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Erdogan ‘Saddened’ Over Plane




Turkey’s president has said he is “saddened” by the downing of a Russian combat jet by Turkish forces on the Syrian border last Tuesday.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he wished the incident had not happened and hoped it would not happen again.

He has so far refused to apologise to Russia, accusing Moscow of “playing with fire” in its Syria operations.

The president’s remarks came as Turkey warned its citizens against non-essential travel to Russia.

The Foreign Ministry said visits should be avoided “until the situation becomes clear,” citing problems such as anti-Turkish demonstrations outside the country’s embassy in Moscow.

On Friday Russia suspended its visa-free arrangement with Turkey and is planning to introduce a wide range of economic sanctions.

Mr Erdogan has asked for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Mr Putin wants an apology from Turkey before he will agree to talks.

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  • Ify Onabu

    Turkey is simply fighting America’s war by proxy. The Russian plane ‘violated’ Turkish air space for 17 seconds. If that is taken to be true, is it not an over-reaction to shoot down the plane, especially if the downed plane did not engage in any act of aggression? The truth is that inspite of all the illusions of grandeur, the Ottoman empire expires a long time ago!

    • Ralf

      Yea ottoman empire may hv expired long ago,bt d spirit lives on…Like u pointed out,Turkey did not over react by shooting down Russian war plane…They warned Russia severally, even they launched a formal complaint. ..Eg if Olu Falae after warning d hsa flni rogues wit cows who trespasses into his farm,destroying his crops ,had shot any of them b4 they kidnapped n molested him,can pple blame Falae??..I ask..The flnis will b very afraid not to pass thru his farm or any other farms as they are doing now all over SW,SE Mid belt. ..Russia had violated Denmarks,Swedish etc, air spaces severally ..Nobody dares to try tht on Russian air space..Finally, pple must tell mad dog Putin tht cold war has expired long ago,1989.Too…