Monday, 20th March 2023
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Geo Fertilizer launch offers farmers hope of bumper crop yields

Farmers have every reason to be optimistic of a bumper harvest at the beginning of a new planting season with the launch of a novel crop balance nutrient fertilizer

Geo Fertilizer Launch

Farmers have every reason to be optimistic of a bumper harvest at the beginning of a new planting season with the launch of a novel crop balance nutrient fertilizer brand into the Nigerian market.

Known as Geo Fertilizer, it comes in two variants: the Geo Plus (NPK 24-10-10+ trace elements) and Geo Green Urea (Urea 46-0-0+ trace elements).

In addition to the basic elements (NPK and Urea) contained in the fertilizer, Geo Fertilizer contains micronutrients of iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and nickel, which are known as trace elements that provide balance nutrients for the crops.

Speaking at the launch in Kano on Tuesday March 29, the Chief Marketing Manager of Buma Resources Nig. Ltd, Mr. Bello Zubairu, said after several field trials and laboratory analyses by reputable agricultural establishments, research institutes and universities, such as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Niger State Agricultural and Mechanisation Development Authority, Department of Soil Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Department of Agronomy/Soil Science, Cross River State University of Technology, Calabar, among others, it has been established that Geo Fertilizer contains micronutrients that makes it superior to the ordinary fertilizer currently in use by farmers.

According to Zubairu, one 50g sachet of Geo Fertilizer increased crop yield of 150 per cent in comparison to 50kg of conventional fertilizer.

He said five 50g sachet of Geo Fertilizer is applied per hectare, as against nine bags of 50kg of the traditional fertilizer.

Besides, the products in sachets of 50g makes it very portable and easy to move to farm unlike the 50kg bag of the conventional fertilizer. It is also the cheapest fertilizer of its kind in Nigeria.

Explaining further the benefits of Geo Fertilizer, Zubairu said rain and flood do not pose risks of soil leaching or the fertilizer being washed away from the soil, because it is applied directly on the leafs.

Chairman of the launch, Senator Mohammed Alkali Gumel, said from the reports of farm trials, laboratory analyses and testimonial of farmers, Geo Fertilizer is a catalyst that will ensure food security for Nigeria and prosper the farmers because of its high crop yield per hectare.

He urged the Kano State government and other state governments and institutions to buy large quantity of Geo Fertilizer and resell to farmers at subsidized price as a form of empowerment and hence creating prosperity for the famers and their families.

Presenting a paper on “Performance of Geo Fertilizer on Wheat Production in Nigeria”, Former Executive Director, Lake Chad Research Institute, Maiduguri and Team Leader, Wheat Value Chain in Nigeria, Dr. Gbenga Olabanji, said the result of trial of Geo Fertilizer on wheat production was excellent as “the trend and the better performance of wheat with Geo Fertilizer over the control and conventional fertilizer recommendation proves the suitability of this fertilizer in wheat production”.

Over 1000 farmers of several farmer associations: rice, onions, wheat, maize, tomato, vegetables and so on, drawn from the 44 local councils of Kano State and other top technocrats, academics and international partners in the agriculture value chain attended the launch of Geo Fertilizer in Kano.