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Herdsmen crisis: Time is running out — Fadeyi warns Buhari

By Eniola Daniel
31 January 2021   |   4:15 am
The Founder, Akin Fadeyi Foundation, Akin Fadeyi, yesterday, warned that President Muhammadu Buhari might be the last president of a united Nigeria.

Akin Fadeyi

The Founder, Akin Fadeyi Foundation, Akin Fadeyi, yesterday, warned that President Muhammadu Buhari might be the last president of a united Nigeria.

Fadeyi said this during a virtual conference tagged Herdsmen And Leadership Crisis: Is President Buhari Presiding Over The Last United Nigeria?

He said: “ Rather than keeping quiet in the case of Fulani herdsmen crisis, the president must ask how foreign nations, who lead in global cattle business, do business without slaughtering their own people.

“In 2011, when the President wept over the state of the nation in his quest for power at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, we wept along with him, because we believed he was sincere. Many Nigerians also queued behind him in 2015. Can he say he has turned the country around, and made it safer after becoming President in the past six years?

“What are you making of your legacy? Are you capable of rising over ethnic sentiments and protect all Nigerians?

“After voting and handing over to you the constitutional mandate to be leader of all, do you recognise that the Presidency you hold is more dignifying…?

“You led the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) to the late Oyo State Governor, Lam Adesina, to protest on behalf of Fulani herdsmen. how come today, you cannot protest on behalf of other Nigerians, who are being murdered?

“As a Muslim, who is nearer the valedictory stage of your life, I remind you, Mr. President, that for each time you know what to do, to rescue Nigerians from Fulani herdsmen, but you fail to do so, you struggle to shake off an inaudible complicity in the murder Íof innocent souls, all in a bid to fulfil what is beginning to look like a well-orchestrated expansionist agenda, your supporters will not stand in judgment with you.

“Good leaders take personal responsibility in crises. Good leaders align team focus, and establish periodically evaluated metrics to monitor their own performance. Good leaders create a culture of accountability, and stay alert and aligned on an effective dashboard of priorities. A good leader will unite this nation and not divide it.

“Time is running out on the writing of your legacy, President Buhari.  I call on you to jettison this conscious or unconscious bias and demonstrate leadership now. There is no leadership right now except we are deceiving ourselves. And our nation is snowballing, the keg of gunpowder is already here.

“I urge the President to stand up and demonstrate leadership before he goes into history as the last leader to preside over the affairs of a united Nigeria.

Speaking to the President’s supporters, he said, “Rather than speak the truth to powers when it matters, and by all means also praise the president, when he’s doing the right thing. Instead of holding government accountable or to answer germane questions, some of us worship the leaders.

What we are seeing today is the effect of not just bad governance, but also that of enabling naysayers. This is why the government is quick to demonise the media and civil society as heating up the polity. This same administration rode to power through a well-orchestrated media machinery, and also consistently solicited civil society’s support, but is now tagging the media as enemy of the state…”