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N’Delta youths threaten NLNG over plan to build shipyard outside Rivers


General Manager, External Relations, NLNG, Dr Kudo Eresia-Eke (middle); Chairman, Literature Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor Ayo Banjo (right); and Chairman, panel of judges for 2015 Edition of The Nigeria Prize for Literature, Prof. Uwemedimo Enobong Iwoketok (left) at the presentation ceremony of the entries to the judges in Lagos... last week

General Manager, External Relations, NLNG, Dr Kudo Eresia-Eke (middle); Chairman, Literature Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor Ayo Banjo (right); and Chairman, panel of judges for 2015 Edition of The Nigeria Prize for Literature, Prof. Uwemedimo Enobong Iwoketok (left) at the presentation ceremony of the entries to the judges in Lagos… last week

NIGER Delta youths have threatened to stage a massive protest and possibly shut down facilities of the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG), if the company fails to reverse its decision to build dry-dock shipyard outside its operational base in Rivers State. Over 30 youth leaders handed in the threat yesterday in Port Harcourt while briefing journalists on the developments.

Some of the youth organizations include, the National Youths Council of Nigeria, Rivers State chapter, Ijaw Youths Council, Bonny Youths Federation, Niger Delta People Volunteer and Salvation Front, Rivers Ethnic Youth Leaders Coalition among others. Speaking under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Organizations, the spokesman of the group, Simeon Wilcox said, “the youths would shutdown NLNG facilities if all peaceful modalities failed to convince the company to reverse the decision to build its shipyard outside the region.”

Wilcox disclosed that the youths were particularly grieved on the fact that NLNG decided against all odds to construct a dry-dock shipyard worth $1.5 billion dollars in an area outside its operational base in Niger Delta. “The NLNG did a kangaroo feasibility study without the knowledge of the stakeholders from Rivers State and Niger Delta at large,” the spokesman said.

He said such decision taken by NLNG was seen as a clear case of insensitive and provocative corporate plan, adding that the company has failed to consider the high unemployment rate in the Niger Delta region, especially in Bonny Kingdom. Wilcox said, “We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari, Chief Nyesom Wike and members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to intervene on this all important matter in order to avert a serious anarchy.

“We are going to shutdown the NLNG facilities if the company fails to do the needful, the youths of Rivers State and that of Niger Delta would be mobilize to protest across every NLNG operational community until the company consider the interest of the region.”

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  • Tipsfroma Newlymarriedgirl

    I live in Bonny Island where the NLNG is partly situated. I work as a teacher and honestly, quite a lot of the Industry in the region is championed by migrants; from fishing to selling simple items. They are a people that feel entitled and this affects their drive, as may be natural. There are definitely industrious and very, very intelligent members of the populace but I fear they may be outnumbered. Its quite annoying to hear them rant on this page about high unemployment. Their youths remain unemployed by choice!!! There was once, a movie was to be shot in Bonny and 35% of the cast and crew were to come from Bonny. This was to help develop the youths who have a penchant for the Media, Acting and Movie Making. They demanded that drinks be bought for elders, youths, and other community leaders. They threatened to shut down the production severally when drinks were not procured. Some of the youths employed, refused to show up for work after a few days. I have been a pro-bono facilitator to many a development initiative for the youths and they don’t attend. The schools even demand to be paid before you come in to train the students! Teenage pregnancy is rife. In as much as I am for the Nigerian Government continuing to develop the region, I am also for the accountability of the people. For every demanded right, there are responsibilities.

    • ryan cosby

      What point are you trying to make? Movie making will develop the Niger Delta youths? Oh my God! This is what we have been reduced to. You think it is ok to have universities, roads, shipyards, sea ports, airports, refineries etc built from oil money in your region but for us, a mere movie-making workshop? you think it is fine to have you yorubas fill all companies with your brothers and sisters so they can return part of their salaries as tithes to Rev. Adeboyes and Cos?. think again sister, nothing can justify this one. why far away Lagos?

    • Curti Uwuigbe

      I agree. However, the root cause is still Govt. + Companies. If those MoUs were well written, as is the case in advanced countries, and implemented in Toto, we wouldn’t have these problems.

  • Wooly Mammoth

    A pathetic caricature of what the Niger delta society has become.charecterised by threats extortion and idiotic statements by faceless associations whose existence is only on the pages of newspapers where they regularly come to display their senselessness.
    Close down Nlng now and see who has the most to lose.

    • Ralf

      Tracy Chapman said in her song tht one day “People gonna riseup and take whts thiers”…Across d line , who dares to go”…..This is it bro…

    • Curti Uwuigbe

      You don’t understand the ND.

  • Juungle Man

    My immediate community Oben in Edo state is LGN producing area. There are no modern infrastructure. Oil is curse and not a blessing to 9ja. Oil wells are owned by people who have never been to the area.

  • Ralf

    SS, ND take wht belongs to u…Monkey dey work , Baboons (Other regions , except SE), dey chop…

  • ikechukwu onyiuke

    you are all sick for supporting this arrant nonsense, i agree with them if the NLNG, tries anything then they should do that, why is it that this are the people that feed the nation, then any development that is supposed to be theirs they remove it that is pure wickedness. Their brother was president, hatred from other regions, especially, from the south west and the north removed him, they cant continue to be the golden goose that feeds the nation.

  • Nuel

    I support this non-violent move wholeheartedly; Enough of this gruesome marginalization, intimidation and deprivation of our God given but stolen resources because of one useless Land Use law that was foisted on us by a group of greedy despotic tribalists. If NLNG, tries to circumvent the wish of its host, they should be prepared to bear the brunt. Rubbish.

  • emmanuel kalu

    I feel their pain, however threat and shutting down operation can’t be the solution to solving your problem, At some point state and community need to take the bull by the horn and do what they need to do. what is wrong with starting a rival company that is more focus on the region. yes more development needs to happen, however you can’t continue to wait on govt all the time.

    • Fuzio

      If that is the only language that the government of the day understands, then that is the tongue that the people will speak.

    • Tipsfroma Newlymarriedgirl

      Good thinking….Good product!

  • Curti Uwuigbe

    NLNG should restrict such facilities within her areas of operation and/or state where she get’s gas from i.e. the entire ND. Locating the dry dock in Lagos should wait until Lagos joins the gas producing states. Moreover, Lagos already has dry docks, and other docks. Why didn’t the NLNG locate that facility in say Akwa Ibom, Delta, Edo, Ondo, or even Cross Rivers??

    • Okanite

      Or in Imo state, Abia , it’s not only these States you mentioned my Man are only within the Niger delta basin, Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta are also part it.
      Cheers & have a good day.
      Okanite writes from Manchester.

  • Fuzio

    The should not relent on this one. It is a legitimate demand and they happen to be right. Why would they pollute in one place and take the proceeds to another place. That is wickedness of the worst order. They should set this tone early in this administration in an unmistakable way.