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EFCC raids Access, Sterling Banks, interrogates MDs


EFCC-NigeriaOperatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday reportedly arrested the Managing Director of Access Bank Plc, Mr. Herbert Wigwe, in Lagos.

The commission’s agents had earlier visited the offices of Sterling Bank Plc in Lagos in search of some documents.

A source said its Managing Director, Mr. Yemi Adeola, was picked up for questioning.

The reasons for his arrests remain unknown and it was not clear at press time if the banks executives were being detained by the anti-graft agency.


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  • Ositheame

    A nation cannot be corrupt when it’s bankers are beyond reproach. These events are only logical in a meaningful war on corruption

    • Prince Adeniyi Babatunde O

      There is no needs for all this symphony of destruction, Remind President Buhari, how he and Late Tunde Idiagbon close down many Banking Institution in Nigeria, How he Changed British Petroleum into Africa Petroleum till date, freezing peoples account, jailling them,or even killing them are History, and you know of Course Histry will repeat itself Very sooon

      • Ositheame

        So in place of what you call a symphony of destruction,you just want the government to simply leave the matter of corruption,so it escalates so thugs take over our nation like in El salvador. Look even Obama yesterday set out policies to fight banking corruption in the wake of the Panama papers.We must stop worshipping corruption and corrupt practices,it distorts progress in the short and long run.

      • Oracle

        Corruption became a legalised phenomenon in Nigeria beacuse people or whose relatives benefited from treasury looking will do anything to frustrate any effort by any the government or system to fight corruption. Looters and cronies ensure that only judges that can defend them are appointed. It is shameful and disgusting to still see some Nigerian bad-mouthing the PMB anti corruption struggle. If I have my way, I will advice the government to implore Chinese method of dealing with looters.

      • tundeok


        • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

          Meaning go to Constituted Court of Law, where the spirit of Laws,liberty reigns supreme, not for any of you to take laws into your hands, The history of EFCC in Nigeria was planted by Rtd General Obasanjo to prosecute ,arrests couruption and financial crime, this system adopted a trial by deal, negotiation, and prejudice, the criminals of yesteryears are found as hero of politics today, could you imagine how a former Governor became the Minister with a lot of looting and embezzlement of public fund during his tenure in officce? Who is fooling who? There is Precedence, evidence, Jurisdictions, policy, strategy, operating Law in Legal or Judiciary, When your President adopts the same old tactics,
          of Revoking Bank License, Closing down banks like Gold links Bank, Freezing peoples Bank account, Jailling them, or even killing them ,who embezzles public fund, The Scale of Justice is not balance until you execute all the Criminals owing workers salary, stealing public fund in the guise of states men, therefore history will reapeat itself, you know CHANGE is inevitable, the laws or principles guiding changes is instant or rapid changes is on the way.

          • Jerry Aigheyisi

            Prince Babatunde, I don’t really understand your argument. Do you mean we should let those who have stolen us blind go free and pretend nothing has been stolen? I think the penalty for corruption should be death like it is in China. Did you notice that the last administration of GEJ deliberately emasculated the EFCC and prevented them from acting. It is time for the office of the Attorney General of the federation to be made independent and separate from the office of the minister of Justice like it is done in most other countries. Then you place the EFCC under the office of the attorney general. In the immediate past administration, the EFCC was helpless and could not dare prosecute politically exposed individuals, especially the those in the ruling party, except those who committed political sacrilege like Bode George. Like the saying goes in Nigeria, if can’t beat them, join them. In their despondency and helplessness, the EFCC had no choice than to join the stealing. Till today, the former head of the EFCC is still wanted for prosecution. Mr Lamorde has fled the country to avoid arrest and prosecution by the same EFCC he headed a few months ago. Who will save Nigeria from the likes of you, who always argue that because some folks have committed a crime and gotten away with them, therefore everyone who commits a crime should be set free. That is absurd.

  • Ogbu Nwaeya

    The war against organized crime is gaining momentum,Gone are the days when some Nigerians think they are above the law.
    There can be no successful looting of treasury with the connivance of finacial institutions.Law breaking is big business,Nigeria can make billions of naira in fines from these rouge banks.
    More grease to your elbow our able leader.

  • Peter Azobu

    The fight against corruption is good for the country for the moment, but President Buhari seems overwhelmed and bereft of logical tactics that could yield the desired result. I am not convinced by the noise of so many arrests without conviction and containment of culprits who have looted the Nations treasury. That the Senators and the so called law makers flaunt
    profligacy in the face national hardship by jettisoning allocations meant for physical development in the budget to approve money for luxury cars for themselves entirely makes nonsense of the corruption fight . Nigeria will boil in the next election if there is no end to this Russian roulette.
    Nigerians are tired of the noisy activities, we want noteworthy actions period!

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    Hello Jude, I am not a Benefactor of Criminals who looted the Treasury of this Nation, neither am i connected with crime in any way you might think of, Now answer my Queery, Who created EFCC in Nigeria? Why was EFCC Created?What are the Working Instrument, Map Master Plan of EFCC? Furthermore Look into EFCC Constituted Personnels, peoples working with this organizations, What is there aim, mission, objective, strategy,policy, operation code, and What have they achieve Lately in the cause of Prosecuting Criminals in Nigeria? From Rtd General Obasanjo Presidential Administration who inaugurated them into Operation, Is it an Over sight or Misconduct or call it Negligience of Duty to allow Criminals who Embezzles Public Fund in one way or another to Contest Political Officce from Local government to State Government, even to Federal Government Level,? A stich in time saves Nine, Why do you ALLOW criminals or vagabongs in Power, A good Case Study is That of a Former Governor, who looted treasury, buying jets, planes, having several millions of Dolllars in USA, this was confirmed on the News by CNN Correspondents Amanpour, He later Become the Minister in Nigeria? How did The Officce of Presidency, House of
    Senate, House of Assembly approves his candidature as Minister with catalouge of Crime Levelled against him by the same EFCC?

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    Hello Jude, Secondly After the Presidential Administration of Rtd General Obasanjo, Alhaji Musa Yaradua was Elected as President having Goodluck Jonathan as Vice President, Look into the Activity of EFCC on Financial crime from One state to another in the 36 states of the Federation, were you peoples Blind, deaf and dumb when Money were stolen from Local Governments, State Govt, or even Federal Parastatals by Personnels in Government, why cant you arrest, prosecute them
    and kill them if they are found guilty? The Implicative Charges, Multiple Charges of EFCC, having up to 100 Charges against one person or another Could not Deliver the Goods Then? Trial by Deals, Sets up, Frame Up, god Fatherism, The good, the bad, and the ugly, Why cant Your Beutiful Operation Strategy Clean the Bill before New Administration is inaugurated? This are the Consequence of Buying Votes, Investing Several Billions of Naira in Elections Campaign in Nigeria by Foreigners,having the resultant effects of PAY BACK,FEED BACK, COME BACK, GO BACK, KICK BACK, SET BACK in Government.

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    Finally to Close this Discussion, Let me Remind you all, that in Political Science, The Agents of Anti-Thesis are the Monsters,
    Leviathian, Pythons Connections, that are Destroyers of the Thesis, Thesis are the Government with its agencies, That to Solves The Political Problems of the Destroyers, You Solves this Problems with Current Updated Principles, Strategy, and relevant Strategies, If you Employs the Strategy of Late Brigadiuer Gen Tunde Idiagbon, and President Muhamadu Buhari
    of Decree 10, 20, 30, 40,50,and so on you will not be relevant to the immediate Solution of the Present Government, Closing Down Banks ,Revoking Bank Licenses, Freezing Peoples Bank Account, that are Legitimate Legal Citizens that You Destroys them in Gold Link Bank, Afri Bank, the same First Bank Plc, even UBA Bank Plc many years a go, Many peoples Died, wasted away innocently, in ABEOKUTA,IBADAN,LAGOS, KANO,KADUNNA, JOS, and so on But their Children are Credible Valid Evidences of The JUNTA era,
    There are Better Correction Department to STOP all this criminals from looting treasury ,This i will not Divulge the Programme to the Public Except you have international exposure like USA, UK, CHINNA, and USSR Then you will know
    the meaning of the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION IN USA.

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    If you continue with Sectional ,arbitrary arrest, tribalistic prosecution of political enemies or destroying investments one section of Nigeria, like Hausa Fulani, or Yoruba Ibo, Ijaw Urobo or Tsekiri and so on, The Consequence of all this criminology is WAR, and Let me Warn you that EFCC is not Court of Law Like Supreme Court, Federal Court of Appeal,Prosecuting your Political Enemies and rusticating them will GIVES you WAR, as you know that Nigeria is already a volatile Zone declared Terrorism zone.
    The Problems of Boko Haram is a Security Challenge to Nigeria, The Niger Delta Situation Reports reveals that they are preparing for revolution since all the Petroleum money is stolen from them, yet their demand is not yet approves, you know what history is now, that by the time you acted beyound the Security of Nigeria you will carry the consequences of WAR

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    Good Evening Mr Jerry, how is your day today? Did you Study my thread of discussion properly before you jump to hasty conclusions at all? To start with you do not handles the issues of security of a State in the Hands of peoples of feeble senses, ,worrisome, sentimental, lopsided , theorist that their conscience can be bought over in the USDollars, GBPounds, Naira, or even Japanese yen, Why must the likes of Mr Larmode be charged with the Responsibility of the Atorney General of the federation, Exclusive prosecution of financial crime without the Proper jurisdiction in the judiciary? that is the result of Kangaroo
    methodology employed by the government to stop criminology in Nigeria. it has worsen the situation today,
    Let it be clear that i am not connected with crime in any way, but you cannot take legal actions in an illegal way, it all culminated practically into greater criminology with capital punishment for the culprit,resulting into dangerous consequences for the Nation, you make a crtical accessment of EFCC performances ,whether collectively or individually as a corporate body, you will discover the data analysis of crime report handled by EFCC is high but not acceptable by the Majourity of nigeria, what do you say about public opinion on the activity of your Government? are you popular or not with the Citizenry? meaning they duplicate the Functional Duty of the judiciary without Professional Criminologist to Handles this department in Nigeria..Looking for Scape Goat,freeting Muscles on innocent Souls amount to Bunch of ALI BABA and the forty thieves or best of them all, Cymba the sailor who had lost the Navigational sense of Direction in the High Sea, Lost at sea cases can be Solves by the following Measures in the Laws of Nigeria, We Nigerians of Integrity, Proving tract record, men of impecable characters proven, tested, by real critical factors in nigeria Can solves this Problems, The Court of law is equipped enough to Execute all this functions without extra judicial killings, To stop GRAMMAR, set up a DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION as in USA,UK, and GERMANY, subject all this to rigourous Vetting System of Security on Prosecution, arbitrary arrest and prosecution, not to Become an Anti Party, Anti Regional body acting with prejudice in the Course of Justice, Scale of Justice must be Balance and not 10 years imprisonment to a petty thief who stole Food in the Market while a criminal that embezzles
    severall millions of USDollars is discharged and acquitted by jurist, recommended for position of minister in President buhari Carbinet or controversial approval in the senate with the Final Veto Power from the Presidency? Except you must be deaf or Dumb, not to identify, understands what key point i am Driving at, Wake up and get out of Trials by Deal, set up. upstart and so on.

  • Prince Babatunde O Adeniyi

    The Win and Win status of EFCC is now CHANGED by this ugly attitude of the corporate body to LOOOSE and LOOOSE, if it is in the standard of win and lose, or lose and win, it can be redeeemed, but when the statistical data reports of this body is muddled up, soil up, in incompetence of personnels, lack of practical exposure for their callings, expertise or technocrate in times of Intelligentsia Services, What do you expect from them? see it is one thing to have all this Signal gadget,security intelligentsia services in your command, it is another thing to distinguish your performances on the practical field never and ever to Compromise, why do you compromise justice with ridicule? this word is enough for the wise.