; Elele in Ibaji Local Government of the state, I observed with shame and nostalgia the dilapidated and deplorable conditions of one of Nigeria’s ancient city roads, houses and streets as well as extremely ugly looking city roundabouts.”

He continued, “I could not even find a decent eatery to douse hunger and thirst. Indeed, till I got to my home town I was extremely sorrowful, wondering why Kogi State was so massively, progressively destroyed by successive governments in the state. I however regained my happiness when I met my aged mother in her historic age looking strong, healthy and sound.”

On the Supreme Court ruling that legitimised the governor’s claim on the office, onalo said, “I was fortunate to be in Nigeria when the case was ruled in his favour. In the same week I had cause to be in Lokoja again; it was amazing to see what I considered to be ‘acceptable development impact’ score card of the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello.”

“There is no doubt, he has made a good start; there is no doubt he has made a profound statement to the effect that his administration will not toe the part of the past leadership of the state. When I asked some people about the “purchasing power” of the state indigenes, the response I got was “things are looking a bit better as the new government has paid a large sunk of arrears of workers salaries. I think this is commendable!”

Moving forward, the founding Registrar & Chief Executive Officer of ICA called on the people of the State to put behind them the sad experiences of the past, jettison the tendency for personal interests and come together in good conscience and strong faith to support the governor and his team to bring Kogi State out of its wound.

“There is no good name for anyone who spoil things; we can’t build if we are at each other’s throat. Kogi State is a good territory, it is a place with people reputed for integrity around the world; together let us keep to this virtue.” He said.

Onalo further said, “I can read the mind of Yahaya Bello as targeting the functionality of all federal projects in the state, including Ajaokuta Steel Company which has capacity to trigger different denominations of commercial activities. Also, I am sure His Excellency’s mind is warming seriously for the reality of exposing the much speculated rich oil deposit in Ibaji area of the state. For the first time, am sure, Kogi State in this regime of Yahaya Bello will pull brains together to come up with implementable policies on agriculture and solid minerals development and commercialization for the state.”

He added, “of course, key to the attainment of all these is identification of relevant infrastructural projects and smart sourcing of fund by the state government to finance them. Certainly, the leadership challenge in Kogi State today demands that conscious and determined effort be channeled towards attraction of commercially sensible national and international equity investments both at individual and institutional levels in order for the government to generate enough revenue to complete the dwindling revenue transmitted from the national federation accounts. I have no doubt that Alhaji Yahaya Bello will get to work at this, and for this I give him my support. Finally, it is not out of place to think of an Airport for the state.”

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