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Ex-husband wants Oduah to return son’s body


 Stella Oduah

Stella Oduah

Ex-husband of Senator Stella Oduah, Lt. Col. Satchie Emmanuel Etoromi, has urged her to return his late son to him in Warri, Delta State for burial.

Etoromi made the demand shortly after sending a delegation to the Igwe of Akili Ozizor, Ogbaru in Anambra State.

He expressed sadness over the death of his son and how his ex-wife treated him.

The letter to the royal father was titled, “Appeal to intercede to ensure Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah brings my son, Maxwell Chinedu Obiechina Wereyesigha Toritseju Etoromi to me in Warri for burial.”

The bereaved father said he read about the death of their 28-year old son in the newspapers, without being informed by his ex-wife.

The letter reads: “His Royal Highness Igwe Oduah 1, betrothed Stella Oduah to me on November 18, 1984 in Akili Ozizor. We married on December 16, 1984 in his palace in Akili Ozizor. After the payment of dowry and exchange of gifts, we were taken to Nde-Mili, where we performed the final rites.

“I am surprised to see stories in the Internet that my son, who Stella delivered on March 14, 1988 at 05.00 hour at St Mary’s Hospital, Ugboroke, Warri is dead.

“Up till now, Stella has not told me that my son died in her custody. There is rumour that my son will be buried in Akili Ozizor, which is not acceptable at all. My son must be brought to me in Warri for internment.”

A copy of the letter was sent to the Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Reverend Valerian Okeke and the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart, Donald Uzoh.

Etoromi explained that his grief was too much to bear, hence he was reacting this way.

Maxwell died last Friday. Efforts to reach the bereaved senator last night were unsuccessful. Also, her telephones lines could not be reached as they were switched off.

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  • Ralf

    Crocodile tears “…He shldve written this or act while d deceased was still alive..Why now??..

    • duwdu

      How did you know, or what evidence do you have that the biological father of the deceased did not act appropriately while their son was alive? Hmm.


      • Ralf

        He actually read abt his sons death on d newspaper..Tht shows tht d man n his dead son dont communicate prior to his death.. He is here tlkn abt how he married Stella Oduah traditionally…The deceased son was old enough to hv gone bck to his father,he was 28 yrs old …Not a kid anymore..

        • yinka

          I do not know how old you are but you thought process is too shallow. How do know that the late young man was not communicating with his father or his father is not in his life until he became an adult. How do you know the young man was staying with stella or by himself in Lagos or Abuja?

          • Ralf

            Use your brain to figure tht out..

            Whoever was at d hospital,n got d dead body now among Stella n Mr Etoromi,is closer to d full grown 28 yrs old deceased….Fact

            My age doesnt matter..I left Nigeria in 1982 after graduating frm d university..Living in LA USA wit my grown up children…

            Fight for childrens custody wit all efforts,no matter wht or u may endup like Mr Etoromi..

          • Festus

            I absolutely agree with you. We are talking of a full grown man and not a kid. If the father had good relationship with the son, he should be the first to know of his son’s death but the reverse seem to be the case here. That he even heard of his son’s death o the pages of news paper speaks volume. Why is he fighting for the son now that he is death, why not when the son was alive? May the soul of the gently man rest in peace.

          • Ralf

            Mr Etoromi must allow d soul of d deceased to RIP..

          • yinka

            I am glad that you have been USA for 34 years. Good, l have gone through divorce in America with African American woman. It is up to the to children to determine who they want to be with in divorce court regardless of man or woman financing situation. I have been in USA longer than you. You should know better than many Nigerians on the forum.

          • Ralf

            U hvnt said any meaninful thing execpt bn living in d USA longer

  • Frank Ojiako

    Show of shame. Men & Women seek mercy but never give it.Height of UN- FORGIVENESS, even the threat of the death of her son she could not let a man she once loved know. Am ashamed of this heart of Stone! Yet people want to be seen as models for the youth to copy. What a RAT RACE do we still call this Human Race?

  • Mr. J-Miller

    The DEVIL is indeed a woman! Heart so hard as rock, but God’s the greatest! Do the right thing Stella, and let your heart be at peace.

  • Alpha Dinni Thanni

    Waiting to see if ,,,,,,,,,, TRADITIONS ,,,,,,,, still play a role in our everyday life. What happens if tha said ” IGWE ODUAH 1 ” is on the pay – roll of the man ex-wife ,,,,,,,,,,,, oga soldier , take heart.

  • aderibgbe48

    First, I will like to express my condolence to both parents: the father and the mother: May God be with them. May the man soul rest in peace. For every social media jumping on internet and fault-finding on either of the parents: I sincerely say: shame on you’all. I hereby recommend that Igwe should call these parents together for the sake of peace and traditionally resolve the issue. In reality, I hate every political movement of Mrs. Oduah, but I refuse to hate the woman-as individual. Mrs. Odua, this is AKA- To Keep Nigeria One is a Task that must Be Done”- I wrote many articles against your political movement: even, I called you all kind of names in political arena: But on this issue-my soul and heart goes to you and your ex- husband-Etoromi; May God Almighty be with you’all. Please, accept my condolence. Peace.