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Group accuses Amnesty International of allegedly inciting violence


The Centre for African Liberation And Socio-Economic Rights (CALSER) has accused Amnesty International of double standards, taking sides with a particular ethnic group and heating the insecurity crisis in the country. 

The centre noted that Amnesty International’s position affirms that the group is out on a mission to see to the disintegration of Nigeria at all cost. 

According to CALSER, Amnesty which parades itself as an apostle of human rights is ironically acting as proxies for terrorists with its misleading reports on Nigeria.  

The centre made these known at a press conference on Friday in Abuja through Executive Director, Atumeyi Michael. 

CALSER, therefore, urged Nigerians to be wary of the activities of Amnesty International and other organizations parading themselves under various international and human rights nomenclatures as they do not mean well for the country. 

The centre noted that their desire remains to fester ethnoreligious conflicts in the country that would lead to disintegration. 

The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights, however, urged all Nigerians to “embrace our differences and work for the common good which is the entrenchment of peace and stability in Nigeria”

The centre assured that Nigeria shall defeat its adversaries within the shortest possible time with the collective efforts of all and sundry. 

“We welcome you all to this press conference on the heels of the recent happenings in parts of the country that has pitched religious and ethnic groups against each other which indeed calls for great concern from well-meaning Nigerians,” the group said. 

“The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights condemns situations where religious and ethnic tension is promoted by a section of the populace without having recourse to the implication of their actions and inactions on National Security. 

“The killings and reprisals on religious and ethnic groups indeed portend danger for the continued existence of Nigeria, especially on the heels that the religious and ethnic champions behind the agitations are doing it for their selfish purpose which by and large is geared towards political gains. 

“It is indeed a sad situation that can be made worse with the likes of Amnesty International through their unsubstantiated reports that are aimed towards pressuring members of religious and ethnic groups to see themselves as victims and take the laws into their hands.

“It remains a statement of the fact that the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria have remained suspect through its entrenched methodology of undertaking actions that are capable of causing unrest in the country. 

“Its public statements are always laced with illogical conclusions and outright falsehoods that oftentimes are meant to either question the commitment of the Nigerian government in addressing the security challenges in the country or acting as the intellectual arm and mouthpiece for terrorists and militant groups in the country. 

“It is therefore instructive to state that Nigerians must realize that solving the security challenges in the country is not a function of attacking members of other ethnicity or religious groups as this would further heat an already tensed polity. 

“We must also realize that ethnic and religious profiling also does us no good as a country, but rather, it comes with its attendant consequences that are capable of setting the country on fire.”

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