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Girl with hole-in-heart needs help



Godstime Dim…Inset are Mr and Mrs. Emmanuel Dim

Couple seeks $10,000 for corrective surgery in India 

THE birth of Godstime Chioma Dim, a two-year-old girl with a hole in the heart to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Ifeanyi Dim on August 21, 2013 was celebrated with pomp and pageantry.

For years, the couple, who already had two male children, prayed for a girl and when Godstime came, it was moment of joy for the family, who saw her as an angel sent by God.

This, the couple told The Guardian informed the choice of her name, God’stime and Chioma, meaning Good God. However, while the family was still savouring this great visitation from God, the devil struck and what should have been a bundle of joy turned out to be a source of worry and sorrow for the family.

Not only was the baby diagnosed of a multiple congenital anomalies; she was also diagnosed with a hole-in-the-heart. According to a medical report signed by the Head of Department of Pediatrics and Child Heart, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, (LASUTH) Dr. B. A. Animashaun, the girl’s conditions include anorectal malformations, bilateral Talipes Equinovarius, and acyanotic congenital heart disease, which involved complete Atrioventricular canal defect, additional secundum, Atrial Septal defect, inoderate sized patent Ductus Arteriosus and severe pulmonary artery hypertension.

“She is currently on oral anti-failure medications, Frusemide and Captopril and requires urgent surgical intervention to correct her heart defect,” the doctor said.

Narrating their ordeal to The Guardian last week, the couple said few weeks after Godstime birth at Living Spring Hospital Ejigbo, Lagos, it was discovered that she had developmental problems and they were referred to LASUTH for further medical attention.

“First, we were sent to a Cardiologist, after spending three months, we were sent to the Orthopedics, then to the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) section for analysis.

During these examinations, it was discovered that she had a vast range of developmental challenges, ranging from a multiple congenital anomalies.

RUTAMAccording to the father, the baby was also on POP for months before her legs could be stretched. “As petty traders, we have spent all our savings and we need help from Nigerians,” Dim pleaded.

Last year, a Lagos based foundation, Yeloto African Children’s Foundation, also raised a cheque of N106, 500 for Godstime’s surgeries and other indigent pediatric patients for the correction of the anorectal malformation before the hole in the heart was discovered.

The money was for Ostomy, a surgical procedure used to create an opening for urine and feaces to be released from the body. This he said could not be done until the corrective surgery for the heart defect in India, whose cost doctors said was about $10,000, has been done.

“We are calling on Nigerians to please come to our aids to save our bundle of joy,” he pleaded Any assistance for baby God’stime can be made to Dim Grace Eberechukwu. Access Bank Account Number: 0027694693 or reach the telephone numbers: 08064805684 and 08061191516.

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