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How to quit smoking with electronic cigarette


You must be asking yourself “does electronic cigarette help you quit smoking?” or “Should I go to the vape store?”

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine presented data showing that electronic cigarettes can also be one of the ways to stop smoking. In this survey, 886 participants decreased or permanently stopped smoking common cigarettes. The study showed that 18% of participants who switched from conventional to electronic cigarettes quit smoking after one year. Quitting smoking is not a simple act, as everyone already knows, and this percentage becomes totally significant because of that. And studies in Europe and the United States have shown results showing that there are far more benefits than harms to using electronic cigarettes. This is because the electronic cigarette does not produce smoke, but steam, with no burning (combustion). In addition, electronic cigarettes do not have the chemical components (tar and carbon monoxide) that are harmful to health and are present in conventional cigarettes.

As for the conventional cigarette, this is just one of the ways used to administer nicotine. However, this cigarette not only contains nicotine, but also has tar and carbon monoxide, which are the main reasons why you have to be ALERT! This is due to the fact that tar is a complex mixture of various compounds harmful to health, which are often unknown, and may have about 4 thousand chemical compounds, among which at least 40 are considered carcinogenic, not counting the countless other diseases that can be caused by tar. As for carbon monoxide, a toxic and flammable gas, it originates from the burning of countless substances responsible for chaining asphyxiation and is related to cardiovascular, respiratory and cancerous diseases, that is, it is an extremely dangerous and health-damaging gas.

Through the common cigarette, a combustion of nicotine must be done so that you can inhale it, and with this combustion you do not inhale only nicotine, but other substances, such as those mentioned above. Not to mention that most cigarette manufacturers include preservatives in their products, which further increase the smoker’s level of dependence. Combustion, in turn, is a chemical reaction between two or more reagents that releases great energy in the form of heat, that is, it is nothing more than the burning of these reagents. That said, it is worth remembering that cigarette smoke is created by burning these offensive substances, which causes several lung problems, in addition to harming your health as a whole.

It is not for nothing that the manufacturers put photos that show the harm that the cigarette causes, because the common cigarette does not only cause lung diseases, it is also capable of causing bad breath, weakening the immune system, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, ignite the gum region, cause tooth loss, decrease taste, among other numerous health problems, appearance and also in interpersonal relationships, this because of the smoke caused by the combustion that has a bad odor, making people not want to be close, because the clothes and hair have an unpleasant cigarette smell.

It is also worth remembering the existence of passive smokers, who, even if they do not smoke directly, end up inhaling the substances that are present in cigarette smoke. This smoke that the passive smoker inhales is called second-hand smoke, which is not as dangerous as it is to smoke the cigarette directly, but if you are in a prolonged period in the same environment as a smoker, it can be considered of high risk, because, as previously mentioned, the passive smoker ends up inhaling the same smoke and absorbing the same harmful substances to the body that the conventional cigarette has.

Speaking of nicotine now, the types of nicotine used in electronic cigarettes can be in liquid form or in nicotine salts, known as Nic Salt, as they are more volatile and quickly absorbed, and when used in electronic cigarettes, they enter directly into your organism, without making the production of carbon monoxide, causing you to release only the steam with residues of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings. Still, the vaporized nicotine practically completely absorbed in the body (about 93%), with no concern about causing harm to the people around you, that is, you do not have to worry about the fact that there is a passive smoker, because the people around you are not inhaling the nicotine vapor you release. With this, using electronic cigarettes instead of the conventional cigarette, you stop causing harm to your health and the health of other people, because the electronic cigarette does not produce carbon monoxide nor does it have tar.

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