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Institute of strategic managers holds membership induction

By Paula Eseghene
16 November 2017   |   4:21 am
Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders (CISML) has held a membership induction/chartered practitioners licensing. The event took place at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs...

Members at the induction

Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders (CISML) has held a membership induction/chartered practitioners licensing. The event took place at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Victoria Island, Lagos with strategic leadership practices today in focus.

According to the organisers, the event came at a time that our dear nation was slipping because of huge unemployment rate, corruption, terrorism, kidnapping, recession and oil price drop.

“I am very optimistic that, you have made a wise choice to come through CISML and you will be inspired to take your management career to the highest pinnacle of professionalism, performance and prestige in strategic leadership and management,” Col. Agbu Kefas (rtd) President/ Chairman, CISML Nigeria said in his speech

“In the last few years we have passed through a number of changes in strategic management theories and practices. Nations around the world are forced to think through again and again their management practices, leadership styles, communication methods and labour management relations because of the new shape of global changes and foreign investments, innovations in information technology, changes in national political systems, changing government rules and regulations in various regions, changing ownership patterns and research, and by the publication of innovative and creative research work. There are direct and indirect impacts of these developments on our systems.

He added: “What does all this portend? The world today is driven by digitalization and strategic digitalization is one of greatest means of transforming the society in the present era. It directs the virtual transformation of almost every component of our life today; the style of working, the means of living, the way of communication, building knowledge, doing business, etc.

“Digitalization influences our welfare, democracy, healthcare, environment and society overall. Digitalization is the greatest channel of globalization as it connects people worldwide within fractions of seconds. It takes a strategic leadership to flow.

“The world is facing climate change and the quest to conquer this emerging challenge/threat is slightly tearing some world leaders apart because United States is trying to back out of the Paris accord.

“Renewable and clean energy is taking the world by storm. China has projected that by 2030 all cars running in China will be electric cars; this same projection has been envisaged in Europe and around the world. Tesla Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, one of America’s automobile giants, has stopped the production of gasoline and diesel cars. They are fully into production of electric cars.

Dr. Austin Izagbo spoke on contemporary leadership and the crisis of character, saying: “A lack of strong leadership has made a mess of our world. Every country on the earth is challenged by an absence of resolute leadership as a struggle under precarious times. Politically and socially, our nations are experiencing turmoil and moral decadence, characterized by crime, religious conflict, economic uncertainty, the unequal distribution of resources, political corruption, civil unrest, the disintegration of family, cyber crime, poverty, disease, sexual abuse, greed, racial clashes, ethnic cleansing, global terrorism and war.

Our twenty first century seems to be an experiment in global self-destruction. We need strong leaders who have the courage to grapple with perplexing issues and seemingly overwhelming problems, as well as the ability to discover and implement workable solutions. “More than anything else, what we require today is competent, effective, visionary leaders in all walks of life.”

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