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Ekweremadu wants FG to decentralise policing


Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Senator Ike Ekweremadu

The Deputy President of the Senate, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, has called for decentralised policing to get the country out of its numerous security and economic challenges.

He also stressed the need for respect for the rule of law and to ensure inclusive governance.

Ekweremadu made call at the South East Economic and Security Summit held at the Government House in Enugu.

According to the statement released by his Special Adviser on Media, Uche Anichukwu in Abuja on Friday, Ekweremadu said “unless we restructure our security architecture, we will continue to have problems.

“The simple suggestion is that this is the time for us to think along the path of a decentralised policing.

“Today, we have challenges of kidnapping, insurgency, menace by suspected herdsmen and militancy.

“All these have never been resolved by about 340,000 police officers policing about 170 million people. It does not happen anywhere in the world’’, he said.

Ekweremadu maintained that every part of Nigeria should be allowed to have the policing system that suits their needs if the nation was resolved to secure its borders.

He expressed concern about the country’s economic structure, saying, “there is no way you can run the type of economy we are running in a federal system and expect to make progress.

“The answer to it is restructuring so that every part of Nigeria will develop in accordance with its potentials, be it economic, intellectual, agricultural, or others to be able to contribute to the commonwealth.

“As long as we have a unified system of economy, it is not going to work. We must find a way of ensuring that we use our natural endowments for development’’, he said.

The deputy president of the Senate also harped on the need for rule of law.

According to him, it remains a major factor for foreign investors and protection of the rights of citizens and corporate entities.

He said the Constitution was clear in Chapter 4 on fundamental rights.

“Liberty is something that God gave to us because it is an inalienable right and for you to take away somebody’s liberty, it must be in a very extreme circumstance, and in accordance with the law.

“So, if the court says someone should be released from detention, government must do everything possible to respect that and everybody who is accused of an offence must as a matter of necessity, and in good time, have his day in court.

“This reminds me of the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu. Whatever his offence, he must have his day in court and if the court says he be released, he should accordingly be released.’’

He said it was important that every part of Nigeria should be included in governance to cater for the interest of the different ethnic groups, languages and religions.

“Today, as I speak, there is no Igbo man in the commanding heights of our security sector and so they do not attend Security Council meetings.

“In the top echelon of the governance of this country, the Igbos are absent. I am not going to make any request because the President is not here and he is not represented, but I will just speak my mind on matters like these.

“These are things we need to think about because any part of Nigeria or the world that feels unjustly treated will never be interested in peace’’, he said.

He said it was high time those at the helm of affairs gave a thought to how to address marginalisation and non- inclusion of the Igbos in governance.

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  • real

    He is right on point on every subject he spoke of. The problem I have with people like this, is that they are in position of massive power, yet all they do is talk. Where are the bills and pressure this man is passing and putting on the president. The deputy president of the senate needs to start using his position to pass bills that would restructure Nigeria. for example, there is a law that allows private corporation to apply for arms for security. why can’t he make it possible for governors to do that and develop a community police. recently the president and his team passed a 13% mineral payment for state, that is not going to solve state problems. The states should be getting complete control of the resources and paying royalty and tax to the federal government. The federal government position should be passing laws that is universal to all state, ensuring safety and environmental rules.
    you are in position of power, use the power to restructure the country, use the power to force SE governor to focus on developing the region. use your power to demand more from the president.

    • ukoette ibekwe

      You are right. I wonder the intelligence of Nigerian leaders. Imagine, the Senate deputy leader calling on a federal government to decentralize security operations without an attempt on his part in particular to initiate a law to provide for the decentralization of security operations.
      Besides, Nigerians do not really care about their security and safety of their people as far their immediate household are not victims.
      There is no law that prevents people from protecting their lives and property. It is just natural.
      But Nigerian governors especially the ones in the South East and South South are too chicken to initiate security outfits that cater to the needs of their people.
      The country that we live in today is increasingly becoming a farce. The federal government has shown over the decades that only caters for the North particularly, and the the South West because the Fulanis want to make use of Lagos

  • Nwaizu Ikechukwu Bruno

    Well should I say Saraki boys, what is needed is not this grammar, but for the people to choose their direction. Since we we have not been able to weave Nigeria into a true mega cultured developing nation by a political structure suitable for peculiar environments like that, by either the failed Military Decree or the Constitutional? decree of Democracy, the people should be allowed to decide their DESTINY by a national referendum. I did not mean a selected national summit on Nigeria. Enough of this jamboree and deception, which is not restoring THE DIGNITY OF MAN. Shikena.