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Militant groups declare truce in Niger Delta


Niger Delta militants

Niger Delta militants

Four militant groups in the Niger Delta region: the Coalition of Niger Delta Militant Groups yesterday expressed readiness to dialogue with the Federal Government for peace to return to the oil-rich region.

The group took the decision at the end of a meeting attended by the leader of Niger Delta Watchdogs, General John Duku, leader of Niger Delta Volunteers, General Ekpo Ekpo, Leader of Niger Delta Peoples Fighters, Commander Henry Okon Etete and Commander Asukwo Henshaw, spokesperson for Bakassi Freedom Fighters (BFF).

According to the statement released by the group, which reads in part: “No country, region or organisation achieves peace through hostility. Peace is always realised through dialogue.”

The group stated that they had no personal grudges against President Muhammadu Buhari and his government, hence promised to work together with the President to make Nigeria a better place.

They also expressed the belief that their embrace of move would facilitate the healing of the country’s ailing economy. The militants hailed the President for calling for Niger Delta militants to dialogue with the Federal Government during a visit to the Christian Association of Nigeria on the Christmas Day in Abuja.

Meanwhile, many interest groups, stakeholders and economists have expressed optimism over the move by the president and the willingness by the agitators to embrace peace.

Speaking with The Guardian, an elder statesman in the region, Sylvester Iheme expressed happiness, saying though the step taken was coming late, considering that severe damage had been done to the economy and the environment.

Iheme however, urged the both parties to ensure total sincerity, honesty on their promises, expressing hope that the move would speedily turn the pathetic situations of Nigerians around.

An economist, Mr. Fred Akpan, said the move would restore confidence of investors in the region and thereby creating job opportunities, as well boost the economy.

An environmentalist, Mrs. Ihenachor Franka expressed regrets that the activities of the militants and other groups had caused serious damage to the environment, citing the recent cases where black carbon emissions were experienced in virtually all homes, offices in Rivers State.

Ihenachor told The Guardian that the dialogue between both parties would bring sanity to the environment.

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  • Ola

    Good development. I guess they’re tired of their wrong choices which doesn’t really benefit anyone at the end of the day. We said it from the beginning that the Niger Delta will be worse off by bombings and militancy than any other region.

    Let’s hope this is genuine and enduring.

  • Ezekiel Okeke

    It is no longer about the natives they are insulting and nickname Niger Delta Militants etc. It is about eastern region of Republic Of Biafra- no negotiation, no dialogue: it is either cordial separation now or separation with war. No easterner will again have to go to Abuja to beg for means of life and living or wait for Abuja for means of life and living. Every easterner will enjoy taste of life and living under Republic Of Biafra.

    • duwdu

      Don’t just be a toothless bulldog with poor grammar on the Internet…you should just stand for an election – even if just in your hamlet – and see whether or not you can actually represent your people and thereby effect policy changes. Simple.


      • igboham

        I bet you could not write good grammar in any African language, but here you are looking for good english grammar.

      • Ezekiel Okeke

        I m not a politician and can never be one, if I was a politician, not for such a mess called government in the territory called Nigeria. Politicians of eastern region will contest election in Republic Of Biafra, you are the one that needs policy change to get out of recession etc., if you know such policy.

  • AKE1

    They say no nation develop without peace but we have witness development from this govt since they began their hostilities in the country.
    I think this type peace brokered is only possible out of frustrations to coward any serious govt like PMB.
    Anyway, it’s good for them,safe for them.

  • juliusonny


    An article posted on one of these electronic media one of these days, clearly depicted what is actually behind all these pipeline-bombings and vandalism, which are three major factors. Number one is laziness, stupidity, selfishness and the stance of being primitive. Laziness because members of Niger Delta Scavenger are simply VULTURES feeding on the carcasses of some Niger Deltan putrid politicians. The reason why they are asking for amnesty. They want to join the GRAVY TRAIN. Mind you, no amnesty for boko-haram therefore scavengers do not deserve one either. Number two, all these agitators have been mentally cheated by Mother Nature, the reason they will not learn that in modern days DIALOGUE is the best, the wisest, the safest and the cheapest solution no matter how long it may take. And finally number three, international community does not condone TERRORISM any longer because no country is an ISLAND. Moreover, criminals can no longer
    hide behind one single finger for it will not cover them. Just for record. Remember South Sudan?? They are sitting on trillions cubic of crude oil too, what have they achieved after obtaining break away? Nothing but inter-tribal wars and confusion right
    now. This is exactly what is going to happen to SS and SE. These regions are not only Ijaws and Igbos, rather many
    other tribes and sub-tribes who will start claiming their own rights after breaking away therefore they will never know peace. Dialogue remains the wisest, the safest and the cheapest way of solving grievances no matter how long it takes. You see, God feeds on Satan. When Satan vanishes, God will die of hunger. HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2017 TO ALL NIGERIANS AND HER FRIENDS. DOWN WITH SEPARATISTS DOWN WITH MILITANCY DOWN WITH TERRORISM!!!