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Infectious disease bill: CUPP kicks over decision to bar journalists from coverage


Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila PHOTO: Twitter

…..urges Reps to kill the bill during consideration
The coalition of United political parties (CUPP) has condemned the decision to bar journalists from the coverage of the public hearing on the infectious diseases Bill.

CUPP’s spokesperson, Ikenga Imo Ugochinye called on all opposition lawmakers to outrightly reject the report on the public hearing by the time it is brought to the floor of the House for consideration in the interest of Nigerians.

Said he: “The House must stop the Speaker to avoid carrying the tag of House of Political Alleluia Boys where anything including making legislation to turn a man into a woman or white into black can happen without questions or resistance


“It is time to take back the peoples Parliament before the Speaker burns it down and destroy our hard-fought democracy. ”

Continuing, he noted: “Nigerians had expected a real public hearing that would have also afforded the Speaker the forum to clear his name from the allegations that he was in possession of external mobilization for the Bill to be passed alas, the public hearing which was forced on him is now being held in the secret.

“This is the first time in a modern democracy that the world is witnessing a secret public hearing.

“Speaker Gbajabiamila continues to desecrate the Nigerian Parliament daily. The integrity, worth, essence and glory of the House of Representatives has departed and members of the House who still have honour, and they are in the majority, must start mobilizing for a legislative fight on the floor of the Parliament if the already compromised outcome of today’s secret Owambe called public hearing is presented on the floor of the House.

“Chasing Journalists away from the Venue of Public Hearing is shameful barbaric conduct that can only be seen in Museveni‚Äôs Uganda Parliament or Parliaments of places like Somalia, Zimbabwe and Burundi. How did we get to a point that a man once convicted of the dishonest act can hold all of us, especially House of Representatives to political ransom without the lawmakers rising up to take him down.

“This same Speaker Gbajabiamila set up an unlawful ad hoc Committee headed by (a PDP turned APC agent) Hon. Henry Nwawuba to investigate the Spokesman of the CUPP where he mobilized all the media houses while also allowing the halls to be filled to capacity. Yet today, he believes the only group of Nigerians who would make the Hall to be rowdy is the media whose duty it is to inform millions of Nigerians who are not inside that hall that their views have been heard and that the Bill has been rejected. Public activities of the House are now shrouded in secrecy and only Speaker Gbajabiamila can tell Nigerians why!”

With the exception of the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA and Channels TV allowed to cover the public hearing, the entire members of the House press corps were barred from covering the proceedings.


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