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Fatal end for cross-border bank robbers


Ammunition recovered from the suspects PHOTO: ODITA SUNDAY

Ammunition recovered from the suspects PHOTO: ODITA SUNDAY

Nigeria, Benin security forces kill six, arrest three

A joint effort between Nigeria and Benin Republic security agents has led to the arrest of three international bandits, who specialized in bank robbery.

The security forces, comprising Lagos State Police Command, Benin Regional Police squad at the Krake, Seme border, Nigeria customs and Immigration also killed six of the suspected robbers who attempted to rob banks and bureau de change operators in Seme.

The suspects heavily armed with AK 47 rifles, dynamites, rocket launchers and other sophisticated weapons, attempted to enter Nigeria through the legitimate route, but the vigilant joint security forces repelled them.

They, however, changed their plan and attempted to unleash terror at the border through the sea. The joint security forces further engaged them in a gun duel, leading to the death of the suspected robbers.

The suspects abandoned some arms and ammunition in Nigeria and fled to Benin in their flying boats. They were eventually suppressed by the superior firepower of the joint security forces.

The hot pursuit made them abandon one of their boats and other weapons. Weapons recovered from the hoodlums include one speedboat, 883 live ammunition, six loaded magazines, dynamites and other deadly weapons.

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State command, Fatai Owoseni, who visited the scene in company of the Regional Director, Department of Police, Benin Republic, Ogouchoro Severin, Customs Area Controller, Seme border, Victor Dimka, Nigeria Immigration Area Controller, Seme border, Barko, noted that intelligence report was received two weeks ago that some hoodlums were planning to raid some banks in Seme.

“It was the synergy between Nigeria government and that of Benin Republic that led to the successful operation, which foiled the attempt by daredevil bandits to rob our banks in Seme border.

“As they were going to attack banks in Seme, we gave them the fight of their life and they abandoned their boats, arms and ammunition and fled through the waterways to Benin Republic, where we also engaged them in a fierce gun battle.

“Some of them fell inside the water, three of them were arrested while some others escaped with bullet injuries. We are appealing to Nigerians and Beninois to report to the nearest security post when they see dead bodies floating in the water or persons with bullet injuries.

“I want to also appeal to medical practitioners and trado-medical healing centres to report any patient with gunshot or bone injuries to the police,” he said.

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  • Tee

    What’s a ‘flying’ boat? Do you mean ‘speedboat’? Stop this your ‘summersaulting’ lorry and buses English. Be more professional.

    • KK

      Tee? If you want to see more professionalism start with yourself. What does ‘summersaulting lorry and buses’ mean? Moreover, there are no pictures of boats in the article to suggest that among the boats, used by the robbers there was not a flying boat (or do you not believe such boat exists). Finally this article reports about he galant efforts of security forces in combatting crime and it is sad to see that the only thing that you find worthy to comment on is the grammar construction which you find offensive.

      • AriseNigeria

        TEE has freedom to use jargon to express himself, he is not professional bound to use the best of grammar to express himself.

      • Tee

        KK, so flying boats really do exist? This is the miseducation I’m talking about. My point is very simple. Journalists educate the masses. Style of report matters and the people you are passing info to matters too. I once read about a lorry summersaulting. Lorries don’t summersault, they jack-knife. Buses don’t either. I noticed that most of you quickly responded without capturing the import of what I wrote. It’s a normal thing. What’s worth doing is worth doing well. Anyway, no sweat. You guys have a wonderful week and much kudos to our men and women in uniform. Keep it up!

    • Lionsheart

      Good enough that you have heard from two sensible people. Let us celebrate when we need to and avoid looking for loop holes and reasons to castigate our public officers. You were writing as if you are sad that the robbery failed or is there what you haven’t told us?

    • Tayomi

      Though good english is desirable, the message has been passed in the report. Rejoice for the gallantry of the security personnel. Leave out the emphasis on grammar at this time.

    • Folorunso Folowosele

      Neither English nor French is any African’s mother tongue. Neither do the Americans nor all the British people speak Queen of England’s English. Why then the fuse?

  • nuelsymbol

    We want to see more of these gallant efforts .

  • Emeka

    Were the suspects killed or did they escape? Read “……. leading to the death of the robbers and then, next they abandoned their weapons and speed boats next ….. arrested some and others escaped. Haba! Which report do we accept?