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Don’t make these mistakes in your Social Media portraits!

Social networks have become our most frequent means of communication and the photographs that we put on our profiles are more relevant than we imagine.

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Social networks have become our most frequent means of communication and the photographs that we put on our profiles are more relevant than we imagine. That is why today we bring you some tips to achieve your best portrait photography for social networks and we tell you the most frequent mistakes that you should avoid in your profile photo.
Before continuing, if you are interested in the subject of portraiture, you cannot miss this mega guide that we have prepared with all the tips and tricks to achieve incredible portraits. In addition to finding inspiration and much more than you can imagine.

Of course, go ahead that you want to put a face to your profile. If you want to maintain your privacy and do not want your face to be seen in your personal and private account, what you are going to read next is not for you. But I understand that, if you are reading this, it is not your case. What you want is to make a very good impression with your profile picture, right? Well, keep reading.

What do I want to communicate with my portrait on social media?

The first thing you should ask yourself is what you want to communicate with your portrait. It is your cover letter, the first impression that those who do not know you will take of you, and the importance does not lie precisely in whether or not you boast of attractiveness. Therefore, your objective is not to choose the image in which you look your best, but the one that best suits what you want others to “see” in you.

It is not the same that it is a professional profile than a personal one. Nor is it the same, being a professional profile, if you dedicate yourself to a more creative profession than if you are part of the management of a major finance company.

That is why you have to start with the questions: What do you want them to see in your photograph? Formality, freshness, naturalness, sensitivity, strength and determination, tenderness? The first step is to answer this, because everything else will revolve around the answer.

From here it can be concluded that you can (and should) choose a different photograph for different social networks. For example, the image you choose for your Linkedin profile will not be the same as for your personal Instagram account. Likewise, if you have a professional account on Instagram and a personal one, the photo to choose will not be the same.
Mistakes that you should avoid at all costs in portraits for social networks
It does not matter if your photograph is for a professional profile or for a personal one; try to avoid these typical errors in the profile photos of your social networks:

1. That it does not look good in small
Profile photos are often seen very small, so you should take this into account. Make sure it is visible and clear even in a mini size. It doesn’t seem like a weird thing or they have to stick to the screen or scrutinize with their fingers trying to zoom in. For this we recommend you fill in the frame and make sure it is well lit.

2. Retouching too much
Overly retouched photos lose their naturalness. You hope to convey confidence, regardless of whether it is a personal or professional profile. A too retouched portrait is artificial and will arouse misgivings in the recipient of the message.

3. Include your pet
Your pet may be what you love the most in this world, but it is not necessary for you to count it in your photo, especially if it is a profile associated with your professional account. Even if it is a portrait for social networks thinking about a personal account, your pet will reduce your prominence, you will occupy less space in the frame and, therefore, it will make it difficult for you to look good when small. Within your personal accounts you can put as many photos of her as you want. But, if possible, avoid it appearing in your profile picture. And much less that it is a portrait only of him. If you find yourself looking attractive in a photo with a “messy background”, you can remove bg using a special tool.

4. Include other people

For the same reasons that it is not advisable to include your pet, you should avoid appearing with friends or family. Also, unlike the pet, including another person can confuse whoever enters the profile with the idea of putting on your face and not knowing who you really are, if you or the other person.

5. Force a smile

We are experts (at an unconscious level) in detecting false smiles and this, like an excess of retouching, causes distrust, although we are not clear about what it is that produces it. If you don’t really smile, just smile your mouth, your eyes remain expressionless and the camera catches it. Better a real laugh or not smiling than not at all.

6. Selfies
One thing is a self-portrait and another is the typical selfie with the mobile with a duck face. No. Avoid it at all costs. If you don’t have anyone who can do your portrait for your social networks, try to work it out a bit. Place the camera somewhere stable and set the timer, but try not to let your arms stretch out in the middle of the frame or take your picture in the bathroom mirror.

7. Do not put a photo
If after reading all this you lose the desire to put a profile picture, forget it. Unless you want to hide and have a very private profile, so you would not be reading this, as I said at the beginning, not putting a photo is a mistake. If a forced smile provokes distrust in an unconscious way, not putting a photo causes suspicion in an obvious way.

8. Wear sunglasses
If you really want to show yourself as you are, no matter how cool you are with your sunglasses, better avoid it. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, if you don’t show them; an essential part of you will be missing.
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