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Government social intervention on poverty alleviation leaving citizens poorer


A leadership consultant, Mr. Kriz David, has advocated effective and sustainable solution to tackle the myriad of challenges facing countries across Africa.

Speaking at the first edition of Leadership Foresight Workshop with the theme: “Leadership and Prosperity of Nations” in Lagos, he said the challenges confronting Africa cannot be solved in isolation.

Kriz, a proponent of Leadership and Prosperity of Nations, explained to the audience at the workshop that his model on Leadership & Prosperity of Nations is locked in a tripod, which are Faith-value system; Learning-productivity system and law- control system.

He stressed that leadership makes the difference between prosperous and poor nations. According to him, without system thinking and leadership, social interventions will become counterproductive.

Also, he lamented that despite the anti-corruption crusade across the continent, treasury looters are on the rise and increased policing is resulting in high rate of crime. For the agricultural policy to yield the desired result across the continent of Africa, Kriz argued that government must integrate Tax Policy, Funding Policy, Transportation Policy, Educational Policy, Industrial Policy and Trade Policy.

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