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Fayose may dump PDP in 2018


Ayodele Fayose

Ayodele Fayose

Urges Nigerians to resist plan to increase cost of data

There are indications that Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, may dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2018.

Fayose, who gave the hint yesterday during a meeting with the Suppliers’ Association of Nigeria, Ikere chapter, said, “I don’t know the platform I will use for the 2018 election yet, but at the appropriate time I will tell you.”

Fayose decried the perennial internal crisis rocking the PDP and said the party had been infiltrated by “charlatans.”

He declared that the emergence of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Ondo State was not a threat to the supremacy of the PDP in Ekiti.

According to him: “We are still studying the situation. We have to play the game left, right and centre and whoever we are going to use and the platform, you will all be part of the process because party politics is about the people.”

Meanwhile, Fayose has urged Nigerians to resist the plan by the Federal Government to increase the cost of Internet data.

The governor who described the plan as wicked said, “most Nigerians are still alive today because they are kept busy by their access to social media. They relieve themselves of the burden of hunger and despair placed on them by the Federal Government’s lack of policy direction by reading news and jokes, chatting with friends, watching comedy movies, etc.”

He hailed the Senate for directing the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to suspend the planned increase, saying: “The government must be sensitive to the plight of the people. Today, despite all the taxes and increments in services rendered by government agencies, minimum wage has remained at N18,000 while millions of jobs have been lost. Do they want Nigerians to pay with their blood?”

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  • HeOjAy

    You’re crying over spilt milk your excellency Gov Foyese. You & Wike brought the man who destroyed ANPP into your midst & you are now chickening out. Did you not know his antecedents before bringing him into your fold? Here is a man who is a “terrorist” personified. He started BOKO HARAM with rival group formed by Sen. Ndume of the PDP then. All these information were in the public domain even though denied by both parties, but you both choose to play games with such a politician.
    Remember he forced PMB to form CPC because of his uncultured political maneuvering of party affairs for his selfish gains. Ask Ex Gov Onu & he will tell you all that you PDP members got for yourself a liability & not an asset, they are therefore happy for it. I advice you not to run away from the party you worked hard to build. Rather you the egg heads should look for a methodology to tame Ali Modu Sheriff. If men have tamed hyenas, tigers, lions then you should believe that you can curtail excesses of this monster & get on with playing good & healthy politics in Nigeria.

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    This is a hint that the SW may come up with another political platform. The recent meetings of their governors across party lines was the clearest hint to this intent. I don’t know why those that followed Tinubu on this ill-fated political voyage that has claimed Abiola life and imprisoned Awo before. We watch

    • Wole

      Going to APC is the best thing that has happened to the SW in a long while. We used to hear of wild wild west, in the dark days of election wars in Yoruba land when we used to be in the opposition and the party at the center always deploy forces to win election in SW leading to crises.
      No, we should not go back to those dark days of regional politics and be inviting troubles from the center each time an election comes. Tinubu did well in aligning with the center. He should now allow the SW people to elect their candidates for political office and stop imposition or endorsement. That is the only challenge we are facing now. Tinubu does not want his political influence to reduce or wane and that is difficult to achieve in a National party.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        Unfortunately you fail to realize that being at the center isn’t the factor but a satanic constant. That is the belief of born to rule. Abiola didn’t play Yoruba politics but purely a national one yet he payed the supreme prize. You need to be schooled about this power play dynamics

        • Wole

          Make your point clear and stop beating about the bush. You can still be in a national party at the center and still operate your regional or state agenda to benefit your people. That is what the SW governors are trying to do, and not to form another party as you are alleging. There is need for cooperation and integration at the regional SW level to ensure development as we had in the days of Awolowo ruling in the Western region. The idea is not to form another party. Anyway, I don’t think you are from SW, hence you are remotely happy for SW majority to leave the ruling party and forever remain in the opposition party.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            My position is as clear as the day. Abiola ever played regional politics yet his experience with the North was the same as Awo’s except that he got killed. I don’t expect you to be happy with my view sin e truth pains. The feelings of Southern Nigeria today is almost the same everywhere. There is no history to support the activities of people being killed and women rapped in their ancestral homes for Fulani cow to occupy land without government intervention. Maybe you are beclouded by blind political followership

          • Wole

            Obasanjo was president for 8 years, he was voted by the north and he is from the south. Abiola would have been president, unfortunately the military annulled it. If Abiola had been elected in a democratic regime like we have now, he would have been president. I think we fear the north too much in the south. This is the problem we have which made someone like GEJ thought he got to power by chance and he wanted to make the best out of it because the SS and SE people thought that power will never come to them except they gate-crash.

  • Shola Ojo

    Remember no Party will accommodate you. You have a bad blood already and this must remain in PDP

  • Oro Sunnunkun

    No party will admit you because you are too loudsy!. Contest as an independent candidate and see what becomes of you. Dumbhead!