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‘How Generation Z can avoid depression, cyberbullying’

By Adeyemi Adepetun
03 March 2022   |   2:45 am
Social and emotional learning is said to be critical in helping Generation Z overcome rising cases of depression and cyberbullying, subsequently building confidence in them.

Social and emotional learning is said to be critical in helping Generation Z overcome rising cases of depression and cyberbullying, subsequently building confidence in them.
Generation Z is the first generation to have grown up with a smartphone. They are always online.

Lately, this generation has been facing cyberbullying and there have been reported cases of depression among them.
But yesterday, at the ongoing 2022 AfricaNXT tech conference in Lagos, two experts highlighted ways these challenges could be handled.

Team Lead, Events and Partnership, Guardian Newspapers, Olayinka Bolarinwa (left); Partnership Lead, Christine Nze-Serrano; filmmaker and director, Martin Gbados; Partnership Lead, Guardian Life, Oreoritse Tariemi and Africa Regional Lead, C. Moore Media International PR, Idagu David at the Masterclass Session “How to use movies to tell the Nigerian story to an International audience.”

Director of Communications, Lumination Global Network, Ms. Karishma Daryani-Chugani, said that parents, adults most times focus on children’s academic and general welfare, overlooking their social and emotional learning, creative endeavours and their transition to the workplace.
Daryani-Chugani said that when the social and emotional learning of the Gen Z, aged 9 to 24 is looked into adequately, it would help build their confidence.
She said that when their confidence is built, it makes them feel accepted, which brings out the best in them as well as their creativity
Daryani-Chugani said that Gen Z life is a tech life and the technology future is inevitable, which most times expose them to cyberbullying and depression.
She said that with the right mentorship and understanding of the social and emotional needs of Gen Z, such could be avoided
Co-founder, Lumination Global Network Africa, Ms Adaora Mbelu, said that there was a need to build a bridge between the adults and Gen Z in a way they could be taught and mentored.
Mbelu also harped on the need to create the right and safe environment for collaboration and communication that would enable them to create because Gen Z is very good at co-creation.
She said that society is continuously evolving at an exponential rate. Gen Z faces a lot of pressure that many parents didn’t experience growing up.
“Some of these pressures stem from self-esteem issues, academic or professional career-path stress, bullying, depression, cyber addiction, and anxiety over friendships and relationships.

Head of Programmes, Urban FM, Tyeng Gang (left); PR and Communications Consult, Ada Njemanze; Head of Music, Sub-sahara Africa, TouTube, Addy Awofisayo and Director, A&R (Artists and Repertoire) for Mavin Records “ at the Future of Music discovery in a digital age” session.

“As algorithms increasingly choose what we watch, listen to, or whose opinion we hear on social media and other digital platforms.
“Parents of teens are often focused on kids’ academics, and general welfare while overlooking their health, social and emotional learning, creative endeavors, and transition to work,” she said.
According to her, what used to work on the path towards ‘success,’ often gets imposed on our youth, without truly understanding the information, innovation, and pathways to the possibility that exist ahead of them.
She, however, encouraged the generation, saying that our Gen-Z kids on this continent were brilliant and motivated and have ideas and ready to work for change but need to be empowered right to speak the truth.

Presenter, Channels Television, Ayo Makinde (left); Deputy Country Director. OxfamUniversity of Abuja, Abdulazeez Musa; Chief Executive Officer of the Lagos State Resilience Office (LASRO). Dr. Folayinka Dania; Director General, Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), Prof. Mansur Bako Matazu; Agriculture Project Manager, IgnitiaNewcastle University during “Making Food Fair” session at the on going AfricaNXT 2022 in Lagos…yesterday.