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Killer Goal On Valentine’s Day (1)


CHUKS Diamond was woken up that early morning with a call by Mr. Shotgun, the fearless and merciless kidnapper, who was known for wreaking havoc on many families and leaving pains and sorrow in his trail. Mr. Shotgun was reputed to be behind many dangerous and diabolical kidnappings in the country and the Federal Police Authorities had been on the lookout for him for years with no positive result.

  “Chuks, I’ve got your fiancée in my den,” Mr. Shotgun growled, “if you want her alive, you must pay a ransom of 100 million dollars, and secondly you must not score a goal in today’s match. If you fail to cooperate with me I’ll butcher your lover like a cow in the abattoir and give you her severed head as a Valentine’s gift! Is that clear?”

                “Yesssir…I’ll do whatever you say,” Chuks stammered, “but please don’t harm Helena…please in the name of God…” He was sweating and fidgeting as he shook his head, not knowing what to do.

               “Shut up and do what I said,” Mr. Shotgun retorted sharply, “who told you I know God? To hell with you and your belief! I don’t give a damn whose ox is gored. I don’t care or know God, you mother f..ker!” he bawled and hung up.

                 Chuks Diamond was in his mid 20s and he was a wonderful footballer. He was a tall, dark-skinned and handsome young man. He was the lifesaver of his team, Pearl Mariners International Club. He was a very talented striker and his team depended on his skill and dexterity in scoring goals even at odd times. That very year’s Valentine’s Day fell on the day the final match would be played between the Pearl Mariners International Club and the Forest Tigers Club. He shook his head again in deep sadness and confusion. “What would I do now?” he thought questioningly, “I had been warned not to score any goal in today’s final match.” 

  He knew that the success of his team greatly depended on his awesome skills and knack for scoring goals. He wondered what would be the result of the match if he failed to score his usual fantastic goals.

                  Chuks was a multimillion-dollar sportsman and footballer. But in this very crucial match he had been warned not to score any goal lest he loses the life of his only sweetheart, Helena, whom he cherished so much. What matters to him now wasn’t money or pride but the life of his fiancée and lover, Helena. Whatever Mr. Shotgun said he always meant it and nobody plays with him. A painful tear dropped from the corner of Chuks’s right eye as he remembered his cruel fate. He wondered how he would wriggle out of the deadly snares he has now found himself. 

  Mr. Shotgun handed the phone to Helena after given her four hard and dirty slaps in quick succession. The beautiful Helena fell down in pains and cried as she spoke with Chuks, begging him to do as they demanded. Chuks couldn’t sleep again as he sighed for the umpteenth time and the time was exactly 5: 00a.m. 

                    He thought over the whole thing in a flash and, by instinct, something greater than him said he should instantly call DSP Andrew Stevens who was in charge of crime in the UK police at that point in time. He picked his mobile phone and called the experienced police officer, who was noted for solving mind-boggling crimes in the UK. 

 “Hello Chuks, how are you doing?” Mr. Stevens said, “Is everything okay?”

                   “I have a very big problem Mr. Stevens,” Chuks said morosely, with tears streaming down his brows, “and it’s a matter of life and death, more of death than life…”

                     Within a few minutes, Chuks had narrated the strange development to the highly-skilled crack detective. Stevens assured Chuks that the British Police would try their best in unravelling and arresting the demonic kidnapper, Mr. Shotgun, but he should be prayerful because Mr. Shotgun had been on their wanted man’s list for some years. Chuks trembled and sobbed like a baby as he spoke with the officer during the telephone conversation.

                      That Valentine’s Day final match between the Pearl Mariners International Club and the Forest Tigers was to be played at the prestigious Wembley Stadium in London. The match was supposed to start at 12:00 pm prompt. Chuks had already joined his team half-heartedly, with misty and tearful eyes. His team-mates and coach wondered why Chuks wasn’t his usual self because he looked sober, terribly sad and melancholic. But he didn’t disclose the reason for his sadness and taciturnity. Moreover he had been warned by Mr. Shotgun not to tell anybody if he valued the life of his fiancée and sweetheart. 

  That day, the stadium was filled to capacity because it was an international league Cup match for the European season. Spectators and fans had trooped in from all the four corners of the world to watch this great and eventful final football match… 

To be concluded next week Saturday.

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