Wednesday, 7th December 2022
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Enjoy the thrill and adventure of Desert Safari Dubai this Summer

The desert is not hot in the early mornings. Even during the summers, the temperature begins to rise around noon, and evenings again are pleasant.

You might think that deserts are extremely hot during the summers, so a safari to the desert would even be feasible to think about? But on the contrary, Desert Safari Dubai attracts travelers throughout the year. The packages are so tailormade that you do not have to experience the scorching heat even during the summers. In fact, the chances are that you might get a good discount during the summer as it is an offseason.

The desert is not hot in the early mornings. Even during the summers, the temperature begins to rise around noon, and evenings again are pleasant. Travelers opt for Desert Safari Dubai in the summers choose these times to experience the adventure. The lack of crowd and easy availability of bookings make the safari experience even more hassle-free. Oasis Palm Tourism Dubai is one of the leading and trusted tour operators with more than a decade of expertise in the Dubai Desert Safari.

Desert Safari Dubai is a thrilling and pleasant experience for travelers of all the age-group. While thrill-seekers enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, dune buggy, etc., the travelers in search of relaxation enjoy campsite activities like belly dance and Tanura dance performance fire show, and exotic barbeque dinner served in the mid of the desert.

The safari starts with an easy pick up from the hotel in a comfortable and hygienic Landcruiser driven by a trained driver cum tourist guide. On the way, he stops at various beautiful locations and even essays the exciting stories or history associated with that location to keep you entertained and engaged. You can capture the memories of these locations to mesmerize you later.

Once the vehicle reaches Safari Point, you will see yourself standing between an infinitely sprawled land of sand, ready to experience the breath-taking adventure of dune bashing. Once you sit in the vehicle, hold your breath for incredible adventure and excitement. Speeding Landcruiser takes you through huge dunes of golden sand scattered everywhere. There are moments when you will feel that the vehicle will not be able to come out from the pile of sand it has dashed, but that’s all part of the adventure. Drivers are so well trained that they know how exactly to take the adventure to the peak and then take you out safely. The experience is somehow similar to the car racing sport that you see on your television. The 20 minutes of superfast roller-coaster dune bashing will be the most adventurous ride of your lifetime.

After dune bashing, you reach a beautiful Bedouin campsite where famous royal Arabian hospitality awaits you. You can relax over sips of refreshing drinks and have Arabian dates. After resting for a while, you can enjoy quad biking and sandboarding on the dunes outside the campsite. Going for a long camel ride with your family and friends could be a great fun idea.

Nights are colorful at the campsite. Belly dancers spread the magic of their stunning performance, and the whole environment becomes alive and joyful. On the other hand, Male Tanura dancers make it soulful with their spins on Sufi music. Travelers sitting in groups enjoy these performances over puffs of Sheesha or sips of Kahawa tea. They even apply henna with the help of expert henna artisans.

A lavish Barbeque dinner follows the performances. Several live counters of Arabian and continental dishes welcome the guests to gratify their taste buds. This barbeque dinner is so lavish and exotic that people especially come for this dinner from far-off places. This is a specialty of the desert safari that every traveler relish and remembers for a long time.

After dinner tour operator’s vehicle drops you back at the hotel, you can even spend the night in the desert in beautiful and well-facilitated tents to view beautiful and surreal desert sunrise if you have opted for an overnight safari.

Dubai Desert Safari is a phenomenal experience that every travel lover must experience once. It gives a wholesome pleasure. These few hours will be the most beautiful time of your life that you will treasure forever.