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I remain without a party, says Obasanjo




Pledges support for any patriotic leader

ABOUT six months after he publicly quit his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), former President Olusegun Obasanjo declared yesterday that he remained “party-less” Nigerian and would continue to carry the toga of a statesman.

Obasanjo, who spoke when he received the Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada, at his Abeokuta Hilltop residence insisted that though he had ceased to play partisan politics, he would continue to work with any Nigerian politician who has integrity, good leadership traits and deep love for the country.

The former President, who tore his PDP membership card few weeks before the last general elections said, “everybody is welcome. But they must be with good leadership traits, with genuine intention to improve the country.”

Obasanjo told his audience, “We should understand first that no party makes a person, but a person makes a party. It is who you are that you bring into the party. Though for now I remain a party-less Nigerian, I will continue to welcome any Nigerian with good leadership qualities.”

“It does not matter which party you belong to, either, PDP, APC, Labour, APGA, any party at all, as long as you are committed, sincere and a purposeful leader, I am ready for you. And that is what our brother is doing. I pray that this country will never be short of this type of people,” Obasanjo said.

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  • Ify Onabu

    Toga of statesman? Which statesman is this man, the one that has since lost his saltiness?

  • Ojiyovwi

    Irrelevant quagmire best describes politics in Nigeria. No group can be bugged down with identies when the pressing needs of our people apolitical. We need power, health, education and transport infrastructure urgently and reliably. These needs are apolitical and unless any group can deliver on these, they will all fail like Obasanjo did and they will descend in to self-erichment as a miopic consolation and retreat in bitter self-hate for failed promises and chronic selfishness. In that case, no amount of self-assumed importance will salvage the individual, Obasanjo et al from the ensuing psychological torment for the rest of their days.

  • Ige Sodiq Hameed

    without a party but a destroyer. An ingrate old man. Yoruba blood plus ibo blood na bad thing o o o o o . Sorry I forgot that there are best ones among them.

  • kkomdo . Joinyon

    Nothing wrong with that. I respect an honest claim. What I detest is people turning a blind eye to the excesses of people like Akpabio who has bought his way to senate minority leader position to continue to wreck havoc. See what people from his state who have nothing buy curses for him have said:

    Akpabio is pathetic, I thought he was a HARD Man?

    Is he looking for justice in the same country he rendered many Wives Widows, children Fatherless? Mkpo ase ba o!!!!

    He should be warming up to serving his jail term.

    Look who is talking?

    I thought he said he is a god?

    He shouldn’t be crying out, gods don’t whine, why is this tin god suddenly whining and seeking attention and sympathy from the masses?

    I dey laugh.

    He is now debunking ‎stories we break, Ufan ami idehe a serious person and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    Da, u never chi chum chin.

    Yak Ikpe ade utip you go understand how far.

    Your accounts abroad are frozen I guess, you can’t move your loot?

    You bought IBOM POWER PLANT I hear with the money you stole.

    Godswill Akpabio achong ataha echit believe me.


    Accra, Ghana


    Nigeria state has very few statesmen,the transparent among us,especially in co rider of political power are either humiliated or killed,one of such is late Brig.Tunde Idiagbon,late Awolowo,late kashim Ibrahim,Cdr Ebitu Ukiwe,Gen.Domkat Bali,not those questionable men as OBJ and his likes,Buhari is laying a foundation of statesmanship if he can as well probe and recover looted funds from his party members and the opposition parties

    • Prince T

      i wonder if you know the meaning of stateman. if you say obj is not a stateman, what is he then.

      • Kelly

        Deceitful man.. I hope you check again the meaning of statesman and see if OBJ meets any of those qualities. Dictionary please!!!

        • Prince T

          he has represented our country nationally and internationally without the aid of the ruling govt.
          successfully mediated on behalf of UN in conflicts in Rwanda, congo and so on
          monitored elections in sudan and others.
          his current book was launched in kenya and london. who has that kind of a clout in nigeria.
          if obj is not elder stateman, i wonder who is one??????
          i have checked please tell me that i am wrong.

      • ZINNI

        A Thief retired

        • Prince T

          Your opinion

          • ZINNI

            You know it,they know it ,the world can testify

      • ZINNI

        A Stateman ,who hold a public office meriteously

        • Prince T

          Desmond Tutu is a statesman. Does he have official post

        • Prince T

          I got 2 definitions. I preferred this one. “a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues”.
          Obj was UN peace envoy to Congo and Rwanda conflicts. Did a great job.
          Supervised sudan’s elections. Was praised for it too
          As president paid debts, mobile phone, banking and agriculture.
          His book was launched in Kenya and UK. HOW many leaders has that type of clout in nigeria????? I am waiting.

  • Baba Blu

    Obasanjo must stop grandstanding he is as complicit as anybody else for the state of the nation. He has misappropriated as much funds and mismanaged as many projects as any other leader of the nation, civilian or military. Now, that he is scared of being probed he is crying crocodile tears to appease Buhari.

  • charlieakpeumoh

    I very disgusted and disappointed by the latest action of this Idris Wada fellow. He must be very desperate, to have wasted his time to pay a visit to someone, who openly disgraced his party, the PDP (by tearing his party’s memebership card in the public)!!! Indeed there is no discipline in that party. Every politician now does what he likes without thinking deep! Whoever advised him to embark on that negative journey has ultimately put a death nail to the prospects of his winning a 2nd. term in office. The PDP needs a new leadership led by women and youths and most important of all, a new constitution; called “a new covenant”. Ask for Mr. Idris Wada and Kogi State, they have both parted ways since that visit to satan or chief of Judases. Time will tell!

  • Ojiyovwi

    Obasanjo should realise that he is irrelevant and can delude himself till his last breath. I am actually surpirsed that htis was carried at all by any news organisation and even more disappointed that the Guardian of all should find the space for his tripe.

  • w.kokumo

    Baba should go and relaxed, baba need to respect himself, baba is one of our bad leader, who nearly destroy our dear Nigerian, during his time as a president 8 years, no water, no electricity, no good road, no houses for poor family, baba has been to UK,USA saw infrastructure good hospital, if you asked baba what has happen that he could not archived more infrastructure during his time, instead of baba to take responsibility as a leader but he will blame others people around him. Most of our leaders were wicked and selfish individual build hotel, school, cars, different house for their self and they deceive us pretend that they love Nigerian.

    • gaolaniyan

      But please think about how much he left in the treasury and the foreign reserve b/f to GJ. I think cell phone was reversed from only the rich to everybody. AND, b/haram couldn’t just mess with OBJ. Balance up with some positive things so yourself don’t get caught up in a mess.

      • Afenn

        Do you know how much Norway, a country that is less than 12 million people have in foreign reserve? Over 700billion dollars which they have not touched even as I write! Why do you allow people to fool you? How did the foreign reserve of 30 billion change your own life personally? After Baba left office, the money he is spending till this day is not part of the foreign reserve. I don’t care about how much people leave in the foreign reserves if eventually the politics they left behind destroyed the foreign reserve after just six years. When will Africans be free from these buccaneers?

        • gaolaniyan

          I think Buahari got it right than you. If he left a politic to the unguarded they should be accountable to what they did with what he left behind. And, how the 30 billion change my life : I am one of the retiree in diaspora, I got a better deal with my token pension abroad under Baba than GJ. By your own testimony Norway is less than Ibadan and Lagos and don’t forget the complexity of Nigeria generally. To be fair and free from sentimental judgement, we need to ask GJ what happen to the reserves and the looting in the highest magnitude.

  • olu

    The last days of slave master relationship in Kogi I believed is nearing an end and no amount of solidarity visit to Olumo Rock will reverse that trend.

  • bobo


  • agbobu


    • Afenn

      Thank you my brother! People know their leader. They will NEVER be deceived by looters!

  • Fuzio

    Who cares.


    The former President Olusegun Obasanjo is one of our political saviours in Nigeria from GEJ administration, the worst government ever recorded ,some people may not like what he did to sweep away the worst government of PDP that nearly sold our fathers land . Every well meaning Nigerian are currently happy that we have our political Messiah ,who have come to save our generation from the political termites that worked in collaboration and looted our livelihood. never again they would be allowed to serve this glorious nation. PMB is writing history, and history will write about him . We need to be honest and not be worshiping money at the end lost our integrity and bring shame home to our family and our tribe.