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‘How climate change affects economy’


climate-changeThe President of Ecologistics, Dr. Paul Abolo, has pointed out that the felling of trees, fuel burning and gas flaring were responsible for global warming.

He said this when officials of the global climate change investment and sustainable development company visited The Guardian’s Rutam House in Lagos.

According to him, illnesses that had never occurred, including cancer in children, have become rampant. This, he said, has affected economically and security wise, the people’s well-being and quality of life.


Abolo said: “A lot of carbon-dioxide is pushed into the environment, which goes up to form the greenhouse gas and forms something like a blanket over the earth. This blanket allows the sun rays to go through and come to us on the earth but the ones that cannot go through are trapped by this blanket and so we begin to experience unnecessary heat and a whole lot of things get disrupted.”

On Nigeria’s support to climate change, he noted: “The nation is going forward with the green bonds which entails raising funds that the government will issue as bonds to development that is climate change-related and the interest on such loans is very minimal. The government is prepared to disburse 20 million by the end of March.

“The governor of Akwa Ibom State has said that no matter the quality of roofing sheet used in the state, it must be replaced after five years because of the presence of acid rain. We want to ensure we create the awareness and let our people know that we live in a prim
He, therefore, stressed the need for people and corporate organisations to be aware of climate change.

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