Friday, 2nd June 2023
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Guardian Nigeria Partners Pop Central TV for Election Covearge

By Uju Ochulo
20 February 2023   |   7:52 pm
Pop Central TV has partnered with Guardian Nigeria to cover the 2023 Nigerian general elections.

Pop Central TV has partnered with Guardian Nigeria to cover the 2023 Nigerian general elections.

The first-of-its-kind partnership will see Guardian Nigeria and Pop Central providing live broadcast coverage of the general election in all 36 states of the nation.

The general elections are slated to take place on February 25, 2023, for the presidency and national assembly, and on March 11, 2023, for the governorship and state houses of assembly.

Reporters from The Guardian will call in on Pop Central Live TV and provide live updates on the various election-related events throughout Nigeria.

This collaboration aims to counter fake news, provide accurate election information, and provide accurate accounts of election-related events.

“Our partnership with the Guardian is very vital at a very important moment like this in the history of our country. There is nothing more important than ensuring we present the right information and avoid fake news at all costs,” says Yinka Obebe, CEO of PopCentralTV.

“We are excited to collaborate with The Guardian, a respected legacy media house, to leverage on their boots on the ground across all 36 states to bring authentic reportage live from the polls to TV and social media.”

Obebe emphasized that Popcentral, a platform for youth, is keen to ensure that, in addition to providing entertainment, the channel informs and educates its core audience, many of whom are also first-time voters.

Poll Up the Election Show will be an all-day event for 12 hours to aggregate the updates from the polls across 36 states in real-time, and viewers can also call anchors to request and give information about the polls.

“The Guardian is partnering with PopcentalTV for this election because of the enormous interest many young Nigerians have shown in the 2023 general elections,” said Bunmi Amosu, the Head of Guardian Digital.

“We see this partnership with Popcental TV as strategically important for our goal of accurately informing the public because we are a legacy news platform that is constantly innovating and evolving.”

Amosu added that both organisations want to satisfy their core audiences while executing a broad strategy to draw younger readers to both their print and digital channels.

He assured that this collaboration will not only produce prompt and accurate results but also intend to provide unbiased reporting both during and after the election season.

Tune in to Poll Up the election show on Channel 189 on Dstv to watch Pop Central’s live coverage of the general election from 8 am to 8 pm. on the days of the elections.

The Guardian TV will also have live coverage of the Elections on its Youtube channel.