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Group accuses UNFPA of population reduction agenda


UNFPAA PRO-LIFE non-governmental organisation, Project for Human Development (PHD), has decried an alleged action of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in carrying out abortion and sterilisation procedures on the impregnated Boko Haram victims in the North-East.

The group, at a press conference held yesterday in Ikeja, Lagos State, described the actions of the United Nations (UN) agency as a calculated strategy geared towards depopulating the nation by making the women infertile, saying that the agency’s primary interest is population control.

Speaking at the event, Director-General (DG) of the group, Mr. Jerry Okwuosa, stated that what should be the primary concern of any concerned individual or group where these people are is to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into the society, offer them free maternity homes and rehabilitation centres where they can give birth to their babies safely and decide later on how to take care of them.

He described as uncharitable and criminal the decisions and actions of these people to make these women pass through the trauma of abortion after what they had passed through in the hands of their captors and rapists, adding: “No matter how a child is conceived, the right to life has been given to him/her at conception by God and nobody has the right to take it.”

Okwuosa, who commended the agency for its support and counselling to the women in Internally-Displaced Camps (IDP), which included aiding the safe delivery of their babies without recording any maternal or child death, however disclosed that it was discovered last year in Kenya that Tetanus Vaccines deployed by UN to the country were found to contain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which he said, is an Anti-Fertility Antigen.

He said: “Reports reaching us are that the UNFPA is offering the visibly pregnant Chibok girls abortion and sterilising for the rest. UNFPA’s abortion and sterilisation services are geared towards depopulation, or how else can one explain that after all the sufferings from physical and sexual violence, indignities and humiliations which the Chibok girls and the IDPs have undergone, rather than coming up with how best to help these deeply wronged and wounded mothers, all UNFPA could offer are abortion and sterilisation.

“Having undergone unspeakable trauma, dehumanisation and violence in the hands of their Boko Haram captors, it is illogical to subject these women to a traumatic, violent-wrecking and life-threatening abortion process. The pregnant girls and women should be offered free maternity homes and rehabilitation centres where they go to safely give birth to their babies and afterward could give them out for legal adoption if, for any reason, they do not want to keep them.”

Okwuosa said that killing an innocent baby because it was conceived through rape cannot erase the fact that a woman was a victim of rape, noting that nobody knows what a child he is killing will become, adding that there is also a danger of the woman becoming barren after that.

According to him: “Pregnancy is not a disease nor has it become a disease that is treated or cured by killing a child. Pregnancy from rape is rare as only about one per cent of women who get raped become pregnant. Rape is a most objectionable way to get pregnant, but if God in His infinite wisdom decides, in spite of this abomination, to bring a baby into the world, He has a purpose for every child. Let us consider that it is possible that for some of these women, this could be their first and only pregnancy and they could die from the abortion. No one can tell what a child will be. Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother attempted several times to abort him. Note that abortion does not un-rape a woman, but only revisits violence with more violence; killing the baby and maiming the mother.”

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