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How Nigerians can learn from Adeboye’s humility, patriotism, by Oloja

By Timothy Agbor, Osogbo
13 April 2022   |   4:07 am
Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, Martins Oloja, yesterday, described the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, as a “significant man of God...

Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, Martins Oloja (left); Registrar, Redeemer’s University, Olukayode Akindele and Bursar, Mofoluso Olutayo-David, during a public lecture commemorating Pastor Enoch Adeboye at 80 and commissioning of Adeboye collection church history research room at the university in Ede, Osun State… yesterday.

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, Martins Oloja, yesterday, described the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, as a “significant man of God, who is transforming the country and the world at large by building character and turning the minds of the people from bad to good.”

Oloja, a guest lecturer at the public lecture and commissioning of Adeboye Collection and Church History Research Room, organised by the Redeemer’s University, Ede in honour of the 80th birthday of the cleric, popularly known as ‘Daddy G.O,’ urged Nigerians, both young and old, to emulate the humility of the global and influential minister, who joined the octogenarian league on March 2.

Delivering his lecture entitled: “Daddy G O @ 80: Ministry, Vision And Role In Nation Building” at the university auditorium, the MD said there are a lot for people to learn in the life and time of Pastor Adeboye, a native of Ifewara in Osun State, adding that the cleric, who is reputed for honesty, has won many souls for Christ, and consequently, converted people with bad character to doing good and obeying societal laws.

On what Nigerians should learn from Adeboye, whom he described as ‘God’s humble General’, Oloja stated: “The first thing to learn is the power of focus on the word. Everything that we talk about Pastor Adeboye is the power of humility, and you will see one of those ancient words that it’s only an empty vessel that makes the loudest noise. People who are humble, influential and powerful will just come from the background of humility and people of substance are humble. And God gives power to the humble.

“You know that this Pastor Adeboye is very rich in so many ways – but you won’t find it in him. He is very rich that there is nothing that he wants that he cannot have. I am not a stranger to RCCG. Even, so many Presidents and leaders of the world consult him and he won’t go and be holding press conferences about how the consulting is. “The power of God is so much upon him and yet, he is humble. Jesus Christ was humble like that till death on the cross and therefore, highly exalted and he is giving a name that is above all other names and at the mention of that name, every knee should bow.”

He continued: “That’s exactly what is happening because the man (Adeboye) has been humble. God has elevated him. God has made him to be very influential around the world. God has made him to fulfil destiny and the mission and vision of the church that he inherited from the founder, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi from Ondo, who started in a very humble manner at a place they used to call Cemetery Street but now, it’s called Redemption Road. It’s his own humility that has led to that. When anointing meets with intellectual power, then there will be some explosion and then, the heaven will be more open.

“Another lesson is that there is no alternative to quality of education even if you are going to the ministry. Education helps a lot. When you read the Open Heaven, you see the depth of teaching. That’s from the background of the intellectual power that Pastor Adeboye has. Someone who has a doctorate in Applied Mathematics, and has been teaching. So, anointing meets with intellect and you see the explosion that is happening around him.”

The power of thinking and the power of logic. So, we need some skill set in this 21st Century. God blesses the work of your hand. There must be something in your hand that God will bless. So, young people should know that they should have a work that God will bless.”

Oloja noted: “His (Adeboye) role in nation building is that he is building character, he is building minds of people, turning people from their bad ways to winning souls. When you win souls for Christ, you win souls too for the nation. Then, if we have good people in this country, it won’t be like this. When he preaches, you see the people rushing. They are rushing from darkness to light. So, he is building the nation by bringing those people that would have been breaking doors. You will notice that a lot of people have turned form their bad ways to good ways, to serve the nation by turning to God. So, when you are converting people, not just for the kingdom, because there is kingdom of God here on earth that we need to enjoy.

“So, he (Adeboye) has been preaching and building people, even preaching to leaders of nations. He has talked about restructuring, he has talked about how to run away from corruption, he even talked to people not to use the envelope of your office for personal letters. So, his building the minds and character of the people is what becomes national culture that would translate to good people.”

The guest lecturer added: “At 80, he (Adeboye) still peaches every – in fulfilment of the fundamental objectives and directive principle of RCCG kingdom (nation) building policy. He (Adeboye) visits correctional centres to preach the gospel to bad boys and girls there. Some have just been released from Kirikiri Maximum Correctional Centres through his ministrations and prophetic utterances.

“The big man, who would just like to be called Pastor, doesn’t make fiery political statements. No matter what you tell him about any fire on the mountain, in the context of the parlous state of the nation, or even the Church, he would smile and tell his audience to ‘go and win souls’ of the bad and wicked people, the scoundrels you are complaining about. There is fire in his belly, but he doesn’t use such powers to bring down powerful people.

“So, the conclusion of the whole matter is this: we as People of God should thank God for manifesting our own Barnabas, the man the Bible specifically describes as a ‘Good Man’: ‘For he was a good man and full of Holy Ghost and of faith …’ (Acts 11:24). He (Adeboye) should be celebrated because he has by His grace through humility fulfilled the mission God gave his (Adeboye) Pastor, Pa Josiah Akindayomi, to establish the RCCG in uttermost parts of the world. The Great Commission has been greatly fulfilled in his hand. He established the Great City of God in Redemption City he humbly calls Redemption Camp in Ogun State, which enjoys stable electricity through credible independent power project free from ‘national greed’ that has caused collapse of our national grid.

“How else can anyone build a nation other than using what Michael W. Smith calls ‘Ancient Words,’ Holy words, long preserved for our walks in this world. Adeboye has given millions ‘Words of Life,’ ‘Words of Hope’ which has given us strength and helped us to cope in this world, wherever we roam, for the Ancient Words to guide us Home.”

While responding to the lecture, Pastor Adeboye commended Oloja for the well-researched public lecture, adding that he felt so honoured by the event.

Represented by Pastor Tokunbo Adesanya, former Pro-Chancellor, Redeemer’s University, Adeboye said: “I felt so honoured to see that my 80th birthday has attracted so much attention. Like I said at the special Holy Ghost Service, I would have been 80 before now if I had known it would be such glorious. I want to thank you all for all the surprises I received during my 80th celebration. They will forever remain memorable. I would like to specially commend the Vice Chancellor and other Principal Officers for their tactfulness, especially at this present time.”

“It is worthy of note to mention that by the special grace of God, my life story is of dedication and hard work from a very early age, a story of divine visitation and supernatural intervention. From the moment I had an encounter with the Lord, he has empowered me to live a life of faith, holiness and confidence in him. Therefore, I implore you to continually press on your journey of faith and holiness,” Adeboye added.