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I have a lot to tell Nigerians, says ex-NSA Sambo Dasuki




• ‘Jonathan, not me, approved arms procurement deals’
• DSS moves to enforce arrest order
• HURIWA wants probe extended to police
WHAT Nigerians should expect from Tuesday’s arrest order issued by President Muhammadu Buhari against the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki, over alleged arms deals emerged yesterday when he said he was ready to open a can of worms — only when his trial begins.

Stressing that he did not approve military procurements, but former President Goodluck Jonathan did, Dasuki said: “I have a lot to tell Nigerians but in the interim, they should not believe some of the allegations as gospel truths. The good thing is that some of the key actors in the present administration were part of the past process being viciously challenged.
“As for my tenure as the nation’s NSA, I acted in the interest of the nation and with utmost fear of God. I did not use the office for any self-serving agenda. I occupied the Office of the National Security Adviser at a difficult moment in Nigerian history when terrorism was at its peak and I am leaving posterity to judge me accordingly.”

Dasuki spoke just as it became obvious last night that the Department of State Security (DSS) was ready to enforce President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrest order on the embattled former NSA. The Guardian observed at press time that DSS operatives had beefed up personnel around Dasuki’s residence.

Also, the Human Rights Writers Associations of Nigeria (HURIWA) yesterday applauded the president’s determination to recover all stolen funds from the Defence sector by releasing a report indicting some high profile erstwhile military personnel, including Dasuki.

The group, however, urged him to further subject the findings of the Presidential Committee to credibility test by globally tested and trusted firearms’ procurement auditors who have no political affiliations to either the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or the All Progressives Congress (APC) to avoid claims of witch-hunt and targeted attacks on the opposition party and former President Jonathan. In a statement signed jointly by HURIWA’s National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, and National Media Affairs Director, Miss Zainab Yusuf, the group demanded an expansion of the forensic investigative activities to cover procurements made in the Police sector. HURIWA described the Nigeria Police as ill-equipped and unprepared to professionally enforce the Rule of Law.

Buhari had, on Tuesday ordered the arrest of Dasuki and some unnamed culprits for allegedly siphoning billions of dollars earmarked for arms purchases. The President, while ordering the arrest, noted that the actions of the erstwhile NSA ridiculed the country and made the war against the Boko Haram terrorists group difficult.

Specifically, the 13-man panel found among other alleged anomalies, a N643.8 billion ($2.1bn) as extra-budgetary interventions; $2.3 billion (or N13.7bn) worth of failed contracts (53 out of 513 awarded between 2007 and 2015); and a N3.8 billion cash paid to a company allegedly without evidence of any contract;

But Dasuki last night re-iterated his readiness to “see” the Federal government in court, over the ‘allegations,’ describing the panel’s findings as ambiguous, presumptious and baseless.

A statement signed by the former NSA and issued yesterday in Abuja, said the report was jaundiced, just as due diligence was not adopted by the committee in the search for facts to arrive at credible conclusions, as “there was no contract awarded or equipment bought without approval from the then President and Commander-In-Chief.”



He faulted the manner in which he was singled out to be named in the saga, whereas the report supposedly suggested there were other ‘culprits.’ This, according to the former NSA, is “theatrical,” just as he stated that, in a ploy to gain public sympathy, the “presidency quoted some absurd findings, including extra-budgetary interventions, award of fictitious contracts, 53 failed contracts, payment for jobs without contractual agreements, non-execution of contracts for the purchase of four Alpha jets, bombs and ammunition.”

He said the Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, who issued the statement, should have known better the extent of his involvement, as “a former President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors and a witness to history”. This, he said, was a propaganda to cast aspersions on Dasuki.
“To set the records straight, Nigerians should appreciate that the AVM Jon Ode-led panel did not invite the ex-NSA under any guise before arriving at its ambiguous findings,” he said.
“At least, fairness demands that the panel ought to hear from Dasuki instead of its recourse to hasty conclusions. If the panel had been more patient and painstaking, it would have been availed of all relevant documents on some of the jaundiced findings.”

The statement explained that Dasuki did not award the procurement contracts on behalf of the military, as it is not the convention with such contracts.

He said the allegations by the Presidency that the panel accused him (Dasuki) of awarding fictitious contracts between March 2012 and March 2015, is unfounded as “contrary to this claim, Dasuki was not the NSA in March 2012 and he could not have awarded any contract in whatever name. Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan appointed him NSA on June 22, 2012.

All contracts and accruing payments were with the approval of the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces. Once the ex-President approved, the former NSA paid.  So, there was due process for every purchase in line with regulations guiding arms procurement for the Armed Forces.

And Nigerians should note that all the services generated the types of equipment needed, sourced for suppliers most times and after consideration by the Office of the NSA, the President will approve application for payment. For sensitive sectors (military/security), there was no room for awarding fictitious contracts. The conclusions of the panel were presumptive, baseless and lacked diligence.

There were no fictitious contracts; contract sums were not diverted and the relevant services in writing acknowledged delivery of equipment. For all procurements, the Nigerian Army, the Air Force and the Nigerian Navy have their contractors.”
Dasuki backed this up with references to prove that the presidency was just desperate to hang some former public and military officers who served this nation at the risk of their lives.
“It is laughable for the panel to assume that four Alpha jets and 12 helicopters were undelivered. In a memo to the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), referenced NAF/905/D/CAS of November 28, 2014, the immediate past Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Adesola Amosu, acknowledged the receipt of the 4x Alpha jets attack aircraft and the helicopters.

On 10/21/14, the Chief of Air Staff also confirmed the receipt of F-7 N1 aircraft combination of 250kg bombs and accessories at $2,894,000 with the cost of freight at $1,200,000. The same Air Force confirmed getting 2xTri Shield 36DG Tactical radars.
“In another letter of December 1, 2014 signed by L.S. Alao (on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff), the Air Force said it received five containerized fuel storage and dispensing units with equipment.

The Nigerian Army wrote the ONSA to acknowledge the delivery of 14 armoured tanks. In a December 13, 2014 memo, the Brigade of Guards thanked ONSA for releasing N30m for RCA, Operation allowance for Troops on Op Urban Sweep II for third and fourth quarters of 2014. This is apart from the installation of CCT Cameras at the Brigade Headquarters, 2 backscatter bomb detection vans and other equipment.
“On November 26, 2014, the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh sought for approval of the award of one pair of uniform (in the interim) for the Armed Forces at N165, 375 to El-Jahab Mubarak Nigeria and N330,750,000 for two pairs.
“These are some of the acknowledgment letters submitted to me by the end-users (the services). It is not for me to go and find out whether the equipment were delivered or not. I am not the one keeping the inventories.

To show that I have nothing to hide, I submitted a comprehensive list of all requests for procurements by the services, the items bought and those equipment being awaited to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari long before I left office. If there were issues, I should have been questioned. I was just the clearinghouse, I did not award contracts to my company or proxies. There was no contract awarded or equipment bought without approval from the then President and Commander-In-Chief”.

He further said, “I am not a thief or treasury looter as being portrayed.” He explained that some of the revelations might endanger the security of the nation. “In order not to endanger the nation’s security,” I am ready for trial on all these allegations in order to prove to Nigerians that I did nothing untoward in office. We will certainly meet in court.”

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  • 100%Iboguy

    Dasuki is entitled to be given a hearing by the panel before it compiled the report.

    The mere fact that Jonathan approved the contracts did not make it above board, at the worst it will implicate Jonathan as approving some suspected armed robbers ripping off the country.

    Yes Dasuki is right in his claim that after facilitating contracts worth billions he is not bound to keep the inventories but he is obliged to verify delivery before facilitating payment.

    Dasuki must be given the opportunity to clear his name as soon as possible because justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Omoolowu

      Dasuki is economical with truth, in my opinion.
      He particularly refused to honor the invitation extended to I’m, just for him to cry foul that they did not give him fare hearing.
      Let him spill the milk. It’s healthy for Nigeria!

      • 100%Iboguy

        I am with you 100% on spilling the milk but these people are cowards they do not have the gut to do that.

    • ukoette ibekwe

      Are you this stupid? I’m not absolving anyone. But to say that Dasuki should have made sure that military equipment was delivered before payment was effected is just nonsense.
      Do you even have an idea how organizations work?

      • 100%Iboguy

        I know you are a biafran from your comment. You are lazy to think! You like responding to superior argument with abuses and insults. You carry your ignorance with pride.

        I know it is only in your biafra organisation in Kanu’s head that people do not verify if contracts have been fulfilled before payments are made.

        • ukoette ibekwe

          I will reiterate that you are stupid. Your superior argument is like Buhari going overseas to announce to the world that ministers are noise makers yet it took him six months to nominate noise makers.

          • 100%Iboguy

            Another reason confirming that you are a biafran is that they leave substance and they keep on chasing shadow as you have demonstrated.

            I gave three good reasons why you biafrans are not to be taken serious and you are telling me that Buhari is a trader and he has a shop in David’s village like we read in Oxford primary 2 English textbook.

            What is my business about your irrelevant story on Buhari?

          • ukoette ibekwe

            Let me see if I can proffer a simple analogy to your supposed argument. I’m assuming that you are employed and your general manager is quartered in Lagos and there are supplies to be delivered to a branch of your company in Sokoto. Following your reasoning, the general manager should travel to Sokoto to personally ascertain the delivery of the supplies even after the branch manager sent a written acknowledgment of the delivery. And after the general manager has seen the goods, he would then pay.
            What a sound argument.

          • 100%Iboguy

            I know that biafrans fabricate things from them their heads to justify clearly irrational argument.

            It is only in the biafran territory that is located in Kanu’s head that the head of an agency/parastatal/company/ministry will be expected to go and do a physical verification when all that is required is for him or her to just demand that copies of duly signed delivery note should be attached to the payment vouchers.

            I also know that biafrans do not have any regard for facts because Dasuki stated his position clearly on how he was coordinating the payment and he never spoke about him being expected to do physical verification.

  • AA

    Buhari’s desperate desire to ‘nail’ Dasuki is the very factor that will prevent us from getting to the bottom of this matter. Because of that, the committee is already compromised and Dasuki will be able to successfully prove that their so-called findings are flawed. One clear discrepancy is that they claimed he started work in march instead of June 2012. Because of the hurried nature of their so-called investigation, any smart lawyer will pick enough holes in their report to render it unacceptable. This will through the whole probe into confusion and it will take years in court.

    But that is probably Buhari’s game plan. Just to keep Dasuki under lock and key as part of the vendetta. He definitely knows that this voodoo committee’s work will not be able to pass muster in a competent and fair trial. But he can use that trial as an alibi to keep Dasuki locked up for years. His plan is likely to work; but Nigeria will remain cheated because we are not likely to know the truth of the matter for another 10 years or so.

  • gogolagos

    Please mr. Dasuki open the pressure pot, Nigerians are all ears to liste/hear, push all the pigs you know into the swamp and let them dance inside poto poto, Nigerians want to know what happened to their national wealth and those who loot them. do it for the name of Nigerians. tell Nigerian the whole truth. Nigerians will be happy with you. his will write good of you as an honest man of the national. do not swallow your words and intention. Buhari make sure that nothing happen to this man if he real want to empty the pot for Nigerians to know the truth.

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  • Bertram

    Please also tell us the real sponsors of Boko Haram. I am sure in your position as NSA you should have the information.


    why dragging GEJ into this, This was approved by the president, because you guys told him the need for it, but after the approval, you guys diverted the money. May the blood of those who died as a result of your greediness ask you. May almighty Allah reward you according to your handwork.

  • tbt

    Dasuki what else can you tell us that we don’t know? (1) we know that you and some other folks are the chief sponsor of Boko Haram, ( 2) you use tax payers money to buy weapon for Boko Haram (3) you pass information to Boko Haram for any intended Army attack, (4) In one of your comment after election, you said you worked for then opposition, (5) the weapons/ artillery found in your house was meant to use on Jonathan should he delay in accepting defeat. etc.

  • Col. this is the right time for you clear your name and family from all this mess which find ourselves as nation please name people even if the past President is involve name him, this no whole bar. God bless Nigeria

  • Meeday

    “These are some of the acknowledgment letters submitted to me by the end-users (the services). It is not for me to go and find out whether the equipment were delivered or not. I am not the one keeping the inventories.”

    Doed.this fool think we are stupid..why won’t a National Security Adviser do routine check of our war equipment…that is more than 400billion naira..
    Lets say u didnt check, how come boko haram was winning if the equipment were delivered,
    Wont you ask how the new equipment are helping to prosecute the war?

    If nah your papa money u no go check?
    Am sure he thinks this stupid words of his can make nigerians pity him..

  • Babafemi

    With the laundry list of the hi-tech, top notch miltary equipment I just read in this article, I can’t understand how the Nigeria Military is unable to defeat BH. I mean, these equipment are top of the range. So we have all these in Nigeria and some idiots are attacking villages and kidnapping people daily. There is definitely much to be said. We’re all ears Mr. Holy Mallam…