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Labour Party Flays APC Over Policy Dialogue


kayode ajulo

Kayode Ajulo,

NATIONAL Secretary of Labour Party (LP), Mr. Kayode Ajulo, has expressed doubt over the ability of the incoming All Progressives Congress (APC) government to deliver on its campaign promises claiming that the recently held Policy Dialogue of the party is nothing but sheer charade.

He further warned the President-elect and his party not to take Nigerians for granted as the people are very clear as to the type and depth of change they want and will not be taken in by any thoughtless excuse or attempt at cajoling them.

In a statement issued yesterday, Ajulo described the recent Policy Dialogue organised by the APC to discuss the implementation of the change it promised as further indication that “the party is not prepared for governance. They had no strategy and sound methodology for effecting the change they promised.

“The campaign promises and manifesto were merely public relation gimmicks, in short, mere fraud, which no lavender words can moderate.”

He added that the APC has shown themselves by this singular wrong and heartbreaking move on the eve of handover that they are merely “PDP re-packaged” and old wine-in-new skin, which will soon rupture.  Stressing further on the Policy Dialogue, Ajulo said it is interesting that APC had to go and import a former leader of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair, as speaker at the occasion whereas there are many other credible and pro-people leaders around the world and even in Africa.

“If APC had invited Bill Clinton, we would have agreed they meant well for the ordinary people; if they had invited Jerry Rawlings, we would have agreed they wanted real change, Festus Mogae of Botswana and Paul Kagame of Rwanda also are example of African leaders that have distinguished themselves as change agents but inviting Tony Blair cut the picture of an APC that wants to make life difficult for the people.   “Tony Blair as Prime Minister did not advance the cause of ordinary people both at home and abroad.

He was one of the inglorious architects of the Iraqi war and a failure in Afghanistan.

The fortune of his party plummeted in Britain as a result of his onslaught on the people’s standard of living to such and extent that years after he was voted out, his party is yet to recover,” he said.

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  • Emmanuel A.J

    Babbler-in-chief. Has the guy noticed no one is minding him despite his capricious press releases?