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Impact of Digital freelancing in reducing unemployment in Africa

By Ifeoluwa Abioye
29 October 2022   |   2:36 am
Unfortunately, many countries have been struggling globally to put their economy back to shape since the pandemic. However, we saw a positive movement in early 2021, but the Russian war started, bringing about a further increase


Unfortunately, many countries have been struggling globally to put their economy back to shape since the pandemic. However, we saw a positive movement in early 2021, but the Russian war started, bringing about a further increase in unemployment and inflation.

Salary earners have been struggling because salaries are not increasing at the same pace as inflation. It is no news that many people have only one source of Income, hence living paycheck to paycheck. Also, companies cannot afford to increase staff salaries, thereby retrenching their staff.

Business owners are going through hardship and are folding up because the cost of providing services outweighs the revenue they generate, and thus struggle to profit.

The best way to improve the situation is to look for ways people can double their sources of Income in a way that will not affect their present job. It could also help new mums pick up a job and work remotely and start to support the home.

The unemployed must learn to be comfortable in the digital space and thus think digitally. Businesses should also look for ways to use technology to boost revenue and increase production speed. We can argue that digital means of servicing customers is one of the efficient ways to generate revenue from any part of the world and at the convenience of your home.

We have, therefore, looked for an innovative way to make people get clients and get paid in the comfort of their homes. That is why we thought of a digital solution that allows professionals to connect with businesses.

The digital solution is Dvictoriahalf, a digital platform that allows top professionals to work with businesses. It is also open to students who want to take a mini-training that will allow them to work part-time to support their upkeeps. The business model allows freelancers to accommodate more clients and increases earning possibilities.

Digital freelancing is common in developed countries, but many people don’t know about it in Nigeria. It is when professionals use digital means to provide services to businesses worldwide in the comfort of their homes. Before I go further, let me clarify the difference between digitization and digitalization.

Digitization is simply converting paperwork or hardcopy documents into a digital format, e.g. scanning a document. However, digitalization is the act of converting your business model into using a digital process rather than working manually.

We have analyzed the problem and can see that most freelancers are not reaching their customers quickly and conveniently. Therefore, this technology will eradicate all the problems associated with the traditional way of freelancing.

Before now, freelancers have to look for clients, and they are never paid on time and sometimes will not receive any money. That is why digital freelancing is an encouraging way that allows people to build their clientele base in the comfort of their homes. Don’t get us wrong, this platform will not send clients to you but has provided an opportunity to attract a client with a good profile.

Digital freelancing will not only improve the standard of living of individuals but will also boost the economy. According to a survey by Edelman Berland, freelancers make up about 34% of the 53 million workforces in America.

Interestingly, most freelancer sales are usually from outside the country. It means freelancers can compete internationally and do not necessarily have to leave the country to work for an international company. It can also enable foreign companies to work with diverse African professionals, reducing unemployment and encouraging more startups to start businesses and have freelancers to assist them in bringing their ideas to life.

Startup businesses constantly need support, and this can only be possible through the need for a digital freelancing platform. Most startups cannot afford big companies, and their businesses suffer when they work solely.

Startup owners should concentrate on business leads and look for ways to digitalize processes to maximize revenue and not be a jack of all trades. That is why businesses should connect to professionals via a freelancing platform.

A startup business might struggle with full-time employees because they are expensive to maintain and attract other expenses like training, pension contributions, etc. But a digital freelancer will only provide the service when needed with no commitment. Also, this platform allows you to tap into specialized talent without breaking the bank. We know how expensive it is to get the services of professionals, but this platform makes you get a high-quality job at an affordable rate.

The benefits are endless, and the good thing is that you will release the fund only when you are satisfied with the project or based on your agreement with the freelancer.

In conclusion, we cannot continue to be spectators in Africa; we must adopt the best practice and welcome digital freelancing. If you are already running a corporate job, you must start freelancing as a side hustle.

According to Forbes, more than 50% of the American workforce might be freelancing in 2027. We want to use this platform to enable the members to access jobs locally and from multinational corporations, they would not have access to on a normal day.

According to the Times of India, India’s gig workers might be around 23 million in 2029-30, which will greatly contribute to their national Income. It will reduce unemployment and boost the standard of living of individuals.

Let us all be part of this so Nigeria can have a digital freelancing platform that attracts multinationals. Get started now at

Author: Ifeoluwa Abioye