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Group flays Kaduna’s ‘Religious Preaching Bill’


 Solomon Asemota

Solomon Asemota

Warns Against Islamization Agenda
The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has kicked against the proposed Kaduna State Religious Preaching Bill, saying it contravenes Section 38 (1) of the 1999 Constitution.

A section of the bill reads: “A person shall be guilty of an offence who, in contravention of this law; (a) preaches without a valid licence (b) plays religious cassette or uses a loudspeaker for religious purposes after 8pm in a public place (c) uses a loudspeaker for religious purposes other than inside a mosque or church and the surrounding areas outside the stipulated prayer times (d) uses a loudspeaker in vehicles plying the streets with religious recording.”

The Forum said it is disturbed by the direction of the Kaduna State administration, even as it alleged plot to execute an Islamisation agenda.

Chairman of NCEF, Solomon Asemota, who spoke in Abuja, urged the state government to drop the bill, as religion is a personal issue, adding that no one has the right to legislate on how individuals worship.

“We wish to express tremendous shock at the proposed Kaduna State Religious Bill (and) call on the Kaduna State Governor to retrace its steps from this ill-advised venture,” he said.

He added that the Forum is saddened by recent exposure in the country of serial cases of abduction of underage persons and forced marriages and conversion to Islam. “We condemn in totality this act of violation of the human rights of these girls; it is a degradation of our national values,” he said.

Faulting the inclusion of Nigeria in the Saudi Arabia Military Coalition, he said it appears that the Foreign Policy thrust of the present administration is to make Nigeria a satellite state of Saudi Arabia.

“The strengthening of the nation’s democracy and security for all should remain the greatest priority of government. This we see to have been negated by the President’s unilateral decision to enlist Nigeria in the 34- nation coalition.

“Given the emotive and sensitive nature of this unilateral executive decision, it should have been handled by the President in line with our democratic culture through popular discussion and participation by the citizenry, or at the very least, through the National Assembly.”

Asemota said NCEF is dismayed by the inaction of the Federal Government towards carnage caused by Fulani herdsmen across the country.

“It is most shocking that till today, there has been no prosecution of any of these marauders. For years, the Fulani herdsmen have been murdering innocent Nigerians with impunity. The response of government to the menace has to date been tepid and indifferent,” he said.

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  • DanielOsazuwa

    If religion is personal, while disturb others with the noise coming from your activities? These so called Elders should stop fanning the ember of hate and intolerance.

    In England, EU you need a special permission before you are allowed to preach any religion. Even your speakers noise level is controlled by the government. You cannot do open preaching without approval. In some States in the US, Pastors sermons must be approved. This was started by Houston City Mayor where 25% of the blacks population are Nigerians.

    The law to me is actually against the Muslims, because they are the one polluting the environment with their inciting mobile sermons etc.

    Let learn to be our brothers keeper please.

    • Amen

      God bless you real good Mr. Osazuwa. If only these insidious incestuous Elders can think like you, Nigeria will be a better place.

      • Kayode Samuel

        Ladies n gentlemen, I’m yet to understand anything wrong with the proposed bill to preach without disturbing other people’s religious or non religious inclinations . We should suppor good moves and I’m yet to see islamazation moves in this bill

    • King

      Bob’s it against the Christians Ooo. A Muslim will nt pass a law that will nt favour his people. Just note that. I haven’t been to the UK b4, so I can’t debate that with you. I just believe the Kaduna state govt should focus on something else rather than religion. Cos we from here see any alteration to religious laws as a plot to Islamize the state.

      • NonPartisanElder

        In UK, one will be arrested if the noise becomes a nuisance to neighbours. Discotheques even have to mount soundproof wall panelling. Let us learn to be civilised. Religious organisations can buy airtime on TV channels and radio broadcasts, disseminate their sermons and messages online or establish their own TV and Radio channels. The various charlatans who masquerade as religious priests also need to be checked because spewing out all these toxic nonsense to gullible people is more dangerous to minds, peace and well-being of the people than allowing fake drugs dispensers and fake doctors to practice their heinous crime without control. A good example of these charlatans would be this self-appointed ‘elder christian(s).’ It is in Nigeria that any publicity-seeking charlatan can just wake up, assign themselves spurious positions and claim to be speaking for the millions of christians. I am a Christian and I support the position of the Kaduna State Government on public preaching.

  • NonPartisanElder

    I am a Christian and I trust the integrity of President Mohammed Buhari far more than I do in the leadeship of the Christian Association in Nigeria. In fact, I regard this self-appointed, so-called ‘National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF)’ as nothing other than charlatans. I haven’t read of NCEF coming out to express a rude shock and condemnation of the level of corruption under the last government, being exposed day by day. Let NCEF go and chill; or is this the way they want to demonstrate their loyalty to the sources of campaign fund tributaries that found their flows also to the churches?