Tuesday, 28th June 2022
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FrontNode’s 5 reasons why Bitcoin is the future

If everything didn’t happen online before the current pandemic, then it definitely is now: from ordering groceries to checking out the weather to trading.

If everything didn’t happen online before the current pandemic, then it definitely is now: from ordering groceries to checking out the weather to trading.

The COVID-19 pandemic helped accelerate the speed of the digital revolution. As smartphone usage continues to grow internationally, one thing is clear: the future is digital. And the recent popularity of Metaverse and NFTs has only cemented this fact even more.
The way we invest and make payments is also transitioning. Traditional banking and paper currency may be slow to catch up – but you don’t have to be.

By investing in Bitcoin on exchanges like FrontNode, you can become part of the future. Here are a few ways Bitcoin isn’t only becoming part of our monetary future – but helping shape it as well.

1. Traditional Investments Can’t Keep Up

Stocks have multiple risks associated with them. They are more vulnerable to market crashes, recession, and bankruptcy. Although bonds are safer, they are much harder to liquidate than cryptocurrencies. No specific corporation or government calls the shots for Bitcoin, hence why it’s a safer bet.

Bitcoin and gold both are rare and heavily invested in. But gold and silver no longer hold the number one spot as the best investment opportunity out there. The reason? Gold prices have seen recent drops and are speculated only to worsen.

Also, precious metals require complicated safety measures and pose challenges of portability. Bitcoin eliminates these issues and offers a more accessible alternative. That too, without the need for you to guard your assets physically.

Other investment options, particularly the more traditional ones, face similar challenges. No other investment can beat the fast transaction speed, adaptability, and instant liquidity of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies can also offer better return on investment prospects than some of the traditional methods mentioned.

2. Bitcoin Offers Liquidity and Portability

Typically, a wire transfer can take up to three days. If you make a transfer to the same bank as yours, it can go through within 24 hours. But transfers often take longer during holidays and weekends.

The transitional banking process is long and requires more effort from your end. Comparatively, the world of Bitcoin never takes time off, and you can finalize payments within minutes.

Using FrontNode’s safe network to handle your Bitcoin transactions leverages this advantage in your favor whether you’re buying, selling, or trading.

The speed and ease of portability might increase as Bitcoin’s acceptance, third-party, and the network continues to grow because it’s powered by groundbreaking technology such as Taproot.

The FrontNode crypto-currency exchange offers unmatched speed of transactions and ease-of-use compared to other methods.

Making the switch to cryptocurrencies makes even more sense now as more and more companies accept Bitcoin payments.

3. Bitcoin Divides the Central Power-Hold

Imagine having your bank in your pocket while traveling. You won’t have to do any mental math to calculate how many dollars are in a pound or how much a money exchange would charge.
Peer-to-peer trading of crypto-currency is an enormous part of Bitcoin’s appeal. Cryptocurrencies have empowered the masses by breaking up the absolute power-hold banks and governments have held over assets.

You don’t need a middle-man or third party to make Bitcoin transactions on Frontnode. That makes the process much smoother and more straightforward.
Decentralization is the major differentiator between traditional paper currency and Bitcoin. Freedom from government control is facilitating universal acceptance when it comes to Bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin is Fraud-Proof

Bitcoin offers you as an investor an unprecedented blend of transparency of its origins and anonymity. Being an open-source network means everyone with an Internet connection and the right software has access to its code.

It’s nearly impossible to create any disparity in records or double-spend your Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency uses a specific consensus process known as POW (proof-of-work) to ensure that all dealings are shared, visible, and eternally stored in the Bitcoin network.

Traditional banking systems need a complex structure to keep their wheels running. That means many layers of employees and third-party services that have access to your personal data. It’s also not unusual for banks to have data leaks, leading to investors losing money.

By eliminating the need for any third-party interference, Bitcoin offers security against theft, fraud, and third-party seizure.

On top of that, Bitcoin exchanges like FrontNode offer a free crypto wallet when you purchase Bitcoin. And that comes with the freedom to make payments on multiple fronts.

5. Bitcoin Protects Your Anonymity

As mentioned, the anonymity offered by Bitcoin is incomparable with all other options you have to hold your assets. That’s because Bitcoin transactions are stored on a public ledger.

The identities of coin owners are encrypted to safeguard the authenticity of record-keeping unless the owner themselves publish their addresses.

Cryptocurrencies are created using blockchain technology. Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, has the awesome characteristic of immutability. That means all Bitcoin trades are forever stored publicly on the ledger.
In turn, that means information about the balance is accessible to anyone. The identity of the owner behind a specific address remains anonymous.

Making a trade can, however, reveal this information. It’s recommended that you only use your Bitcoin addresses once to ensure your privacy. That ensures you can still trade and enjoy the convenience of over-the-counter [OTC] exchange services like FrontNode – just like any bank but with the added advantage of remaining anonymous.

How Can You Get Hold of Bitcoin Safely?

The future of money is changing, and now is the time to ensure that your assets are ready for the coming transformations. Many people are making the shift to cryptocurrency due to its many advantages.

To join the Bitcoin revolution, you should use safe platforms for making your purchases. FrontNode provides an easy way to buy Bitcoin. It’s a safe platform that offers OTC exchange services and free crypto wallets to its users.

Use Frontnode Bitcoin to make payments anywhere across the world easily. You can use your credit or debit card to buy Bitcoin on FrontNode and make secure transitions in under two minutes.